The Big Bang Theory

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How well do you know The Big Bang Theory

  • 1
    How many women does Leonard sleep with?
  • 2
    How is Howard Introduced to Bernadette?
  • 3
    Whose parents do we mainly see on Skype video chats?

  • 4
    What is Raj's dogs name?
  • 5
    What does Sheldon do after the first time him and Amy break up?
  • 6
    Who goes to space?

  • 7
    What season does Howard and Bernadette get married?
  • 8
    At the start of what season do we see Penny (Kaley Cuoco-sweeting) new short hair style?
  • 9
    Initially how is Raj first able to speak to women?
  • 10
    Who are the characters without a degree?

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1911 days ago
Bernadette and Howard got married in season 5 and Lenoard slept with five women not 4. Your quiz is wrong
1917 days ago
Bernadette and Howard married in the season 5 finally damass
1921 days ago
he also slept with the old gal who donated money to the univeristy
1947 days ago
I think in the last question you mean doctorate not degree.
2617 days ago
leslie, stephanie, penny, priya, kim the korean spy. dr.plimpton, im sorry to tell you but your first question is wrong