The Ultimate Walking Dead Quiz

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60 Questions - Developed by: Shenice - Developed on: - 20.499 taken - User Rating: 1.75 of 5.0 - 8 Votes

These are various questions that you need to answer, some are easy, some are hard, choose wisely

  • 1
    What position does Rick Grimes hold at the police station before the outbreak?
  • 2
    What kind of flower did Daryl give Carol in Season 2?
  • 3
    Where Did Glenn get the ring to propose to Maggie?
  • 4
    What did they name the baby?
  • 5
    Who named the baby?
  • 6
    Who Gave Judith the nickname "Lil Asskicker?"
  • 7
    Who is the Father of the baby?
  • 8
    Who had to shoot Lori?
  • 9
    What was Glenn before the outbreak?
  • 10
    What is Carl's Name in Real life?
  • 11
    Where did they eventually find carol's missing daugher Sophia?
  • 12
    Who are the enemies in the show?
  • 13
    Why does Carl Sneak over the fence in Alexandria?
  • 14
    Who dies saving Carol in season 3?
  • 15
    Who Rescued Rick and the others in Terminus?
  • 16
    Who is one of the Most hated person on the show in later seasons?
  • 17
    Who shows up at the end of season 5?
  • 18
    Why Does the group leave the prison?
  • 19
    Why Did Carl Almost shoot his dad?

  • 20
    How Did Carol prepare to operate on Lori?
  • 21
    Who killed Merle?
  • 22
    How did bob die?
  • 23
    Why didn't Rick want to kill Patrick at the school?
  • 24
    What was the name of Morgan's son?
  • 25
    What was the name of Morgan's wife?
  • 26
    Who was handcuffed to the roof?
  • 27
    Who is left under the tree when they go to the CDC?
  • 28
    What Did Rick use to break the window at the CDC?
  • 29
    Who shot Carl?
  • 30
    What did Hershel keep in his barn?
  • 31
    Who is left behind when they leave for the prison?
  • 32
    What does Daryl put on Carols grave?
  • 33
    What is the name of the governor's daughter?
  • 34
    What does Michonne get for Carl in the Cafe?
  • 35
    What name does Lizzie and Mika give to a walker?
  • 36
    What does Carol tell Lizzie to look at before shooting her?
  • 37
    What does Lilly tell the governor to get her dad from the old folks home?
  • 38
    Why did Hershel get his leg cut off?
  • 39
    Who is the voice on the radio in the tank rick was in?
  • 40
    How does Merle escape the roof?
  • 41
    Who does Lori have an affair with?
  • 42
    Where does Rick take Carl after he got shot?
  • 43
    Who does Glenn like?
  • 44
    Who Kills Otis?
  • 45
    Who gets pregnant?
  • 46
    Where does Andrea end up after Michonne captures her?
  • 47
    How does Andrea die?
  • 48
    Where did Rick get all the guns in season one?
  • 49
    Why does rick want to go to the CDC?
  • 50
    Who shot Glenn?
  • 51
    What Does the man at the CDC tell Rick?
  • 52
    In Season one why were Shane And Lori so surprised to see Rick?
  • 53
    Where Does this show take place?
  • 54
    How Much pounds of Pudding did Carl eat?
  • 55
    What are Rick's Three questions before he takes someone new into their group?
  • 56
    Who Kills Beth?
  • 57
    Who's death was the saddest?
  • 58
    Who killed Dawn?
  • 59
    What Kind of statue was in Pete's garage in Alexandria?
  • 60
    What was Deanna's husband's name?

Comments (17)


Gino (34636)
172 days ago
Rick was a Deputy Sheriff
Eliz Chandler (12749)
345 days ago
(1) Rick was a sheriff's deputy not a sheriff
(57) Why Beth they were all sad
Lou (69809)
815 days ago
Rick is a Sheriff's no, quiz maker, YOU are wrong.
randy (54332)
843 days ago
here are some answers. when he said patrick i think he meant randal from season 2. also, carol did have a grave. in season 3, they thought she died when it was just t-dog that died. and pete was not an enemy.
Phoebe (61671)
875 days ago
Rick was not the sheriff in King County, he was a sheriff's deputy. Your answer is incorrect.
Blah blah blah (68172)
876 days ago
1- Lori and Maggie get prego!
2- Carol is still alive!
3- Rick is NOT a sheriff!
4- the who are the enemies?? All of the above!
5- I did not enjoy this quiz!
Whoever made this quiz needs to re watch TWD! It's in netflix BTW :)
bryyy (67232)
876 days ago
Rick wasnt The Sheriff
gary young (81902)
878 days ago
I don't see the point in these tests you either know about the show or you don't either way its still a really good show
carl (81902)
878 days ago
this is bull some of these answers and questions are bogus
Hi (99605)
878 days ago
Well some of these were opinions and wrong
Zipphora (50768)
884 days ago
This test is complete bull... Beth's death was not the saddest, her death a the small affect on me out of all of them. Second The Governor, Shane & the Walkers are all enemies so I don't understand how I got that wrong. The girls name is ENID, not Eden. And lastly who the hell named Patrick was Rick gonna kill at a school? The only Patrick I remember on the show is the kid in the first episode of season 4 with the glasses, Greg from Everybody Hates Chris. If you're going to make a test trying to see who's a fan, you need to make sure you're one first
Molly (03652)
887 days ago
Ok the test results I got 56/60, but a lot of those choices were completely WRONG. I've watched The Walking Dead 11 times, I know the correct answers....................
Chris (86656)
889 days ago
Okay I got a 55/60 but whoever wrote this quiz is incorrect, so technically I scored a 100%
#1 I said deputy. Rick is NOT the sheriff he is a DEPUTY sheriff. Get your trivial facts straight.
#16 I said Pete. You did not specify which season dummy. Pete is a hated character at the end of season 5, where the Governor dies in the middle of season 4. So I'm right, you're wrong.
#47 I said Andrea died by suicide. Yes it is true that Milton bit her, but she shot herself in the head before she was going to die and turn.
#54 are you kidding me with this question lmao 112oz of pudding is 7lbs not 5.5 (11/2) so none of those answers are correct.
#57 whose death was saddest is a matter of opinion. I personally thought Tyrese death was the saddest the way they portrayed it, but that wasn't an option. So, I picker Hershel. lol lame quiz
Susan (81428)
890 days ago
# 13 - the girl's name is Enid, not Eden
Too many questions with subjective answers - Like # 16 - who is the most hated person in later seasons. I think most people hated Pete (Jessie's husband) but the "correct" answer was the Governor.
Also the question about who got pregnant now has two correct answers.
Theresa (01152)
904 days ago
#1 Rick was a Sheriff's Deputy not the elected Sheriff. If he was, he would have never been shot nor in a coma. Yes, I am that kind of fan.
skele7ron (66382)
908 days ago
I mean most of the questions are like yes that was the answer but so was that like they have 2 correct answers
Lisa (32641)
913 days ago
Check out question 32...Carol doesn't die, it's Sophia...Daryl puts flowers on Sophia's grave