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  • 1
    The outcome of the analysis phase is the:
  • 2
    Maya has prepared a spreadsheet where the total benefits are $182,000; the
    total cumulative costs are $120,000. The return on investment (ROI) would be:
  • 3
    Which of the following project methodologies suggest breaking the project into
    version 1; version 2 etc. of a system developed sequentially?

  • 4
    An example of a functional requirement is _________
  • 5
    Orkhan wants to illustrate how a system interacts with the environment. The
    best solution for him would be to use a ________:
  • 6
    Use cases generally have three parts: _____.

  • 7
    Zaynab is an analyst. On her DFD diagram she has just placed a process. She
    will name it with
  • 8
    The relation between use cases and data flow diagrams (DFD) is generally:
  • 9
    An entity relationship diagram (ERD) is:
  • 10
    Rasim is developing an ERD for a small dental practice office patient record
    system. The dental practice has three dentists, six hygienists, and many
    patients. A patient is always assigned to the same dentist for all appointments.
    In particular, he is working on the relationship between dentists and patients.
    Should it be:

  • 11
    Ramazan is doing an economic analysis using today’s dollar values. He is calculating
  • 12
    Amal is a systems analyst who is determining business requirements. The SDLC phase for her would most likely be __________.
  • 13
    Buludkhan has been told by management that his project MUST be completed on time. His best estimates are more than two weeks after the absolute deadline. He could use _______ technique to get a functional system on time.
  • 14
    Jahar is studying a system to lessen the number of complaints about the Help Desk. He has formally studied the service counter at few department stores; as well as listened in to complaint phone calls to a hotel booking site. He is trying to see how other organizations work at lessening complaints and also how they handle complaints. This type of requirement analysis is called __________.
  • 15
    . A(n) _______ trigger is based upon the passage of time. Examples are time to pay a bill; library book is due.
  • 16
    Four symbols used in data flow diagrams are ________________________.

  • 17
    ____________ is a data flow diagram that should not have data stores.
  • 18
    The attribute that can uniquely identify one instance of an entity is called the __________.
  • 19
    When normalizing data models, if you take attributes that have multiple values for a single instance of an entity and create separate entities for those form attributes, you are moving to _________ normal form.

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