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Do you know every spell or jinx taught at Hogwarts? are you n excellent student? can you defy your enemies and even Lord Voldemort by your knowledge of spells? TAKE THE TEST TO FIND OUT.....

  • 1
    To make a bunch of flowers come out of your wand, you would use this spell..
  • 2
    A dementor has entered Hogwarts. you are a head boy/girl and Dumbledore has given you the task to expel this dementor. which spell would you use?
  • 3
    You are an auror and you want to find out if a particular person has conjured a spell to kill someone. you want to know the last spell his wand has performed. which spell would you use in this case?
  • 4
    Which spell makes your enemy dance uncontrollably?
  • 5
    Which spell did harry use in his first task of stealing a dragon egg?
  • 6
    Which potion helps you to take an appearance of any one you seek for an hour or so?
  • 7
    Which of these are NOT unforgivable curses?
  • 8
    To paralyze your enemy, you would use this curse....
  • 9
    A person who can change his or her appearance at will into any animal or living creature is called?
  • 10
    To speak to snakes, which language do you need?
  • 11
    Which spell makes your enemy hang upside down?
  • 12
    Which creature has one frail leg, has lantern dangling from his hand, looks like wisps of smoke and lures travellors towards itself?
  • 13
    The marauder's map opens when you tap it and say...
  • 14
    What object or product would you use if you wanted sudden darkness around you that even a spell like lumos cannot penetrate, to run away from enemies?

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Moonycorn (12618)
165 days ago
I think should change how question nine is worded... Techniclly, you can’t change into any animal. The animal is chosen for you... I kinda got confused by that, becuase Tonks could change her face and stuff into a duck and pig. (sort of, not fully though)