What is your Favorite Color?

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I think I can figure this out!

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    Out of these, what is your favorite fruit?
    Out of these, what is your favorite fruit?

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Imogen (56909)
40 days ago
You like Yellow or Orange! You are quiet but kind. You try not to care too much about what others think of you. You would never do anything to hurt anyone. You are possibly an animal lover.

wrong i like blue
LOL Surprise (97395)
53 days ago
Erm, no i like pink, but it saidBlack or gray
Hobi (77293)
129 days ago
You got it!!! "For 50 % you are: You like Pink, Purple, or Red! You are loving and beautiful. You are loyal, kind, and generous. Everyone should want to be your friend." :))))
Renwa12345567 (70982)
132 days ago
That’s sooo right!!! I luv black and grey!!!
ACK2906 (94036)
205 days ago
It said blue, not correct. It also said my results were not clear and said that if not blue it would be yellow or orange. None of those are correct, I like purple.
Lachie (58025)
282 days ago
Hehe pink and purple? Uh uh. I'm really more of a black and grey sorta guy.
Yoshi&! (47721)
301 days ago
It said that my fav. color is green... and guess what?...
Wow dis test is smart, btw it said that I'm a leader and not a follower...
Ginger Mcfalls (38216)
332 days ago
You got it right!! I love pink and purple.
Kathrin Kimmel (85941)
350 days ago
YEA I love red and it was true thank u for entertaining test. And it is is true that everyone wants to be my friend
Marya (46586)
382 days ago
Correct, My fav color is black! :D
Cat (97391)
392 days ago
30% Gray or black and 30% pink or purple.two complete opposites.My fav colour is Pink though,Dont judge
SnapbackCamoQueen (78897)
476 days ago
Yo! Imma back and I did it again and I got blue (one of my other favourite colours) Intelligent, kind and funny!? Totally me. Energetic and optimistic? You are a gift amongst men! Honestly, bruv you r great!
SnapbackCamoQueen (64664)
493 days ago
You good it, dude! My favourite colour is red \and you said pink, purple or red! Awesome! Nice quiz. Loving and beautiful? Loyal, generous and kind? Thanks!😉
asia (72700)
518 days ago
every thing their is true but i dont like green, its purple.
cow_girl2006 (05742)
574 days ago
My favourite colour is black,grey,white and turqouise and the quiz says its red,pink or purple
WRONG WRONG WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cow_girl2006 (05742)
574 days ago
I got pink,purple or red and i hate them but it was fun to take the quiz.
And all the things i said about my personality were correct and true.
jaiden (25220)
575 days ago
I got yellow and orange and i Hate those colors but all the details about my personality were correct
Atharva (15531)
661 days ago
This always show that same result-pink,purple and red.:/
Paru (48456)
696 days ago
My favorite color is green, red ,pink and kinda blue. But i hate black or grey. I know it must be little bit hard to find. But it's ok. it was really fun. Thank you!
ChrissieG (00276)
707 days ago
Got it right, blue is my fav color. Not bad!