Should I Kill Myself?

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Hey there. I know things aren't very good for you to be here. Well, life does suck. Like, a lot. But there's no second chance after you take that action - no going back. Take your time to think it through - it concerns your life and the lives of those closest to you. Take care.

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    Were you ever abused/bullied, whether physically, sexually, verbally or emotionally?

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5 hours ago
I just want to end my life I hate my self I hate everyone except my mom and dad ...but it looks like they dont even care about me at all they just want me to be good at math and be a doctor then I grow up they will never understand me I get bullied a lot because I’m different...I want to suicide...ik it will hurt but it’s worth it ...I hate my fake friends pretend they even care ...I had a plan of jumping from the roof so I can completely die ...i don’t care .no one will cry no one will even come to my funeral...I just wanna end the pain I’m going true ...
18 days ago
I'm going to end it. Sorry mom, sorry dad.
31 days ago
she did it. I don't wanna keep going.
63 days ago
No one really cares.. Everyone just pretends to care... Ik that other ppl have got it worse than me but It does not mean that I am not in pain. I wish my family could understand me.. Now I think everyone will see me the way I see myself ....everyone will hate me..whoever read this.. I hope u have a good life
67 days ago
Guys guys guys I'm gonna kill myself, I have a plan
Right I have a little desk by my window and there's a hook above it and I think it could support my weight because i was testing it out a little. I don't have a rope but there's an extension cord, and if I can't use that then, oh well, plan B, tons of pills with NSAID in them. Whoopee. I just want to be rid of this pain. If anyone wants to try to stop me, feel free.
70 days ago
i constantly feel like people are judging me like on the bus and i hate every teen boy and girl, i go to a all girl school and everyone is so 💗y or showoff (they arent rude to me but idk why i still am bothered by the thought of them) , i have a few issues including anxiety, i dont have friends or atleast ppl i consider friends bc i lost them a few weeks ago, after i told one of them i have depression and turns out there was a reason everyone hated her, and now ik why people were rude to them (my sister stole all my friends aswell, and now she makes fun of me yet im the one who invited her to sit with me, we arent close and dont talk at all even though we r young and twins) i guess everything changes in highschool, today i made it into a new school ive been wanting to go to for 2 years but ive been crying all day I DONT WANT TO GO THERE ANYMORE AND I WANT TO BE ONLINE SCHOOLED,my mum doesnt listen or understand me i fkn hate her so much for the past few weeks its crazy, society is too hard and all i want is to be successfull and rich, and gtf away from australia and move to LA, its so easy not having friends and i can focus on myself more but i guess everyone needs atleast 1 person bc i feel left out. I want online friends its just much easier.
70 days ago
I'm 11and very depressed , i m failing in school and have no friends and my wrist are filled with cuts and I hope everything will get better so I'm gonna hang on for a little longer.
73 days ago
I really don't know myself any more and I think I'm going to do it...
81 days ago
Okkkk this website do not allow the word
G o d d a m n
And I d i o t i c
81 days ago
I like how most ppl is like oh I have depression or like I going to do suicide but they don’t know the god💗 pain I’m experiencing.
I have like 7 different major mental issues and I probably don’t think anyone in this world have these many mental issues.
And FOR CHRIST SAKE I don’t care whether u had a friendship problem or a heartbreak or a little family problem. It’s not even major compared to mine. Or neither I care if u are being taken advantage by someone else and that’s ur only problem and u wanna god💗 die. And u self proclaimed u have depression or like u are suicidal. That’s full of bs. I have way more mental problems than y’all and for the side note I like how y’all say that “I’m like very young and I want to kill myself”. The thing is ur like what 10-20 years old. HAH what a joke. Full of bs. I’m like having a lot more different issues than y’all since I’m like 3/4 years old for god sake.
And the stupid thing is that all of the comments below seem so much happier and positive compared to what I’m experiencing for more than a decade.
I mean I have feelings and I feel sorry for y’all and it’s sad to see many are like that.
But for heaven sake can u guys not die for such a good life y’all have compared to mine.
So pls don’t die.
I have way more problems than y’all so it’s kinda sad if u die and I haven’t yet.
And it’s 💗ic
102 days ago
13 days ago i was ready to commit suicide i still am and i am going to probably very soon
115 days ago
I’m gonna keep it simple ......: everyone uses me for some stupid reason if I’m a low person who doesn’t talk at al people talk bad about me but if I’m a smart and better person people use me.... i want this pain to stop and suicide is the only thing I actually think would help..... smh I sometimes feel like my parents don’t care about me and then I text people and they leave me on read I tell my friends about my depression they just laugh when inside I’m dying and I can’t stand it anymore I hear voices while I’m sleepings my mother says I’m just making it up saying I’m exaggerating and then sometimes or most of the times I go to the bathroom and attempt suicide or cry myself to sleep looking at myself and how ugly I am there’s more but again I tried keepings it simple.......
115 days ago
Im gonna commit suicide bye cruel world
129 days ago
im in 7th grade, i have been bullied since 2nd grade:( my dad was kicked out when i was 7, and he always told me everything would be okay, he still does, i just dont get to see him as much:( 2 people have told me to kill myself and i feel like i should but im scared of what would happen if i ever did attempt:( but at the same time i feel like everyone would be better off without me and even forget about it after a couple of days. except for my family. I think since 5th grade i have been over thinking about death, and what happens to us when we pass, i get scared and have anxiety attacks.. i just want to be pretty and make it all end, have all the pain go away.. and never feel it again :(
162 days ago
its okay, suicides always an option.
163 days ago
I liked this guy and my friend told literally everyone. Including my teachers and the guy himself. I don't want to deal with this anymore.I am so done with life
176 days ago
How can i keep living? I want to die but I wish someone would help me without getting mad..
179 days ago
i was in yr 5 when my best friend hurt me really bad. she started hitting me and tried making out with me as i hit her back and gave her a sprained arm. after that incident teachers suspected me as she was hurt and thought i was the one in the wrong. i remember when my class teacher found out about this incident she talked to the other girl but when she came to me she gave me the deathly and ashamed look which was the begging of my suicide journey. few days went by and this the girl went round telling my family friends and evently told everyone that i tried kissing her in the bathroom. this was totally false . close friends moved away quite fast as one day her mother came on my door step ordering my older brother (who opened the front door when the girls mother knocked my house door) to drag me out the house and beat me until i stop breathing. the girls was standing next to her mother as i was looking through the upstairs window. obviously my older brother did not let her inside the house and told them to get lost.

i am now 15 turning 16 i have been through a lot and this is where my suicide journey began. till this day i blame myself as i am the one who was blamed as i just performed an act of self defence. i have cut myself so many times as i cant keep count my arms are covered with scars and now starting to fade. i
188 days ago
I'm the Trashman,
I like trash
189 days ago
Anonymous I know exactly how you feel. I don't have anxiety, but I have had a nxiety attacks in the past. I don't have mny friends, and I like to alone. I don't cut myself and I don't want to. I don't want to end my life, but I think I could have depression. I'm only 13 but nobody knows. I don't like my Father as he's lazy, uncooperative and annoying. He spoils my brother too. The only things that would ever stop me is the thought of leaving my Mum behind wuth my pain, when she already has enough on her plate. Anonymous - You're nor alone. Don't leave this world, You hold a vauluable place in it that I couldn't bear to see empty.