Attack on Titan - Hardcore Fan's Test!

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This test includes probably anything from the anime and the manga.

  • 1
    ANIME: What metre-class Titan first appeared in the first episode?
  • 2
    ANIME: Where, how and to who did Bertolt explained his first Titan encounter?
  • 3
    ANIME/MANGA: Who else, besides Marco, has freckles?

  • 4
    MANGA: What did Kenny Ackerman refer himself to Levi's mother?
  • 5
    MANGA: What was Kenny's actual reason to help Rod Reiss to capture Eren?
  • 6
    MANGA: Who did Jean and Armin disguised as on the day of confronting the Reeves Company?

  • 7
    ANIME: How many metres tall were the trees in the Forest of Giant trees during the 57th Expedition?
  • 8
    MANGA: Who was the former Commander before Commander Erwin Smith was elected?
  • 9
    MANGA: With what and how did Sasha kill the Titan when she rescued a little girl from her village?
  • 10
    ANIME: Who has the most total Titan kills within the former Special Operation Squad?

  • 11
    MANGA: Who was the soldier of the Survey Corps who dreadfully wanted to have wine during the attack on Castle Utguard?
  • 12
    MANGA: Why did Marco died?
  • 13
    MANGA: At what turn did Eren failed to transform into a Titan with his butt sticking out of the Titan's nape?
  • 14
    ANIME: Who was missing from the 57th Expedition?

    (Note: It's not who WENT missing DURING the expedition. Re-read before you answer)
  • 15
    MANGA: What was the latest invention created by the Survey Corps to defeat the Armored Titan?

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906 days ago
I got 8 correct. Moderate! Sorry for spoiling some of the manga. Eheheh. It’s okay, I still can be the top if I really want to. Revise some episodes and chapters and do not leave the smallest of the smallest of details. Keith will exterminate me like a maggot if I don’t retake this test.
1010 days ago
I agree the first titan to be seen in the first episode is the colossus
1178 days ago
the first is incorrect the first ever titan to be seen in the series is the colossus titan at 60 meters