Larry Stylinson Quiz - Are you a true Larry shipper?

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How well do you know the One Direction ship Larry Stylinson?

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    Which tattoos do not belong together?

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484 days ago
Guys! Please read. I don’t have TikTok so I can’t make a video but I have amazing proof:
1. There is a TikTok (that I watched on YouTube) of a girl saying you can look Louis up on imbdpro and it says he is in the two ghosts music video
2. So I watched the music video and at the special time (1:32), it is Harry’s back and he is facing a shadowy room with a silhouette of a human/male. Louis?!?!
645 days ago
Bruhh 1) we aren't shippers, shipping is wrong
2) the quiz isn't accurate
1043 days ago
((blue)i love larry(eblue))10/10
1078 days ago
Louis got the dagger around November of 2014, whereas Harry got the rose around September of 2013 you might be thinking about the ship and compass for the tattoo question
1092 days ago
I was wrong on 5 but i am a knew one
1702 days ago
I freaky love Larry stylionson
1712 days ago
Did he actually say that about the rose?
2025 days ago
This test was not bad but there are two mistakes the first one is that they have no middlename and the second one is that the dagger tattoo was ca 48 hours later
2186 days ago
R.I.P Jay we love you soooooo much
2201 days ago
My Larry heart is happy
2307 days ago
I just love them together ugh. Larry is real, peace and love. Goodbye
2806 days ago
I just love Larry Stylinson
2896 days ago
Louis does it's William
2897 days ago
larry doesnt have a middle nme