When will I get my first period?

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Getting your first period is a big step in becoming a woman, but when will it happen?

  • 1
    How old are you?
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How much discharge do you have?
    How much discharge do you have?
  • 3
    How long have you had discharge?
    How long have you had discharge?
  • 4
    How much have you grown in the past year?
    How much have you grown in the past year?
  • 5
    How much pubic hair do you have?
  • 6
    Describe your pubic hair.
  • 7
    How long ago did your boobs start to grow?
    How long ago did your boobs start to grow?
  • 8
    How large are your boobs?
  • 9
    How much do you weigh?
    How much do you weigh?
  • 10
    Finally, how old was your mom when she got her period?
    Finally, how old was your mom when she got her period?

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5 days ago
I meant discouraged* sorry
5 days ago
So I started having my discharge for like a couple of months now and my friends tell me that I'm gonna get it soon buh I feel discourage about my body. Though my breasts are growing but the grow too slow and that's a bit discouraged like a lot so I am 13 I don't get why this is happening and my mom got hers at 13 too so since she is my mom, I am supposed to have the same body condition with her so I am starting to feel uncomfortable with other people who have gotten their period. I haven't even started wearing a bra though. Please someone send me their email I need someone to talk to 😖💔
8 days ago
I'm 13, turning 14 next month. I've had a discharge for years and it's thick. My 💗 started growing when I was 10 they are now fully grown, I have lots of pubic hair, it's thick and black but I shave mine :) I also have armpit hair. But no period, all my friends had theirs ages ago but not me. I was wondering if it was ever going to come. This said 80% chance it will come in the next few months. Nice to know I'm not the only one though. (Wanted to say, I masturbate, I know others that do too so it it's normal and it's not dirty to anyone that is wondering)
27 days ago
Good quiz . Very accurate
56 days ago
Can someone estimate me?
I'm 12 years old
My mom got hers at 13
I have had moderate discharge for 2+ years
I started growing 💗 like 3 years ago but they are still very small
I have lots of pubic hair
I have armpit and leg hair
I way 78lbs, I'm tiny
91 days ago
I turned 11 this year, my mom got hers when she was my age, I’m 50% getting it later this year. And I’ve had discharge for a few months now. One of my friends, (she’s my age) has started using tampons, and it looks like it hurts, but she said that if you get used to it you won’t feel anything. A great tip for if you have a lot of discharge is buying panty liners, it might look like a waste of money but holy god no! They’ve helped me so much! I don’t have to change my underwear literally every single hour now! This quiz looks accurate so I should be prepared. This is a weird thing: I am “excited” for getting my period I am not looking forward. But thanks to whoever made this quiz, I’ll consider it helpful.
125 days ago
i’m 13 and i’m turning 14 pretty soon and literally all of my friends have started theirs and i’ve had discharge for like two years and have a lot of pubic hair and i think almost full grown 💗 and i’m a little scared that i’m not going to get mine it said 50% ( 4 months) and i really hope so
201 days ago
I’m 12 turning 13 in October I have discharge for a long time.. I don’t really remember if it’s more than. A year.. I dpnt wear bra’s only Sandi bra like the sando with fluffy thing on it.. then I don’t wear pants liner or what but my discharge is annoying me.. my mom keeps on scolding me for not washing my panty and not washing my P.P I have small pubic hair and it actually annoys me sometimes.. I have no armpit hairs.. i did grow.. it says 40% so that like in July.. but I’m not sure about that if it’s atleast a little accurate .. I went in the comments to see if it actually does work or at least is true when it’s news or not but.. I don’t wanna talk about it to my. Mom cuz I’m shy and it’s li,e embarrassing since like I don’t have it yet.. but I’m talking about it already.. I wanna wear pants liners so bad but I can’t cuz.. I’m shy and my mo. Does not tell me to wear those.. so I wanna ask if it’s alittle accurate that I’m gonna get it within 4 months or 5 or like what 40% tells you..?
206 days ago
I have discharge8-10 months but I haven't any cramps yet my friend get her first period. I am 12 I have started my discharge when I was 11 I have thick discharge everyday I have pubic thin hair i have not get my first period
273 days ago
I got a 50 50 result and on all the other quizzes I've taken it says 3 months max
295 days ago
I have had discharge for a while but i havent had cramps yet. All of my friends have had their period and I am growing impatient.
298 days ago
so i have had discharge for 2 years now, i have had cramps every week or so, not bad, and i am 50% on this test... i kind of want my period so i can be like every other girl in my class. i am growing more and more impatient.
303 days ago
Also I’m twelve....... forgot to add that
303 days ago
Also I have an A cup. A freakin A cup. Ughhhhhhh I hate my life
303 days ago
Omg I got ALL THE ANSWERS. HOLY 💗. It said I won’t get it soon, but I might get in a year to 6 months, it ALSO says I should CARRY AROUND A PAD OR TAMPON AS I WILL BE GETTING MY PERIOD ALMOST IMMEDIATELY. It also said the imbetween. HELP. Also Amna I’m 521 days from being thirteen and I’m in the same position. And same Kathryn. KILL ME.
320 days ago
@Amna same but I don't care
323 days ago
All of my friends got their period.. I'm the only one I know who didn't get their period. I just turned 12 yesterday
324 days ago
I’m 12 and my test results say that I am very close to getting my period cuz I got all the signssss!!! Yyyyyeeeeassss!!!!😆😆
330 days ago
I meant *on* not *in*
330 days ago
Okay guys so I’m very embarrassed because my period blood is so heavy that I leak and when I was talking to my crush... it leaked in his shoe...