Should I Kill Myself?

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Hey there. I know things aren't very good for you to be here. Well, life does suck. Like, a lot. But there's no second chance after you take that action - no going back. Take your time to think it through - it concerns your life and the lives of those closest to you. Take care.

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    Were you ever abused/bullied, whether physically, sexually, verbally or emotionally?

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Trashman (88548)
4 days ago
I'm the Trashman,
I like trash
someone (90008)
4 days ago
Anonymous I know exactly how you feel. I don't have anxiety, but I have had a nxiety attacks in the past. I don't have mny friends, and I like to alone. I don't cut myself and I don't want to. I don't want to end my life, but I think I could have depression. I'm only 13 but nobody knows. I don't like my Father as he's lazy, uncooperative and annoying. He spoils my brother too. The only things that would ever stop me is the thought of leaving my Mum behind wuth my pain, when she already has enough on her plate. Anonymous - You're nor alone. Don't leave this world, You hold a vauluable place in it that I couldn't bear to see empty.
anonymous (51654)
14 days ago
I am only 12 but have felt severely depressed and had severe anxiety but told no one. I spent nights on end taking professional diagnosed tests and it always said you should get some help or you should see a professional mental health doctor and I always thought why should I get help. I felt so ashamed of needing help that I started to cut. First a few on my knees. Then three on my right thigh. But by the time my friend found out I had 22 on my thighs alone 5 on my torso and 8 on my knees. When my parents saw my scars i was devistated and i didnt know what to do i just said oh hehe i dont know just being clumsy me I guess. But ever since my bff had a go at me and begged me to stop i have missed it so much.i promised her I had quit but it was an addiction and withdrawl was difficult. I have started cutting again now in the hope no one finds out. It numbs my pain. If anyone I know is watching this... this isn't me .rx
Craig Johnson (50681)
22 days ago
Every other quiz I take says I am "stupid" and a "piece of crap". You are the ONLY one trying to insinuate that I'm not. I find that highly suspicious.
Josh (25795)
23 days ago
I tapped on this quiz to talk anout my feelings and to see what help there was to it there was nothing for me here just like the real world you know I just want it to all end and someday props tomorrow I’ll be dead ha geez never thought I would kill myself it’s funny cuz my friends joked about it a lot they still do they even pick on depression and ppl who have it I’m always scared of telling them because I don’t want to know what they would do to me but who is there to care not like they can’t do worse than there already is
Vlado (33219)
27 days ago
All i have to say is this
anon (62391)
28 days ago
i feel nothing and i have no future. i have some friends i guess but i am always the least important to everyone. i want to live in another world theres nothing for me here and even if nothing bad happens every day is agony
Missing someone (42809)
44 days ago
I want to die because I lost my dog a couple of days ago and he’s been there since I was born and then a couple of months ago my other dog died and she was my best friend. I really miss both of them and I would do anything to get them back. I then herd someone say that all dead things go to the same place so I thought of killing myself. And that’s how I want to die but I’m 11 and I don’t really want to die untill I compete in a real awesome horse riding 3 day event, then I’ll die and wait for my horse with my dogs. The perfect plan!
anon (73805)
45 days ago
I big want to die lol rip
anonymous (20036)
52 days ago
i didnt wanna comment on this but i really do wanna end my life, i have no purpose, i 💗ed everything up in my life, I’ve done horrible and stupid decisions and i feel like no one cares about me. I feel like a burden and everyone is sick of me. even if anyone says they aren’t sick of me i feel they are. i hate this, i hate me and i hate everything. im disgusting and stupid. i wanna end everything but im too much of a coward, but soon i won’t be anymore.
Anonymous (73431)
52 days ago
I didn’t want to comment on this as I feel if I drag any attention to the fact that I desperately want to commit suicide that someone will prevent me but I will say this; I am a bad person. I do bad things and make bad choices and I’m extremely selfish. So when I hang myself I will relieve people of all the pain. I understand at first someone’s out there possibly might get upset but soon I will be forgotten and everyone’s lives will be easier. I’m saying this because I’m going to kill myself. Not because I want someone to stop me. I don’t want to die. I’m going to die.
Unknown (30585)
59 days ago
I want to die. I don’t understand. I feel like mistake. I make so many problems. I if I died maybe my family would be happy. I try not to cut myself when I see a knife. I haven’t yet, but still, it’s there. Sitting all shiny. I don’t want to die, but I do. I don’t get it.I don’t deserve anything.
U are loved (35592)
64 days ago
Don't do it u are loved
Stefani (11221)
74 days ago
I'm being sexual abused by my brother. I'm not really happy with my family either. They're always making me cry. I used to have someone who was helpings and supporting me but he abandoned me recently.
I think that I'm asexual or grayA or something. But I'm really disappointed by life...
Cat (02774)
75 days ago
Guys you have no need to do this. You are one of a kind and no matter what happened u R still a person. Don't let people change you only let yourself be yourself. When you r sad just say I love myself. I am no kidding. Just don't commit suicide
💗MyLife (96308)
76 days ago
I am 12. I have schizophrenia and depression. I want to die. I have no problems in my life except for I hate everything and everything hates me. This world is a lie. Goodbye.
Kate (41390)
81 days ago
I am 14 years old, I'm being abused my mom and dad, not physically only mentally and emotionally, physically is just a last resort. I'm in an open relationship with three beautiful girls that I will probably never meet, I get bullied on a day to day basis. That being from people at my old school, people at other schools, people I've never even met and my family.
I know I have Anxiety, Depression and I look at myself and see that I'm fat... I want to end it all... It gets harder to be around my family, I've forgotten myself.
My dad and mum call me; "Fat" "Fatso" "Dickhead" and other stuff.
My dad told me yesterday that I look pregnant in the dress I was wearing.
I Seriously cant handle this anymore.
Tommy (17839)
86 days ago
I am 30 years old. As long as I can remember I have been unsatisfied with my life. In my younger years I barely had any friend and I was very depressed but never told anyone. By the time I was 14 I had started planning/searching for ways to kill myself, preferably painless.
The biggest things may be(I do not really know why I am depressed.) that I am actually quite intelligent. High IQ. But my memory is really bad. I am also really nervous around people, never know what to say and often say things a bit mixed up and sound like a retard or really stupid. I almost get the feeling that Im gonna faint.. I get lightheaded, my eyes drift away and it gets hard to even focus.. this happens most of the time when im with people in groups. Always been unsure of myself and really forgetful. When I was 14 to 17 i went to a gymnasium where I wanted to maybe become a nurse but really felt that.. well.. i couldnt be trusted with that. I am forgetful, people wouldnt feel I was easy to talk to and so on. With the trusted thing I mean.. imagine a nurse who says that they will go check something with doctor but often gets distracted and never comes back to you. Or maybe give you the wrong amount of pills because he remembered wrong.

In school i had good grades in math and english(It is mostly words and pronounciation and I was actually quite good when I went to school) because of the IQ, it was easy.. but had bad grades in history, swedish and other subjects like this where you have to study more facts and so.. When I was 29 I actually started the nurse education and felt good about it. First time in my life that I felt that I was going somewhere, I had finally gotten the courage and told myself that I was no different from other people, it was only in my head.. I still felt socially awkward of course but "Everyone has a hard time remembering, we are only humans. I am no different.."
My childhood "friend", with whom i never been really friends with, but I like playing computer games and sometimes you need a teammate, can be mean, dont lie, he says what he feels. The first thing he told me was that he would never want me as his nurse, in fact he wouldnt want to be in the same section as me.. Not because we were friends but he didnt trust me around so serious matters. That hurt. Because it has been exactly what i have been thinking for 16 years.
Didnt get easier when my mom stopped me one day, dragged me to the side and tried to "gently" and carefully say "Are you sure you want to be a nurse? A nurse always have to be alert and mistakes can be really bad.. are you sure? Maybe assistant nurse?". I just thought about the time when my brother started studying to become a doctor.. and she was really supportive of him. He is also smart but he has great memory.. can read an article once and remember most of the facts for forever. So, my own mom thinks that I will 💗 it up and is worried and I finally understand that it isnt just me that thinks this way about me.

The thing is that I know that my sister, her two kids, my brother and his kid will be really sad and will not understand. This has actually been the main reason since I was 14 why I havent gone trough with it. Sure, I wont be here to see it, but I still know how it will hurt them. And I am also afraid that I wont really die... that is my nightmare, and I think if it wasnt for that and just the other reason I would have long since died. I want to die and often think about going away to another country, disappear and maybe my family wouldnt know and maybe not get as sad but this will also give them false hope.. "He may come back. Maybe he is still alive somewhere?" and that can effect their own bonds between each other and ruin my entire family. So sometimes I think its better if I just clean up my room, computer and toss everything in the garbage and just lie down in my bed and take cyanide or something and get someone to find me a while after. I just dont wanna survive and become brain damaged or something.. So if it wasnt because I was afraid that I wouldnt really die sometimes I have just felt that I could walk in front of a car or truck. But then... i wouldnt want to hurt other people. God, I would just want to go to the hospital get something to make me fall asleep and that the people who cares for me wouldnt be sad.. I could have gone from this world right know with a smile and a big stone lifted from my chest if that was the case.. Everyday, almost anyway, since I was 14 I have had these thoughts and now Im writing in a forum and crying. xD
oliva (04877)
88 days ago
i’m going to kill my self anyways
Teresa (23817)
89 days ago
I m sixteen and I don’t really see any hope or anything. It feels like I been alive so long. I’m annoying, stupid, ugly, weird and made terrible decisions in the past that affects me today. Not lots of people cares about me. Ik my friends probably gossip behind my back. Fake. I want to stop talking to them. I can’t get pass job interviews or grades. I’m a weird person I guess. Idk. Trusted my ex too much and I always hate myself for it. I dyed my hair brown bc he liked the idea and now I stripped it out at a saloon out I have ugly yellow hair. I heard my friends saying bad stuff including that. My mom doesn’t care and won’t take me back to the saloon like she promised. I’m uglier than ever. I can’t take this anymore. I’m sorry this is long and ik it’s an old website, but I fr can’t take life. I just can’t anymore. 😞