Are you a lesbian? (♀)

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This test has been generated to aid women in finding their sexuality. Answers are not guaranteed to be 100% correct.

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    Have you ever kissed another woman?

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Girl 13 (37481)
I thing is I am very confused i don’t know if I am a lesbian because I always fantasise about girls but I kind of have small feeling for boys but I don’t think I am bi and am seriously confused.
RainbowsRule (60242)
2 days ago
I'm a Texan an know I'm lesbian. Everyone either says it's a phase or that I'm bi curious or bisexual or whatever but I know I'm not because being around women is amazing for me and I find guys disgusting and just don't like them. I'm still young tho and looking for advice. If any people have advice on how to come out to my parents and tell my crush I like her and whatnot, please comment.
Jessica (78647)
3 days ago
You can email me if you are interested in meetin. Live in Cali only!
angelica (46178)
4 days ago
Lisa would you like to meet me im a female and would like to meet you!!
Charity (95473)
18 days ago
Lol this was a cool quiz.I am actually trans ftm and this was fun to take lol I do prefer girls over guys so meow
Anon (03323)
21 days ago
I see a lot of people saying things such as "oh apparently I am a lesbian." Girls.. the only reason you're here is because you're questioning, right? I've been questioning for a while, and I'm just taking these quizzes to see if hey, maybe there's questions that will help me confirm it.. apparently is more of an assuming word.. if you really suspect you're a lesbian, lay back and think about it. Try and clear your mind, and then think, think of whether you do like men or women, or anyone- perhaps you are bisexual, pansexual, or others. I've seen somebody here mention they're 'bicurious' which means they'd want to experiment with a girl. This is a key move in finding out whether you are a lesbian or not- find a girl to experiment with, of course only if you're of age. If you like it.. then have a think about it. Time will pass girls, and over time, you'll either come to terms that you're attracted to females, or find out that it was perhaps just curiousity.
Rose (11535)
24 days ago
Well this quiz (and many other quizzes) has confirmed my thoughts. I am a lesbian apparently
BELLA (31154)
24 days ago
It says that you are exstmle not a lesbian you are quit stryd
Lisa (32946)
24 days ago
Im a lesbian, 100%. Love the test. I feel so good when Im with women.
Alexandria (16201)
25 days ago
Give me advice pls i dont know how to confess
Alexandria (16201)
25 days ago
I had a crush on a girl 1 year older than me we go to the same school she bullies my freinds but is totaly nice to me she asks me personel questions like do i have a boyfreind or a reltionship my heart beats fast when im around her she seems realy sedutcive to me i new i was a lesbian since i never had a boy crush i did have 2 girl crushes in my life but my parents say that they will love me no matter what by i dont belive them they lie about so much things im 14 by the way this teen is seeking for advice plus i live in turkey gays are allowed there but you cant get married yet
Fun Fun Fun (82656)
25 days ago
I think I am bisexual but I am only ten so I'm really confused about it....
Fun Fun Fun (82656)
25 days ago
Hello there Brenna, are you still there?
imagirl (44525)
27 days ago
im lesbian,but...i told a freind i THOUGHT i could trust its a mess,but ill figure it out eventually (this DOESNT mean you SHOULDNT tell a freind u can trust tho....just saying)
Shortass12 (89312)
27 days ago
Emma (80636) I think you should talk to someone about it. Someone you trust
ef (81044)
28 days ago
Hi i hope i never becomegay
Maies (35638)
28 days ago
Wrong, i'm asexual Bi.

(I like both guys and girls, but not, Sexually.)
Emma (80636)
29 days ago
I don't know if I'm gay or not cuz I've never had feeling toward guys and only girl but I could see my self with a guy but not be happy. Sometimes I think guys can be cute but I've never really had feelings towards them. I can't talk to my parents cuz I'm afraid of what they will say. Do u think I could know that I'm a lesbian at the age of 13 or is it to early to tell?
#Nolabel (51406)
30 days ago
Also, don't forget to leave a comment!!!
#Nolabel (51406)
30 days ago
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