Are you a lesbian? (♀)

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This test has been generated to aid women in finding their sexuality. Answers are not guaranteed to be 100% correct.

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    Have you ever kissed another woman?

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Someone (72431)
7 days ago
According to the test i am a lesbian...but in fact im a bi more on women side
Taravat (21251)
7 days ago
A am bi 😂😑but I really like boys .just😂but okay
sarah (78763)
7 days ago
i got myself bisexual and proud:)
Kat (40298)
22 days ago
So I officially identify as a lesbian after all of my giveaways.Let me explain my situation. I'm a teen and although I've dated boys I've never really liked them. All I know is that the idea of doing things with boys to me is icky and makes me want to vomit but thinking about stuff like that with girls feels more natural and right. I sometimes have moments where I "like" a boy but really it's just me trying to make new friends. The only reason I went out with boys is because I presumed I liked them, everyone else was doing it and I thought this wrong feeling would go away.
Jan (67137)
26 days ago
Yeyy i knew it. I'm a lesbian.. Sooooo happy.. 😍😍😍😍🌈🌈
Lovisa (75084)
43 days ago
I am a lesbian
Sahiba (02125)
63 days ago
I am a lesbian.. 😲
marie (81621)
70 days ago
Said I'm gay, probably am. Caught myself staring at a girl 2 years ago and am questioning since then. Still had lots of boy crushes, but I'm not sure if those were crushes or something else because girl crushes have always been more intense and so... Different and realistically rare in comparison to my 100 boy "crushes" if that makes sense lol. Can anyone relate?
Julie (m) (92961)
74 days ago
Honestly my head is 🤷🏼‍♀️
I have an attraction to girls but then sometimes men like idk any more
noice (21223)
75 days ago
Probably a lesbian. That’s kinda what I expected bc I’m still a teen and don’t have sexual relations
Mezzy (79557)
76 days ago
100% Lesbian. And proud.
Check (52880)
76 days ago
Like I'm confused cause I like girls and want to marry and have kids with a woman but I still think some boys are cute
But overall I think I'm les
Meg (14186)
76 days ago
a um.., D. A boys thingyyy
Coolness (96749)
78 days ago
I used to have that
Grossgirl (20224)
78 days ago
When I wrote the comment bellow the "s" word came out with a heart
Grossgirl (20224)
78 days ago
I don't know why but when I see inappropriate movies that I'm not supposed with💗in it idk why but I kinda wanna try it out.
I know gross right😮
Cool (96749)
80 days ago
Everyone should be equal no matter what
• disability
• sexuality
• race
• and more

We all have our differences but no one is right or wrong
I'm not talking about guns or killing
Cause that isn't good
But I'm saying we all have choices

And you will meet people who are homophobic sand racists and much more but don't let them bring u down
Cool (96749)
80 days ago
What the heck ?!
Pretty bi (00961)
81 days ago
I’m now seriously confused, I have a little liking to boys but I like women a lot more, and I kept getting bi but then I get lesbain on these tests.
Not saying my name %u263A%uFE0F (52619)
81 days ago
I got most likely bisexual