Should I kill myself?

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Hey there. I know that things isn't very good for you to be here. Well life does suck. Like, a lot. But there is no second chance after you make that decision. There is no going back. Take your time to think through it - it concerns your life and that of those around you. Take care.

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    Were you ever abused/bullied, whether physically, sexually, verbally or emotionally?

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U are loved (35592)
3 days ago
Don't do it u are loved
Stefani (11221)
13 days ago
I'm being sexual abused by my brother. I'm not really happy with my family either. They're always making me cry. I used to have someone who was helpings and supporting me but he abandoned me recently.
I think that I'm asexual or grayA or something. But I'm really disappointed by life...
Cat (02774)
14 days ago
Guys you have no need to do this. You are one of a kind and no matter what happened u R still a person. Don't let people change you only let yourself be yourself. When you r sad just say I love myself. I am no kidding. Just don't commit suicide
💗MyLife (96308)
16 days ago
I am 12. I have schizophrenia and depression. I want to die. I have no problems in my life except for I hate everything and everything hates me. This world is a lie. Goodbye.
Kate (41390)
20 days ago
I am 14 years old, I'm being abused my mom and dad, not physically only mentally and emotionally, physically is just a last resort. I'm in an open relationship with three beautiful girls that I will probably never meet, I get bullied on a day to day basis. That being from people at my old school, people at other schools, people I've never even met and my family.
I know I have Anxiety, Depression and I look at myself and see that I'm fat... I want to end it all... It gets harder to be around my family, I've forgotten myself.
My dad and mum call me; "Fat" "Fatso" "Dickhead" and other stuff.
My dad told me yesterday that I look pregnant in the dress I was wearing.
I Seriously cant handle this anymore.
Tommy (17839)
25 days ago
I am 30 years old. As long as I can remember I have been unsatisfied with my life. In my younger years I barely had any friend and I was very depressed but never told anyone. By the time I was 14 I had started planning/searching for ways to kill myself, preferably painless.
The biggest things may be(I do not really know why I am depressed.) that I am actually quite intelligent. High IQ. But my memory is really bad. I am also really nervous around people, never know what to say and often say things a bit mixed up and sound like a retard or really stupid. I almost get the feeling that Im gonna faint.. I get lightheaded, my eyes drift away and it gets hard to even focus.. this happens most of the time when im with people in groups. Always been unsure of myself and really forgetful. When I was 14 to 17 i went to a gymnasium where I wanted to maybe become a nurse but really felt that.. well.. i couldnt be trusted with that. I am forgetful, people wouldnt feel I was easy to talk to and so on. With the trusted thing I mean.. imagine a nurse who says that they will go check something with doctor but often gets distracted and never comes back to you. Or maybe give you the wrong amount of pills because he remembered wrong.

In school i had good grades in math and english(It is mostly words and pronounciation and I was actually quite good when I went to school) because of the IQ, it was easy.. but had bad grades in history, swedish and other subjects like this where you have to study more facts and so.. When I was 29 I actually started the nurse education and felt good about it. First time in my life that I felt that I was going somewhere, I had finally gotten the courage and told myself that I was no different from other people, it was only in my head.. I still felt socially awkward of course but "Everyone has a hard time remembering, we are only humans. I am no different.."
My childhood "friend", with whom i never been really friends with, but I like playing computer games and sometimes you need a teammate, can be mean, dont lie, he says what he feels. The first thing he told me was that he would never want me as his nurse, in fact he wouldnt want to be in the same section as me.. Not because we were friends but he didnt trust me around so serious matters. That hurt. Because it has been exactly what i have been thinking for 16 years.
Didnt get easier when my mom stopped me one day, dragged me to the side and tried to "gently" and carefully say "Are you sure you want to be a nurse? A nurse always have to be alert and mistakes can be really bad.. are you sure? Maybe assistant nurse?". I just thought about the time when my brother started studying to become a doctor.. and she was really supportive of him. He is also smart but he has great memory.. can read an article once and remember most of the facts for forever. So, my own mom thinks that I will 💗 it up and is worried and I finally understand that it isnt just me that thinks this way about me.

The thing is that I know that my sister, her two kids, my brother and his kid will be really sad and will not understand. This has actually been the main reason since I was 14 why I havent gone trough with it. Sure, I wont be here to see it, but I still know how it will hurt them. And I am also afraid that I wont really die... that is my nightmare, and I think if it wasnt for that and just the other reason I would have long since died. I want to die and often think about going away to another country, disappear and maybe my family wouldnt know and maybe not get as sad but this will also give them false hope.. "He may come back. Maybe he is still alive somewhere?" and that can effect their own bonds between each other and ruin my entire family. So sometimes I think its better if I just clean up my room, computer and toss everything in the garbage and just lie down in my bed and take cyanide or something and get someone to find me a while after. I just dont wanna survive and become brain damaged or something.. So if it wasnt because I was afraid that I wouldnt really die sometimes I have just felt that I could walk in front of a car or truck. But then... i wouldnt want to hurt other people. God, I would just want to go to the hospital get something to make me fall asleep and that the people who cares for me wouldnt be sad.. I could have gone from this world right know with a smile and a big stone lifted from my chest if that was the case.. Everyday, almost anyway, since I was 14 I have had these thoughts and now Im writing in a forum and crying. xD
oliva (04877)
27 days ago
i’m going to kill my self anyways
Teresa (23817)
29 days ago
I m sixteen and I don’t really see any hope or anything. It feels like I been alive so long. I’m annoying, stupid, ugly, weird and made terrible decisions in the past that affects me today. Not lots of people cares about me. Ik my friends probably gossip behind my back. Fake. I want to stop talking to them. I can’t get pass job interviews or grades. I’m a weird person I guess. Idk. Trusted my ex too much and I always hate myself for it. I dyed my hair brown bc he liked the idea and now I stripped it out at a saloon out I have ugly yellow hair. I heard my friends saying bad stuff including that. My mom doesn’t care and won’t take me back to the saloon like she promised. I’m uglier than ever. I can’t take this anymore. I’m sorry this is long and ik it’s an old website, but I fr can’t take life. I just can’t anymore. 😞
Nick (98965)
32 days ago
Anoushka you shouldn't do it you are worth more than you know dont listen to the haters i used to think alot like that but i stopped believing those thoughts and know im doing so much better i hope you can to.
Anoushka The freak (34134)
41 days ago
Everyone else here is worth something. I don't know you at all but you're amazing. Don't let haters get you down. Im the only horrific mistake that shouldn't have happened. You're all beautiful and strong. You'll get through this. Just PLEASE DON'T DO IT!!!❤❤💓💓
Anoushka The freak (34134)
41 days ago
Im 13 & 3/4 everyone hates me including myself. Im ugly, annoying, wierd, stupid, gross an I always made everything up. Im useless and no one needs me. IF i was never born people would be happy. Yes I have a good life. I go to school and I have a good house. A great family. Enough money. And everything I need BUT I DON'T 💗 DESERVE ANY OF IT. My best friend is depressed, anorexic and she self harms. She's so sad and she deserves a better life. Everyone loves her and she's amazing. Im not good enough for her and she deserves a good life like mine. I can't even make my own best friend happy, I HAVE NO PURPOSE TO LIVE. I deserve to die. No one cares so I don't know why im writing this. Im just a wierdo writing a suicide letter right this moment who will get some rope and be dead by September. I've already lived too long. Thanks for this answer but if you knew me you'd tell me to do it like everybody else says 😦
goodbye (90061)
43 days ago
My life has been 💗 from the start, i cant handle it anymore. Ive been asking for a sign, for me to keep living for a month now, and theres nothing. I have no reason to live. I am truly alone, i have nothing.
...? (07563)
44 days ago
im just done with everything. the stress is hurting me everyday. i dont even know what to do anymore.
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50 days ago
Man I'm just so tired of everything
Hannah (82845)
52 days ago
This was actually a very rational, well thought out test. Most of the tests on here are terrible, have bad grammar, seem to be trolls etc. but this is really important. Sounds crazy, but I actually feel better after reading that result and realising it’s a bad idea. Thank you whoever made this. You’re one of the intelligent people on here.
Anonymous (03852)
57 days ago
I'm afraid that though the message is clear, it can't help me now. I can't live on like this. Then again, death is a cowardly way out, but I'm one coward of a man. Can't even deal with depression by myself. May as well just end it all.
jamarcus (91038)
93 days ago
i hate my life so mush and i just want to end it for me can s pl help me kill myself
74829013 (42095)
95 days ago
I'm done everyone I loves dead I'm fat ugly and the only people that like me are my mom and dad i just want god to take me to heaven already
... (81163)
100 days ago
You are a amazing person you definitely did help me and thank you at least there are people like you in the world 😊
arin (38869)
115 days ago
i really needed this. thank you so much.t