Hard Star Wars Trivia

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35 Questions - Developed by: WizardLord160 - Developed on: - 6.038 taken

The questions will start off easy, then get harder and harder. Until the questions are near-impossible.

  • 1
    Did Darth Maul die?

    ( I can see some of you searching it up )
  • 2
    Was Captain Rex affected by Order 66?
  • 3
    Is Yoda's species unknown?
  • 4
    Did Han Solo shoot Greedo first?
  • 5
    Was Count Dooku defeated by Anakin?
  • 6
    Do black, orange, and white lightsabers exist?
  • 7
    Did the Emperor die on the Death Star?
  • 8
    Did Luke burn Vader's body?
  • 9
    Did the Ewoks wipe out the entire Stormtroopers Corps?
  • 10
    Did Obi-Wan perished when Vader killed him?
  • 11
    Did Yoda get a medical checkup when he saw Qui-Gon?
  • 12
    Were Nightsisters force-sensative?
  • 13
    Obi-Wan died on Tatooine.
  • 14
    Did Luke crash on Dagobah?
  • 15
    The Death Star can absorb energy from a planet.
  • 16
    Leia was tortured by a bot.
  • 17
    Chewbacca killed Vader.
  • 18
    Lightsabers can cut anything, but another lightsaber.
  • 19
    Grevious is a robot.
  • 20
    Stormtroopers are advanced, well-trained, and precise shots.
  • 21
    Anyone can hyperspace to anywhere.
  • 22
    Phantom Menace was released on 2008.
  • 23
    Vader brought balance to the force?
  • 24
    Did Yoda die?
  • 25
    Did Chewbacca die?
  • 26
    Was Tarkin the first commander of the Death Star?
  • 27
    Was Revan a Sith and Jedi?
  • 28
    Is a Jedi allowed to marry?
  • 29
    Is Mace Windu the only person with a purple lightsaber?
  • 30
    Do purple lightsabers corrupt people?
  • 31
    Was the Emperor's hilt gold when he was about to be arrested?
  • 32
    A Thought Bomb is one of the most destructive things ever invented.
  • 33
    Is there another 'Yoda'?
  • 34
    Is Episode 8, 9, and 10 planned out?
  • 35
    The next movie is released in 2020 May?

Comments (7)


seabassfett (47530)
61 days ago
am i da only 1 dat liks dis qiz?!
Revan (15793)
819 days ago
some* sorry for the grammatical error
Revan (15793)
819 days ago
One thing that got me was it didn't specify as to what era, and as to whether it was talking in reference to non canon or canon. So one of the questions were rather difficult and required more explanation than just a true or false answer.
Alex (50320)
858 days ago
Really bad test. Lots of spelling errors that sometimes made understanding the question rather difficult. Lots of debatable questions. Lots of questions that required more than a true/false answer.
Darth malgus (13441)
861 days ago
Han shot first in the original. Then they remastered it and greedo shot first. How can I get that question right?
Han Solo (98545)
868 days ago
Some of the answers can not be answered as a simple true or false
Spelling errors
dose not show which ones are incorrect by this tests standards
Vanisai Brigayn (77282)
869 days ago
A few things wrong with this quiz:
A) Lots of grammar and spelling errors.
B) It doesn't show which answers were correct or incorrect.
C) The answers that I'm thinking I "Got wrong" are total BS. Learn your stuff before making a quiz about any topic.