Does He Like You? (For confused teen girls)

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    Have you guys ever talked? (other than asking questions like "can I borrow a pencil?")

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550 days ago
Wow....Hes head over heels for me... I kinda figured just wanted to take this test JUST TO MAKE SURE Lol Thank you so much for making this test it was fun
553 days ago
I feel better...... Cause I felt kinda sick after I proposed him and he rejected the proposal twice..
566 days ago
Now I feel hopeful :)
569 days ago
Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
570 days ago
573 days ago
it was a great quiz but a lot of these things don't apply to me because like he was/is my best friend and we talk all the time etc.
581 days ago
Oh my soul y
It said he likes 😚😙😗😍😘
581 days ago
Every test I take it says he likes moi but Im to scared to make a move!
598 days ago
I knew a whil ago that he like me but I wasn't so sure if he still did aparently he is head over heels for me❤️
642 days ago
Hi guys I'm so bored
647 days ago
I'm in love with him @ it says move on?!
647 days ago
God that was harsh!!!
650 days ago
there is this guy i like and i think he likes me back... we are friends and stuff and talk almost everyday... but there is a dance this week and i asked him who he was taking and he said he likes this other girl but idk.. so idk what to think anymore
665 days ago
this is bullshoot i know it'll never work anyway its too complicated so i think its just a 1 year and 3 month crush not love
672 days ago
Ahhhhhhhh help me!!!! It’s so awkward between me and this guy now!!! We used to be friends! Everyone said he liked me and I liked him but I couldn’t see it! How stupid am I?! Once we were doing this project where we write down adjectives about what other people think of us. He said you should write nice and funny. How could I not see it! He’s kind of a jerk though... but at camp it all changed! Long story short my friends are like My name is wondering if you would ask her out! Then he said ya I was going to but I didn’t think she liked me. Then he thought I said NO to him and rejected him! Now we’re not friends and when we run into each other it’s just really awkward! I’m so sad what should I do!!!😭😭😭😭
816 days ago
Apparently I'm doing all the right things.. but why isn't he asking me out I try to talk to him when I can but he is with all of his freinds at break or lunch then it's hard... how can i het him to ask me out without me giving it away too much?? Thank you bh the way this has helped me alot..
995 days ago
I don't even know, this is telling me he does n he says all the time how he cares about me and could never forget me. At the beggining of the year he liked me but I was oblivious... all those messages are so clear to me now and I wish I could go back in time. But now he has a gf, she's so horrible to him... she doesn't care when he's upset, she's controlling and she doesn't trust him. When I asked him why he's with her he couldn't even give me an answer, he didn't have a reason but if I truly loved someone I'd have a million and one reasons why I'm with them. If this quiz is right then he should like me back, but idk. He is very flirty n kind n sweet n complimentative n just amazing to me but idk, I might just be misreading... anyone who's actually bothered to read this please pray that he likes me back, I wanna make him so happy but I can't cos of his gf,
1299 days ago
omg this works. he asked me out on valentines day and took me to see a movie and for dinner💖 he took me to chipotle omfg he loves me
1320 days ago
This is all fake and i can't belief i tried this fake thing
1326 days ago
I am sure that Henry likes me more than Hannah and you have surely proof it to me thank's a lot.