Are you a lesbian? (♀)

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This test has been generated to aid women in finding their sexuality. Answers are not guaranteed to be 100% correct.

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    Have you ever kissed another woman?

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Victoria (80636)
11 hours ago
I think I'm a lesbian, I've only ever like girls, and all I want now is to get over the girl I've been crushing on for almost 2 years and I just want a girlfriend btw I'm 13 I'm going to turn 14 soon and if you want to chat just say hey Vicky ( lol I'm so weird) and I'll give you my number byeeeeee
Emma (80636)
11 hours ago
I think I'm gay and I'm turning 14 soon sooo if anyone is interested
Tianna (25745)
12 hours ago
Belle, i'm 14 next month and i'm gay, hmu if you like x
Belle (81140)
4 days ago
I think I’m bi coz this quiz and so many others have said that I am and I’m willing to get with another girl but I’m mainly into guys at the moment (I’m 13 btw) Xx
TM (35899)
5 days ago
Hey I was wondering about a long time if I'm straight or not.. and today I got lesbian. I'm 17 and I wanna tell everyone about what I am but I afraid they will not except me at all. My family has kind of a clue that I'm a lesbian but they total think it's a psychological problem and it can be cured by making boyfriends or by going into rehabilitation centre. I don't know what to do. I would have ran away if I could.. and I have a crush on my best friend. She is an amazing person and she is straight and I don't wanna tell her that I fell in love with her. Cause I don't wanna lose her friendship.
Ella (35489)
6 days ago
I got gay but I’m scared to come out my dads always asking me do you have a boy friends I only liked one boy ever in my life and every time I likes a girl I covered it up saying it was a boy so people wouldn’t hate me I tell everyone I’m bi so people won’t hate me what do I do :(
nathalie (53385)
6 days ago
Hey guys my name is Nathalie and I got bisexual which is true since its my 5th website and its the same answer, I'm 11 and Bi well I don't really know If I should tell my friends , I'm scared they wont like me anymore as a friend or be disgusted by my presence well this will be my secret :) love yall
Lana (39838)
8 days ago
Hey guys I'm lesbian and 11 and I have a best friend who is a girl and we've been friends for a long time and I think I'm falling in love with her cuz I had a dream about kissing her and i really liked it but she's straight and I don't know how to tell her or even if I should tell her plz hello meee!
Laurel (12086)
12 days ago
wow im a lesbian suprising
Willow (57484)
13 days ago
Hi, I'm 14 and I use to think I was bi but I recently found out that I only like girls, I have told my close friends, but my parents have no clue besides, they think I'm still dating a boy from 2 years ago lol, I really want to come out to them and tell them who I really am but I don't know if they will accept me 😭😭 please help!!🏳️‍🌈❤️
Richard (94557)
13 days ago
Be Brave
Come out
The intelligent part of the 49% male population could care less.
hi (33524)
14 days ago
I'm gay and scared no one will like me anymore😳😳😳
Luna (11352)
14 days ago
Yay! I am a lesbian!💗💗❤❤
Unknown (98686)
16 days ago
I am straight as a
Artsy_April (84227)
16 days ago
Hmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!! Im bi XD
Mist (79929)
16 days ago
So..... I say I'm bi to everyone.... Well the people I'm ok with telling.... But....... Things are just hitting me...... I only like girls now I think boys are right up rude..... My best freind is helpings me through this.... I call her my sister we are that close..... But I feel like I'm slowly falling in love with her..... Incontinence know why.... I just need help....
scared lesbian (70066)
16 days ago
I am lesbian. My parents are homophobic and i was raised Christian. I want to come out of the closet and be honest with myself and my family.... but I'm terrified.... please help.
badbabybrooklyn (24553)
17 days ago
Heart means s...e.....x
me (98392)
17 days ago
i wanna tell someone how i feel but i cant
gada (09296)
18 days ago
l really love my friend, i had a dream‏ ‏about kissing her