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What makes you unique?

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Ever wanted to know if you are a kind and shy person. Or if you have fierce blood? Take this quiz and find out!

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    How many fights have you been in with a friend?

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1835 days ago
100% right((eteal)
1857 days ago
Its spot on.I'm very competitive, nothing stands in my way.but it is hard making friends because the last person I thought was my friend just stoped being my friend and kinda betrayed me,so I can't trust people. I'm mean a bit when I first meet you,but if you can stand me at first I'm probably your best friend ever dude!but just remember, if you can't handle my worst, then you don't deserve my best,darling.nobody really actually likes me.but I don't care,forget you then.I'm going to be something some day.put me down,be mean to me,go ahead and say rude things to me,you cant stop me from my dream!I'm a drummer,I'm a fighter not a lover,bring on peace,I'll fight for my dream!and nobody's going to stop me honey! Peace & Love to all the other hippie babes out there!