Are you LESBIAN?

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A quiz that is 10,000% necessary to determine what your sexuality (which is eternal and unchanging and always evident just like Leviticus) really is. 10,000% is pretty science-y, so you could, and, in fact, SHOULD take its word as gospel.

  • 1
    OMG, you're at this bitchin' party and this total hottie approaches you and is MAJORLY FLIRTING and you're, like, so into it. Describe the hottie:
  • 2
    Ok, describe your footwear. JUST KIDDING OMG calm yourself, Iago.

    Are you a female who experiences romantic love or sexual attraction to other females and not to males?
  • 3
    For realsies, I'm pretty sure the last question would be pretty conclusive in telling you if you're a lesbian or not, so from here on I'm reaching for material.

    Do you like boobies?
  • 4
    Ummmmmmm are you a lesbian?
  • 5
    So do you like beanbag chairs?
  • 6
    Oh, here's one I stole from another quiz.

    Your bestie comes out of the closet to you and confesses her love to you- she' a girl, you're a girl. I have no other information for you, but what's your reaction?
  • 7
    What kind of nightwear do you wear?
  • 8
    What is your favorite meal?
  • 9
    Is being gay easier than being straight?
  • 10
    Thank-you, tiny Puppy Jesus in the sky, this is the final question so, here you go-

    You feel ______ about lesbians.

Comments (13)


That one in the back (26295)
90 days ago
I was forty% stoned
why does this not surprise me?
homo girl :3 (63240)
124 days ago
This was hilarious XD I'm 90% lesbian 10% heterosexual 0% stoned LOL anddddd 0% bisexual :3 I'm actually a lesbian though, so these results were pretty accurate :D
julia (38152)
272 days ago
80% lesbisk
10% rett
Sup_Gurlz (38142)
323 days ago
60% bi
30% les
10% stoned (LOL im dead)
0% hetero
Arissa Miles (18811)
554 days ago
I'm lesbian yay I've knew no this already tho .
pride.time (29066)
581 days ago
60% bi
20% lesbian
10% snowflake
10% straight

lol (90734)
645 days ago
40% lesbian
40% bi
20% ?
0% straight
meme (85101)
687 days ago
Im a LESBIAN yayy so happy
Nina (13506)
707 days ago
I am 30% lesbian but I could've sworn I was more...
Annabella (33494)
707 days ago
Brooke (06993)
735 days ago
Yes I am lesbian!!!!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค— and proud
Szoe (98774)
799 days ago
I felt this quiz was over the top, ๐Ÿ’—ic, and rather childish. Understanding this is just for fun, the language is rather rude and uneducated. Most of the questions can be summed up with this one: Are you a Lesbian or not? Dreadful, utterly dreadful. Indeed the very worst quiz I've ever seen.
aperson (04576)
889 days ago
hella yes that is what i thought i had a ๐Ÿ’—y boyfriend who turned out to be gay after i spent a year at a different school now i understand and hes not such a ๐Ÿ’— any more :P