Does He Like You: Shy Guys (VERY Accurate!)

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Hey guys! So this is a little quiz you can take I made based on personal experience. I know it can be hard to tell if a guy likes you especially if he's shy, but there are signs. And don't worry if you don't get a good score because all guys are different!

  • 1
    Do you catch him staring at you sometimes? If so, how does he respond when you catch him?
  • 2
    Does he act the same around you as he does around other friends/people?
  • 3
    Does he seem to ignore you on occasion?
  • 4
    Has he ever tried to get your attention indirectly (i.e. tapping on desk with pencil, dropping things, etc.)
  • 5
    When you walk pass him in the hallways, does he seem to try and quickly get to where he's going?
  • 6
    Has his friends ever said he liked you (even in a playful way) or teased you while in front of him?
  • 7
    Whenever you are around him or sitting next to him, is his body turned toward you (i.e. his torso, legs, etc.)?
  • 8
    Sometimes, we have a gut feeling that a person likes you. What is your gut telling you?
  • 9
    When you call his name, how does he respond?
  • 10
    Last question, when he walks into a room you are already in, where does he look?

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2 days ago
Well i liked him the first day i saw him i never talked to him unless we were assigned together. We were doing a community service trip and i fell and he quickly helped me, which made my crush for him expand. Later on i always bumped into him, his friend was one of my close friends i asked if he could tell my crush that i like him he did and he wasn't that surprised after he knew exactly we were always awkward towards each other so i started to him more and we actually talked about a lot of stuff that i don't even tell my roommates! when we went to homecoming he was silent and never talked i told him about how he never talks to me first and he says " i think you don't want to talk to me!, if you want to talk just say so and we can go somewhere to talk"
34 days ago
Omg so like one of my friends told my crush that I like him and every time i was close to him and my friend wad there she would always say i like him now he doesn't talk to me. But everytime I look at his direction he is looking at me then he just looks away and he tries to leave as fast as he can when im close to him. Help me out here y'all
44 days ago
I’m lost.. he found out that I like him, because of some kid who told him. But I’m sure he noticed me, at least a little. But I’m really not sure if he actually likes me or he’s just shy and doesn’t want to be awkward around me. But the thing is, I’m pretty shy too. And I just don’t know how to get to know him.. ;-;
47 days ago
OMG !!! It says he kinda likes me and this guy is my crush !!! My friends are always teasing me and saying that he likes me but the last time my friends asked him if he likes me he said he likes me as a friend but that was a lllooonnnggg time ago so yeah !!! But his friends are always going “ oh Mitchell wants to ask you something “ or “ oh Josephine do you like Mitchell “ and I just ignore them !!!
62 days ago

You are probably just reading his signs wrong. If he said no then he doenst like you so don’t try to hard because you will seem desperate.
62 days ago
The guy I like acts like he likes me... He just acts like like my boyfriend, however I told him that I linked him and he rejected me (nicely) but I'm so confused??? Because he's still acting like he likes me?
94 days ago
So this is where it all started back in 6th grade, 2 8th grade girls came up to me and introduced themselves to me, they said “You see that guy over there, yeah he really likes you!” as my awkward 6th grade self I stayed quiet and kinda scared IDK WHY??? later on I walked off with an old friend of mine. And the 2 girls came to me and.. guess who they brought! they were dragging the guy that liked me.. HE WAS SO RED, it was so cute 😂 he’d follow me to my classes and stuff like that. but he hasn’t seen me in 3 years. Now that I’m in 10th grade, he saw me last week for the first time as I walked past him.. HE WAS STARING SO HARD AND WAS heart started beating out of my chest when I saw him. My best friend was like why do you look scared, I was like “You see that guy over there!!” and she was like “him??” I said yeah, she told me that I was blushing BAD.. I really wanna go talk to him but then I start walking that opposite side
95 days ago
It says that I should try flirting with him more...but you see.....I’m shy too
100 days ago
I am unsure if he likes me. I see him in the hallways and he looks at me and looks away when I look back but makes sure not to bump into me. (The hallways are very crowded and people always bump into each other) I see him at lunch sitting a table away while facing me, sitting alone. He has friends though, more friends than me but sits alone. I don’t have many friends so we are both the type to sit alone and do a independent activity. He doesn’t really talk to me (because if you talk to another guy/girl for no reason they assume you like him/her) but we make eye contact a lot. I am surprised no one likes him but me considering he is athletic and tall. I am very unpopular and people don’t try talking to me because some (a lot of ) people find me intimidating. It’s only because I am not afraid to speak my opinion but, my friends say i’m nice. Me and my crush both share the same interests.
110 days ago
Not accurate I’m a shy girl and a shy guy likes me I’m very unpopular do most of the questions don’t apply to me
126 days ago
I kinda already knew he liked me because of past signs and recent signs xD

He REALLY likes you, but he's just SUPER shy! Try flirting and talking to him more often, but don't try and ask him out right away because they hate being under pressure. Allow yourself some time and be patient. He likes you a lot!

I didn't really expect that answer but I can kinda see that xD I have told my friends I liked him and they say go for him but the anxiety I get from actually going up and talking to him overwhelms ;-; I really want to talk to him again but Idk how without getting bad anxiety

Also the walking faster away from him is so true xD sometimes I legit walk really fast to catch up to him just to see him freak out inside ahahah
126 days ago
He likes me but he’s shy and the thing is that if I go up and talk to him myself (which I kinda wanna do) my friends will tease me and find out I like him and it will all be hell for me bc they think he’s ugly and that he doesn’t have a chance with me. I really want to know if he likes me but I’m just too afraid to ask and I just don’t know what to do. He might not even like me anyway 😩
140 days ago
OMG, he likes me! :)
149 days ago
I knew it
He is just soooo cute!
I'm glad that he likes me back
214 days ago
He REALLY likes you, but he's just SUPER shy! Try flirting and talking to him more often, but don't try and ask him out right away because they hate being under pressure. Allow yourself some time and be patient. He likes you a lot

omg i cant believe it.. i answered this quiz honestly, but tbh i thought he hates me.
All my friends think he likes me, but i always thought its sorta confirmation bias
Also, he's sorta emo, so what am i meant to do??? He keeps on giving mix signals, like sometimes he completely ignores me, sometimes, he talks non-stop, sometimes he sees me and runs away...
TYSM tho, love this quiz.. the sun shines just a little bit brighter on me..
217 days ago
He likes you, but not that much. He's definitely noticed you, but is probably debating whether or not he likes you. Be mores flirty and talkative, but don't scare him off! They are very shy around girls, especially outgoing girls!
whoa.....I never thought of that....
225 days ago
He likes you more as a friend, but there is still time for him to like you! Try and get to know each other. They would rather girls stay friends before they think they are "the one".

Thats enough for me! YAYYYYYYYY!
236 days ago
When they asked if my crush walks faster when I walk pass him, I chose yes. I mean like, last time, he saw me walking pass him and just ran away XD😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💘💘💘
267 days ago
I need help! I love this guy who I have known for a long time. His parents and my parents are friends but my parents don't really like them. However, the guy I like seems distant and we NEVER talk. My siblings and he are friends. I like him but I dont know what I should do.
313 days ago
This is SUPER accurate tysm!!!