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  • 1
    _____ is used to temporarily hold small units of program instructions and
    data immediately before, during, and after execution by the central
    processing unit (CPU).
  • 2
    A _____ is a low-cost, centrally managed computer with no internal or
    external attached drives for data storage with limited capabilities
  • 3
    The _____ techniques of the operating system increases the amount of
    processing that can be accomplished in a given amount of time.

  • 4
    With _____, a software engineer drags and drops graphical objects onto
    an application form.
  • 5
    The smallest piece of data used by a computer is a(n) _____.
  • 6
    Each attribute in a relational database model can be constrained to a
    range of allowable values called a _____.

  • 7
    A _____ is one in which all network devices are connected to one another
    through a single central device called the hub node.
  • 8
    To determine its position, a global positioning system (GPS) receiver
    receives the signal from ______ GPS satellite(s).
  • 9
    _____ is a markup language designed to transport and store data on the
  • 10
    The Internet is migrating to Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), which
    uses _____ addresses to provide for many more devices.

  • 11
    A growing number of companies offer limited access to their private
    corporate network for selected customers and suppliers by use of _____.
  • 12
    Quality information that can be used for a variety of purposes is said to
    be ______.
  • 13
    A _____ is an example of a hardware processing device.
  • 14
    _____ is/are considered to be the most important element in computerbased
    information systems.
  • 15
    In information systems, _____ is information from a system that is used to
    make changes to input or processing activities.
  • 16
    Which of the following is a process of linking together all the
    components of a system to demonstrate that the system as a whole does
    indeed meet the user and business requirements?

  • 17
    The _____ step of systems development involves studying the existing
    system to uncover its strengths and weaknesses and interviewing those
    who will use the new system to identify what the system must do to
    meet their needs and the needs of an organization.
  • 18
    Providing value to a _____ is the primary goal of any organization.
  • 19
    Which of the following is NOT one of five forces identified in Michael
    Porter’s five-forces model?
  • 20
    . A company with a(n) _____ strategy for gaining competitive advantage
    makes only high-performance sports cars and sport utility vehicles

  • 21
    The _____ takes into account the fact that a dollar today is worth more
    than a dollar paid in the future.
  • 22
    The _____ of an investment makes the net present value of all cash flows
    (benefits and costs) generated by a project equal to zero.
  • 23
    _____ is a hypothesis stating that transistor densities on a single chip will double roughly every two years.
  • 24
    The decimal number 132 looks as ________ in binary.
  • 25
    _____ means that data can be retrieved without the need to pass by other data in sequence
  • 26
    A(n) _____ is a field or set of fields that uniquely identifies a record

  • 27
    _____ is software that is mass-produced by software vendors to address needs that are common across businesses, organizations, or individuals.
  • 28
    A(n) _____ is a set of programming instructions and standards for one software program to access and use the services of another software program.
  • 29
    ______ use basic graphical symbols to show an organization of and relationships between data.
  • 30
    In a(n) _____ network, no fixed path is created between the communicating devices, and the data is broken into parts for sending over the network.

  • 31
    _____ is a form of communications that sends signals at a frequency of 300 GHz and above – higher than those of microwaves but lower than those of visible light.
  • 32
    _____ is a protocol that supports file transfers between a host and a remote computer
  • 33
    _____ is a popular programming language for client-side applications that enable a user to create interactive Web pages that respond to user actions.
  • 34
    _____ is a hierarchical distributed naming system for the devices connected to the Internet, which translates IP addresses to a form easily memorized by humans
  • 35
    You need to circle the correct option.
    8 questions
    1. _____ is a structured meeting process that can accelerate and improve
    the efficiency and effectiveness of not only the investigation phase, but
    also the analysis and design phases of a systems development project.
  • 36
    Which of the following is an advantage of a traditional systems
    development life cycle (SDLC)?
  • 37
    _____ determines whether the expected benefits associated with a
    project outweigh the expected costs sufficiently to make the project
    financially attractive.
  • 38
    During the _____ phase of the systems development life cycle, people
    attempt to answer the questions, "What must the information system
    do to solve the problem?"
  • 39
    _____ converts a system design into an operational system by acquiring
    and installing hardware and software, coding and testing software
    programs, creating and loading data into databases, and performing
    initial program testing.
  • 40
    The goals of _____ are to determine the work load at which systems
    performance begins to degrade. It ensures that the entire system can
    handle a large amount of data under normal operating conditions.
  • 41
    The process of readying managers, decision makers, employees, system
    users, and stakeholders to accept and use the new system is called _____.
  • 42
    _____ involves running a complete new system for one group of users
    rather than all users.
  • 43
    ___________ are people who ultimately will be affected (for better or
    worse) by a systems development project
  • 44
    A(n) _____ is a diagram used during both the analysis and design phases
    of a systems development life cycle (SDLC) to document the processes
    of the current system or to provide a model of a proposed new system
  • 45
    ____ involves running both the old and new systems for a period of time
    and closely comparing the output of the new system with the output of
    the old system.
  • 46
    A software _____ is a working model of a system developed to enable
    users to interact with it and provide feedback so developers can better
    understand what is needed.
  • 47
    _____ involves linking all individual components together and testing
    them as a group to uncover any defects between individual
  • 48
    . With _____, transactions are accumulated and prepared for processing as
    a single unit for as long as necessary to meet the needs of the users of a

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