Magical- What is your magical wolf name, and what is the name of your pack?

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In this fun quiz, WHICH IS MAGICAL, find out your MagicWolf life's destiny. There are five wolf packs in the magical place not far from when you live, I promise. There is always one of the five magical wolf packs near humans' places. Now. Which will be your magical wolf pack, name, and skills? Find out in this quiz!

  • 1
    Which of the five MagicWolf packs do you think you are most fit for?
  • 2
    Which of these colors do you like most?
  • 3
    What is your talent?
  • 4
    Which of these "jobs" do you want?
  • 5
    What is your eye color?
  • 6
    Which of your family are you closest to?
  • 7
    Which is your element?
  • 8
    What do you want your name to mean? (The wolves' names, if their meaning is the night, moon, endless sky, silver, and starry stars... is a perfect name.)
  • 9
    Pretend that you are an Alpha. You find two bloody wolves from another pack- but in your territory, begging for help. The rudest pack is attacking theirs! But if you help, the attacking, rude wolfs from the rude pack might attack YOUR pack while you are gone, too. What will you do?
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Comments (19)


Meep (52638)
4 days ago
I got the pack of Moonlight! What I has hopings for.
Flano (43377)
16 days ago
My friend would absolutely be in the Stardust pack
Kawaii wolf (56990)
38 days ago
Ok, I must admit, Iā€™m a full on wolf pleasedontstarthuntingme ok sorry. Iā€™m not sure how I hide it tho.....
catlover25 (60682)
99 days ago
i am Pack of Silverpond! You are well cooperating with water, with great swimming and fishing skills. You are a Pup- carer, gentle and kind. Shimmering water".
catlover25 (60682)
99 days ago
Flano (37768)
143 days ago
I'm the femal alpha of nightfall. Flano, but I'm also part of moonlight and my name is Cafto I'm a hunter. But I think I'm more like Flano.
Flano (08824)
165 days ago
Flano (08824)
165 days ago
I'm alpha!
Flano (86697)
167 days ago
I got Flano form the nightfall pack (I secretly love it)
Eclipse_The_Griffon (19072)
168 days ago
Woooww This was an AMAZING quiz! HEHEHAHAHA oops sorry :D
Stardust B. Goldenrod (19072)
168 days ago
Woooow I don't the fact it messed up my words...
Stardust B. Goldenrod (19072)
168 days ago
Wow... I am apparently an šŸ’— and picked the pack with myname as the pack! XD My name was Sanil on this meaning starry night.
Equinox (41705)
228 days ago
Flano sounds more like an acronym of Leapings Flames of the Dark but whatever
Flano (70618)
264 days ago
I am the alpha of the nightfall pack FLANO
wolf queen 21 (72771)
292 days ago
I'm the alpha of night fall and my name is Flano
Moon silver (77578)
350 days ago
I really appreciate you šŸŗšŸ˜Š
House of Cards (19812)
475 days ago
I got Moonlight pack. My wolf name was Cafto meaning "shining moon" I wanted Nightfall pack.
Cafto (96329)
833 days ago
I'm part of Moonlight pack.
Addison Courtemanche (70451)
903 days ago
I'm part of pack nightfall