Does He Like You? (For confused teen girls)

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    Have you guys ever talked? (other than asking questions like "can I borrow a pencil?")

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7 days ago
Oh my goodness it says yes. Today a kid confessed their love to me. I am in 7th grade! Too young! He is gross I don't like him I don't know what to do please save me fellow peoples! 😵 He literally came up to me, got down on one knee, and said "I have a confession.....I like like you." IHNC wot to do plez save meh! !
11 days ago
ugh why the heck am I even doing this quiz. Its a waste of my time but I did it anyway and I still regret doing it. Even though it said 'sweetie I think ur getting somewhere with him' I don't feel any better. theres this kid I wanna hate bc he's hot and cold towards me. Like sometimes he's pretty sweet but then sometimes he completely ignores me. In previous situations he's found excuses to touch me and stuff. So I. Keep. catching. Feelings. THAT I WANT TO LOSE BC I OFTENNN FEEL LIKE HES A WASTE OF MY TIME. urgh kill me now
41 days ago
This is awkward... I luke him but I think he just wants to be friends😅
68 days ago
there's this guy at the ninja gym i go to. i'm starting to think he likes me, which is just grand because i think i like him. i take it back, i definitely think i like him. this is the first time i've ever taken a quiz on a guy and gotten the result that they think he likes me, and i'm just... wow. i kind of treated the "walking to class together" as "him making me stay after class to talk to me and show me memes" because we don't live in the same town or go to the same high school, we just go to ninja together. he asked for my number, he texts every two or three days. i'm a real wuss so i don't start any conversations. i should probably do that but i'm shy, okay. i think he did his hair differently last i saw him this past wednesday (why would you do that this is ninja you're just gonna get sweaty i'm-) and then he gave me a high five as we were leaving (whoa maura, really? a high five, that's all? listen, i have such bad social anxiety it's remarkable i even let him do that). he's hilarious and understands all my meme references and he's nice and ugh. so yknow, just hoping he actually likes me and i'm not just stupid. haven't met any of his friends other than his ninja friends, because again, we live like twenty minutes away from each other. but he's the only one at ninja who talks to me and tries to make me smile and i just, aww. he's really sweet.
lowkey think i'm the only one taking this test who isn't in middle school which is a bust and just goes to show how pathetic i am but y'now what leave me alone i'm desperate for answers and too scared to just ask. yee haw.
83 days ago
So I’m not sure if this guy is who’s in my bjj class likes me or not. We’re both 14 so we’re still both kinda awkward. He always comes over to talk to me and asks questions and completely ignores everyone around us (by not talking to or acknowledging them) he also always works near me and I always catch him looking at me. When he goofs off he always makes sure I’m there to see it. When you grapple with someone you kinda have to touch them and when me and him fight it’s always a little awkward. But when we fight he always talks to and makes jokes. We also have this inside joke where we ask each other “are you okay?” back and forth.But when we fight he always talks to and makes jokes. We also have this inside joke where we ask each other “are you okay?” back and forth.But when we fight he always talks to and makes jokes. We also have this inside joke where we ask each other “are you okay?” back and forth. Do you think he’s into me at all, or am I playing myself?
107 days ago
He likes me and i so sorry i find out so late. I have to wait 2 months until school opens! Really now? I ease my pain hearing rock'n roll (yes, I'm just a little girl, but i love retro
109 days ago
guys i need help so this guy i like likes me back. he told me after i told him. but now idk if we’re ever gonna b >friends bc he’s a shy guy around me (but total extrovert around everyone else lol) and it’s summer so idk how the next school year will b. i’m going into 8th grade (year 9 for british ppl) and since i’m the oldest, idk when i’m allowed to date. idk if he wants to date or not. also, i took a bunch of does he like me tests just for fun lol even tho ik he likes me and a lot of them say he likes me but is shy, which is true. also, some say he might ask me out. so idk what will happen. but we have a camp together in 17 days so i’m waiting to see him there. do you guys think he’ll muster the courage to ask me out?
113 days ago
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147 days ago
There is a boy in my class(let's call him Joe) who likes me. Joe wanted to ask me out but he be a quiet on and couldn't. Then earlier his friend comes and says, "What be your Snapchat?" and I was like 💗 and then he told me he got Joe on video saying that he likes me. Too bad for him cause I like someone else(let's call HIM Bob). Later Joe looks kinda upset about me and Bob and all and then my friend Penny comes over saying that she asked Bob if we were dating and he cautiously said no. WELP that's me story smee.
161 days ago
So this guy in my class (we're in 6th) I'm really close to. I just thought of it as we're really good friends. Then a few days ago we decided if there was a formal dance next year we would go together. I thought it was because we are really good friends. Then I found out that he liked me a lot and then I found out that he secretly wants to kiss me ( but he won't) and he asked what I said when I found out he liked me and I didn't tell him I was scared and today for a concert we had to change into a shirt and skirt for me and I was scared I wouldn't look good compared to the other girls because they looked really good and he was like have you seen yourself and later he told me I looked really good but like I'm pretty flat soo..... what do I do?? I'm not ready for dating yet... but I kinda do wanna kiss him now but I most definitely won't because I'm only 12. I don't know what to do but I kinda needed to vent
167 days ago
I recently learnt that I am bisexual and is it possible for me to ask out my
Best friend of mine who is bi too?
167 days ago
So I really like this guy and he is super nice and funny and good at sports and popular. Anyway he is really nice to all us girls but I can’t tell if he likes me or likes someone else. Like he’ll always offer to do things for me (small things like putting my textbook back on the shelf) and when someone else asks him he’ll say no. But he is very hard to read cause today we were on a field trip and we were on different buses and the other bus was playing truth or dare and he admitted He likes this girls who obviously likes him but is super boy crazy. Then my friend made a deal with him that if he asked the girl out she would ask her crush out and he did it. It was very hard to find all this info but then at lunch they broke up that same day. I don’t know the details like who broke up with whom or anything but whatever. Then that same day in art class we were using paint and we were all making a mess and he wouldn’t let anyone else paint on him except me. So it’s very confusing bc I don’t know if he likes me or not my friends kind of think so but they also think he still likes his *other* ex he has had like ten girlfriends already. I also help him a lot on homework especially the class he struggles in where I sit behind him and in that class he always talks to me but then in a different class he sits a few desks in front and my friend is right behind him and he always talks to her and it seems like they are always whispering so I am very confused on what to do or if he likes me. HELP! 🤯
170 days ago
OMG I AM SHOOOOK it. said. he .really liked me. Oh My god he is such a hottie and I want to see him shirtless soo bad. I don't know what to do

Update Today I asked him if he liked me and he said yes! now we are dating! OMG THANK YOU
176 days ago
Few weeks ago i realised that i am a lesbi, but here's my story anyways:
From fourth grade, i used to like this guy alot. Like, alot alot. I also caught him staring at me like a million times. So naturally i thought that he liked me. But in seventh grade, word got out and when he heard, he called me something really rude... Talk about being low... But i got over it and sometime later, i fell for dis girl who liked me back (yay!) and she became my gf. Then i caught the same guy talking about how much he likes me and my attitude and stuff, and for some reason, i blushed. Got confused and ended up here. Thx for the advice gal!
181 days ago
I love who ever likes me as there girlfriend.😍❤️😍😍😍😍😻😻😻😻😻💋💋💋💋
189 days ago
There is this boy.We used to act like enemies... He would pinch me and steal my stuff... but he always made me laugh
Later, he was like "I'm mature now" and he asked for my number.. we texted back and forth ALL the time. I helped him do his homework and even let him cheat off my tests..... Somewhere, somehow, I fell in love.
We always tease each other and laugh all the time but sometimes we have really serious conversations, staring deep into each other's eyes.
I can't help but think 'why is he so freaking beautiful'
Once I gave him a candy... My friend told him that I licked it.. I thought he would spit it out but he said that he didn't care

So guys... What do you think?
192 days ago
this quiz doesn't have the options that im thinking of right now
the reason why we dont have each other's contacts is because boys and girls dont talk to each other in my school, and that wasn't one of the options
232 days ago
Hey......I need ADVICE OM WAT TO DO!?!?!?!?!! I’ve had 2 crushes one is my neighbor David and I’ve bent likein him for a year. The other Is Dustin and I’ve bent crushing on him for almost 2 years in October. I met David @ school cuz there was rezoning any way this year he is in my 3rd,5th,6th and 7th periods. He always challenges me to a fight (cuz we both do karate) and he wants me to go to his house and fight. I have never been to his house before it I’ve been in his driveway. Yesterday he’s like “ I bet I WILL WIN” and I’m like “ rite here rite now” and we literally started fighting in 7th period while our teacher was outside greeting other kids. His jacket already had a hole in it and he (gently) put on the ground and he was on top of me and I grabbed his hair (wat he has of it ) and yanked it rlly hard. Then we both got back up and I grabbed his jacket and I (by accident) ripped a BIG hole in it. While that was happening his shirt/jacket was slowly goin up and I was BLUSHING ALOT ☺️😊☺️😊☺️😊☺️😊 then we saw the teacher come in and we ran into our seats. Ok now Dustin he goes to my youth group @ church and he always makes me laugh 😂. Around Christmas time we were caroling for the elderly people around our church and it was REALLY cold I was shivering a lot and he noticed And he gave me his jacket. And one time we held hands. IDK WAT TO DO!?!?! Do they like me? Or just as friends?
235 days ago
So I’ve been friends with this boy now for nearly 4 years and we r rlly close but lately his friends have been teasing us whenever we’re together! And today loads of us went to the park and played truth or dare and I was asked if I had a crush on him and I lied n said no😂 then his friend said oh sorry (said his name)😂 but then I told him I wasn’t being honest about isn’t and he started smiling uncontrollably😂 oh Yh and we were taking pictures on a Polaroid camera n he took one of me home the gave me one of him😂
237 days ago
I like this boy named shaunde but we are not in the same grade my friends want us to be together but he says to one of my friends that he doesn't know what he wants yet he is waiting on the right girl