Does He Like You? (For confused teen girls)

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    Have you guys ever talked? (other than asking questions like "can I borrow a pencil?")

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345 days ago
Thank you this result actually helped a lot I'm a little paranoid but I hope he will stop being so shy

Thank you
368 days ago
Someone I used to have a crush on used to hate me. This year he asked my friend if I had a bf (I don't) and when she replied she asked if he liked me and he said yes ( without knowing my friend would send screenshots to me)! I don't know wht to think... I've kinda got over him but he's nice and I wouldn't mind him as a bf. Honest opinions?
Btw the results said he likes me
400 days ago
Ok so this guy I like I’ve liked for three years now ever since he’s came to my school. I know he never liked me but recently, June, my friend said he likes you he told me because they are like siblings and I would love for it to be true but he’s apparently promised a cheerleader that once she’s allowed to date he’ll date her but sometimes I feel like he might still like me I have no idea! I’ve taken so many of these quizzes and they have all said he likes me but he’s really shy around me and he’s never really willing to talk to me. He will talk to me but he is kinda shy as I said.
414 days ago
He told one of my friends that he likes me
418 days ago
I can't believe he likes me ...u know liking him is like passing the grade ..and why willl he like me why me ..? I mean I am a nerd who can't even study
425 days ago
Omg my results was so true bout him && me☺️Thank youu
428 days ago
Yeah, we have hugged severally
444 days ago
Ahhh thx sm!!!! My result was hat whatever I was doing was perfect!!! I’m like 98% sure that he likes me but idk😂😂
452 days ago
Ok so there is this guy that I really like and we are pretty good friends. I met him last week and he’s one of those kinds of guys you meet and instantly like them. Well here’s the thing. When I met him he smiled a lot and was super super nice. He says he likes my best friend but he acts( I think) like he likes me. We push each other around. Literally. So kinda like fighting but we know it’s just for fun. Anyways. I catch him staring at me sometimes and he’s a very touchy person. He’s held my hand in a way a lot when ever we “fight”. My friends think that he likes me but he’s a weird guy. We can never tell when he’s being serious or not. I need some advice. If you could give me your opinion and advice on what to do about him that would be great. So in your opinion, do you think he likes me?
497 days ago


ok, so this boy (Willem) is super cute and sweet. He's really nice to everybody (so I'm not sure is he's just being nice) and is pretty popular. We have advisory (homeroom) together and talk to each other a lot ; but I'm not sure if it's because everybody else there is the type of person both of us wouldn't hang out with. Once when we were talking he started trying to impress me?(I'm not sure). We have only known each other for one school year(we went to different elementary schools). He is also nice to every girl and the type of person who doesnt really think about things like dating and hates swearing(total golden boy). We went to a mutual friend's birthday party and when I tried to talk to him he ignored me 1 or 2 times(I don't remember if he was already in a conversation). We also hung out during the party though. My friend also likes him, but (not trying to be rude/mean) I'm 99.9% sure he doesn't like her

Ps. I'm in middle school
Pps. Please give your honest opinion if you think he likes me

522 days ago
Girl calm down with the “lol”’s
531 days ago
K so I have 0 idea of if he likes me or not. I think he does and there have been a few times where my best friend who is friends with him said something like “that’s why he” and then stopped mid sentence. I don’t know if he is just being nice to me and making me laugh or if he he does it on purpose because he likes me.. someone plz help me also I have taken like 20-30 tests and most of them have said he likes me. Also I don’t want to ask him because I don’t even want to date yet anyway I just want to know if he likes me or not
541 days ago
Yay! It said whatever I'm doing is perfect, I just act like myself, no makeup, cute cloths, cute hairstyle, and lots of laughing. We've known each other since kindergarten, and I've taken other tests and it said that we like each other, and that we were soulmates☺ we even did the test together in the same room, so we know we both like each other.
564 days ago
Haha this is giving me confidence i should just go for it but he is really shy and i dont want it to be awkward and I am worried he might say no but i really think he likes me
578 days ago
Thanks! This test really helped. I hope it's accurate, it sounds a lot like something he would do. 😊
581 days ago
Dear Delaney.
ASK HIM OUT! I know it’s really hard, I myself have a difficult situation with my crush. ( he’s my bffs ex and my ex bffs boyfriend, so it’s really complicated)
But it’s honestly the best option. Unless you want to be friends with him first. Although that does come with the risk of being friend zoned. I’m stuck in the friend zone. If your crush is an introvert, he is probably too shy to ask you out. Do it yourself.

Just go up and say;

hi, (insert name here) I feel like I’ve gotten to know you and I kind of like you. Will you go out with me?what to do if he says YEScool (insert convo about something you are both interested in.)😊(don’t forget to smile ;)what to do if he says NOok that’s fine(walk away)
582 days ago
I’m not going to give up on this one :D
586 days ago
Aaaaaahhhhhh I’ve taken like 20-30 quizzes and they all say he likes me but idfk!!! He’s such an introvert and so shy that I have no idea if he likes me! I always am super truthful and everything on these tests but then I finish and I’m always like “no,. It’s just a glitch” I don’t know what to doooooooo 🙇🏽‍♀️🙇🏽‍♀️
588 days ago
Hey! Umm so my test said he did not like me! What’s up with that! Well I took this test a year ago and now we are inseparable . Thanks a lot!
588 days ago
Yassss i love this, i might go for it and ask him!!