Does My Best Friend Really Like Me At All?

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This test will show if you and your bestie are truly friends or not. I hope you get good news from taking it and don't end up crushed...but you do need to know how good your good friend is - or isn't.

  • 1
    How often do you and your best friend hang out?
    How often do you and your best friend hang out?
  • 2
    How often do you two talk/text?
  • 3
    Does your best friend seem distant? (Like he/she is drifting away?)
  • 4
    Do you feel yourself drifting away from your friend?
  • 5
    Do you ever lie awake or dream about your friend leaving you?
  • 6
    How would you react if your best friend suddenly dropped your friendship?
  • 7
    Out of the blue, your best friend posts on Facebook about some other girl/guy being her/his bestie. What do you do?
  • 8
    Your best friend kissed the love of your life, whom they know you've been crushing on forever. What do you say to them?
  • 9
    Does he/she know everything about you?
  • 10
    Could you see her/him in your future?
  • 11
    Would you take a trip with her/him?
  • 12
    What causes most of your fights?
  • 13
    Do you know much about your best friend?
  • 14
    How do you feel around them?
  • 15
    Would you end the friendship right now if you could?

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2 days ago
I think this is not right as me and my friends are going to live together so
54 days ago
I’m a kid but I swear
72 days ago
stop swearing some kids might be taking this
73 days ago
I have a female friend who I consider to be my sister. I try to talk to her via texts, and 3/4 of the time she doesn’t answer them. I have a weird feeling something is going to happen to our friendship.... something bad.
90 days ago
Hi there ppl. This is how me and my bff Clover broke apart.
I took this test a while ago and i said that me and my bff would never break apart.
Me and Clover were like the duo that you didn’t mess with. Both of us had done child modelling but everyone always wanted to be friends with Lizzie. She was skinny and tall with gorgeous blonde hair and grey-blue eyes. We were the friendship to beat, ‘joined by the hip’ our parents said. She protected me and I protected her. Lizzie used to be bullied in primary school and my mum went through depression multiple times. When her bully resurfaced I stood up for Lizzie and I got hurt in the process. After the bully’s dad died she backed off. Everything was smooth sailing when suddenly she started ignoring. When I made a joke we’d usually make to eachother she called me a horrible person. We didn’t talk for 1 day, not a word, but tbh she almost sounded bored everytime we talked for the past month. Then one day I walk past the patch of grass on my school ‘playground’ and she was Bff proposing OUR FRIENDSHIP TOKEN (a heart necklace saying Best Friends than was in half and i’d recently left my half at her house) to our other friend Louis! I almost broke down and cried in front of everyone. I ran off in tears obviously. We only met about 7 months ago and we were immediately drawn to each other. We bffs in the first week and I thought we’d last forever. I’m still hoping that somehow she’s being forced to or I was seeing things and I don’t know if we’ll ever be friends again 😭😖
135 days ago
Everyone who took this test... If u are under the age of 16 pls read on. As u grow as a person, sometimes friends can drift away from you and sometimes they stick forever. That is not determined by some silly quiz. Talk to ur friend if u want to be close because this won't change anything. Just find them face to face and make conversation because they probably like u more than u know. xx
143 days ago
I used to have this really good friend, but now she has ‘new friends’ who are also my friends.. (sorta) Today I saw a snap of my friends together on SnapChat and it made my heart broke in 2, I wasn't even invided and now I'm really questioning if I have any friends left..
178 days ago
I have this best friend who used to talk to me a lot and she was very nice. But now she doesn’t anwser to my texts that much anymore..
184 days ago
I got a horrible result and I'm not surprised at all... I wish I had people who actually cared about me. We used to get along so well but I just feel like we're drifting away ever since she met some other people who also happen to be my "friends" but their always criticizing me - especially my looks - and are always talking about changing me. She used to tell me everything but now her the other ones I was talking about she always goes away from me with those two to talk to them or tell them something and if I try to get near them my "friend" tells me very rudely to go away. They even talk about me behind my back is hear them say my name and I'll ask what they're talking about and they'll just say they were talking about nothing. They always leave me out they just do stuff the 3 of them in fact they're all together right now at one of their houses which is something they would used to do with me but they're doing it without me right as I write this. I'm sorry if you had to read this I just had to let everything out.
244 days ago
I have this friend well he doesnt really seem to care to much about me we've been friends for over a year well i ask if when can hang out at lunch at school he always says no and he claims hes doing HW but i always see him with other FRIENDS..........SOMEONE HELP ME
287 days ago
Lya. That’s too cheesy. (=_=)
287 days ago
Charlie is my bff and I will never be away from her. Charlie is my bff with my 3 other BFF and I will never be away from any of them never in history
287 days ago
I got 73%! Thank god!
376 days ago
One Day, me and my BFF, Alysha had a School Talent Show! We were fighting when that happened. But then she came up to me and asked me If I could sing wth her. So I wrote my own mashup and my voice is amazing and hers is cool too, I guess. Anyway after 5 months of practicing, we were banned because we 'were getting in trouble too much because of the talent show. and then relaized she was actually using me. After she heard the news, she went to her other friend and then gave me those dirty look. She is really rude. :( I don't wanna be her freaking friend anymore. She's rude and She changed my personality just to be her friend
423 days ago
I hope we can spend more time together and talk more. I love her as a friend and I hope we get to see each other some time agaiN.
470 days ago
Phew... got a good test result 😌
490 days ago
Grandma ur such a poo
490 days ago
OMG IKR Here here Giggles
490 days ago
I got a horrible result and I'm not surprised
517 days ago
She’s ma Bff 4life and we all no it! Even this quiz says so!