Marketing Cluster Core

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DECA Sample Test for Marketing Management pathway

  • 1
    Brix Beauty Salon used a celebrity's name and photograph in a recent newspaper advertisement, even
    though the celebrity had not given Brix permission to use her name and likeness. What tort did Brix
    Beauty Salon commit?
  • 2
    Which of the following forms of ownership is a group of individuals organized by a charter that is granted
    by a state:
  • 3
    Computer manufacturers sell their products through retailers, such as Best Buy. This is an example of
    the __________ function of marketing.
  • 4
    Indirect channels of distribution are the only channels that involve
  • 5
    Packaging a product in a biodegradable or recyclable container is one way a channel member can
    participate in the ethical practice of
  • 6
    One aspect of coordinating channel management with pricing activities involves
  • 7
    Why is it important to identify sources that provide relevant, valid written material?
  • 8
    Which of the following is a company resource that employees often analyze to ascertain policies and
  • 9
    Jacob was nervous about making his valedictorian speech, but when he stood up to walk to the podium,
    the audience cheered and gave him a standing ovation, which helped him relax and enjoy the moment.
    What was the audience doing?
  • 10
    A message which is as short and to the point as possible is referred to as
  • 11
    Writing key points on notecards and then placing the cards in order of their importance is one way to
  • 12
    Which of the following is an example of an effective subject line for a professional email:
  • 13
    When writing informational messages, business employees should explain the situation and include
    sufficient data for the recipient to be able to
  • 14
    Which of the following is an example of a simple written report that a business might prepare on a regular
  • 15
    Which is the most effective way for an employee to communicate interest in providing good service to
  • 16
    A customer complains that an item purchased last week does not fit properly. The real reason for
    returning the item is that it is too expensive. This is an example of a __________ complaint.
  • 17
    Employees can reinforce their company's positive image by
  • 18
    A local hardware store purchased a large shipment of snow shovels in November in order to prepare for
    winter weather. The hardware store is helping to create __________ utility.
  • 19
    A manufacturer wants to ensure that each product it makes meets certain standards so that customer
    complaints and product returns will be kept at minimal levels. Meeting this goal depends on the part of
    operations known as
  • 20
    Which of the following factors has aided the most in creating a global business environment:
  • 21
    Which of the following is a characteristic of private enterprise that enables consumers to buy quality
    products at fair prices:
  • 22
    Which of the following is an example of a tax that government collects from some businesses:
  • 23
    Shelly is a union member who has been having problems with management. Shelly should report her
    problems to her union's
  • 24
    Which of the following is a disadvantage of weak currency:
  • 25
    In some cultures, creating relationships during business negotiations is key; in other cultures, negotiators
    want a signed contract. This illustrates cultural differences in negotiating
  • 26
    Why is it sometimes difficult to be honest about strengths?
  • 27
    As a sales representative for a large distributor, you hear a lot of information from your clients about the
    competition. Which of the following characteristics would help you to demonstrate initiative in this
  • 28
    The night clerk in a local motel often complains to the manager about having to assist his/her coworkers.
    This is an example of an employee having a(n) __________ attitude.
  • 29
    Instead of going through Jeff's files, Amanda waits until Jeff returns from lunch to obtain a file that she
    needs to review. This is an example of one coworker ________ of another coworker.
  • 30
    Behavior that is characterized by a willingness to ignore the rights of others and to exploit them in order
    to achieve personal goals is __________ behavior.
  • 31
    One of the reasons that teams are important to businesses is that they can increase
  • 32
    Which of the following statements is true about consensus building:
  • 33
    What is true about personal vision?
  • 34
    Being a good listener is an example of what type of behavior that builds positive working relationships?
  • 35
    Every pay period, Amanda places $100 from her paycheck into a savings account that earns 4.5 percent
    interest. In this situation, money functions as a
  • 36
    Which of the following statements about understanding your spending habits is true:
  • 37
    When Armand is comparing his checkbook balance with his bank statement, he must make sure that he
    has subtracted the ____________ from his checkbook.
  • 38
    Which of the following is a type of financial-services provider:
  • 39
    A decrease in the availability of raw materials is an economic risk that may result in __________ for a
  • 40
    What do all businesses need to be aware of with regard to the accounting process?
  • 41
    Claudia is creating a balance sheet for her business. She lists the full value of all of her assets, even
    some office equipment she hasn't completely paid for. However, to find the true net worth of her
    business, Claudia must subtract the money she owes on the equipment, since the debt is considered
  • 42
    A business should strive to keep its cash conversion cycle as short as possible so it
  • 43
    One reason why human resources management is important to the success of a business is because this
    process is responsible for
  • 44
    Which of the following is a way that marketers can use data to “follow up” on any problems or issues with
    a product:
  • 45
    Software that allows for real-time analysis of marketing information enables businesses to search many
    databases and identify
  • 46
    A business should decide at the beginning of a marketing-research project how much it can afford to
    spend in order to
  • 47
    A business conducts marketing research when it needs to solve a problem or when it wants to
  • 48
    Marketers may want to use research to study the economy, a factor that is subject to change. In this
    context, the economy can be described as a(n)
  • 49
    The purpose of semantic-differential rating scales is to measure
  • 50
    What data-collection method can be used to obtain product information during the point-of-purchase
  • 51
    Which of the following is an example of range:
  • 52
    Which of the following is a source of error in the research process:
  • 53
    Which of the following is a possible weakness associated with a secondary-data source:
  • 54
    The marketing function that best enables a company to make informed decisions about what to sell is
  • 55
    The owner of a business is meeting with the company's managers and supervisors to set objectives for
    the next year. This group is developing the company's
  • 56
    When a local athletic apparel store sells shoes, clothing, and accessories that are designed specifically
    for runners, it is using ____________ segmentation.
  • 57
    To evaluate an Internet source, what aspect would you consider when assessing whether its information
    is clearly laid out so that it is easy to read?
  • 58
    What do businesses often develop to be able to store and analyze data for the purpose of making
    business decisions?
  • 59
    Which of the following is available to all people around the world who have access to a computer that has
  • 60
    Many presentation software programs allow users to
  • 61
    What is one reason that a local business would keep records of all its customer-sales transactions?
  • 62
    Which of the following is an example of a current trend in business:
  • 63
    When conducting an environmental scan, which of the following is an economic factor that a business
    should consider:
  • 64
    A clothing manufacturer checks one pair of pants out of every shipment to ensure the quality of its
    product. This process is known as quality
  • 65
    What should employees who are learning a new skill avoid doing?
  • 66
    An author's new book is an example of a
  • 67
    Before identifying the right people to work on a project, it is important to
  • 68
    When managing a project, the first activity is for the project leader to
  • 69
    A reason that many companies update or alter existing products is to
  • 70
    A focus on how things are done, rather than just outcomes, is known as
  • 71
    When the LXT Audio-Book Company was founded 15 years ago, its target market was blind and visuallyimpaired
    individuals who enjoyed listening to nonfiction audio books. Recently, though, the company has
    begun marketing these same audio books as “learning solutions” for individuals with dyslexia and other
    learning disabilities. This is an example of __________ innovation.
  • 72
    Which of the following is an example of gathering information before making a decision:
  • 73
    Employees who are unable to manage their time effectively often experience
  • 74
    What should you avoid doing when filling out an employment application?
  • 75
    The basic purpose of writing a letter of application concerning a job opening is to
  • 76
    The primary reason why many people engage in career-oriented networking activities is to
  • 77
    A characteristic of effective prices is that they must be
  • 78
    Which of the following pricing practices is illegal in some countries because it may drive a company's
    competitors' out of business:
  • 79
    One way that advances in technology are impacting the product/service management function is by
    making it possible for businesses to
  • 80
    Pick the best response: Where do product opportunities exist?
  • 81
    When using mind mapping to generate product ideas, you begin by writing down the main problem or
  • 82
    True or False: Only express warranties hold up in court.
  • 83
    What strategy can make or break a business's product mix?
  • 84
    Text that continues or clarifies the thought expressed in the print ad's headline is referred to as the
  • 85
    Why do companies use brands for their products?
  • 86
    Which of the following is an example of a purchase experience touchpoint:
  • 87
    Many of the town's residents have heard that this coming summer is predicted to be the hottest summer
    ever. As a result of hearing this, Tim, the owner of an appliance store, decided to do more advertising for
    air conditioners. Which of the following external factors has affected Tim and his business:
  • 88
    The specific goal of product promotion is to
  • 89
    Which of the following is the most visible element of the promotional mix:
  • 90
    What type of information are businesses that sponsor sales promotion sweepstakes and contests
    required to make available to the customers who participate in those promotions?
  • 91
    Governments that have passed “do not call” laws are restricting promotional activities related to
  • 92
    A local, exclusive business is having a sale. Which of the following advertising media would be most
    effective in promoting the sale to the business's clientele:
  • 93
    What is the primary goal of viral marketing?
  • 94
    What communication channels is a corporation's public-relations department most likely to use to
    maintain positive relationships with shareholders?
  • 95
    Successful positioning appeals to customers'
  • 96
    When salespeople demonstrate the features and benefits of goods or services, they often are able to
  • 97
    Why do businesses try to build a clientele?
  • 98
    Which of the following is a reason why the ethical and legal issues involved in selling activities are
    extremely important:
  • 99
    What type of law prevents salespeople from one company from interfering with their competitions'
  • 100
    A restaurant server might obtain valuable information about the taste of a new menu item by talking to

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