The hardest Harry Potter quiz you will ever take (seriously)!

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10 Questions - Developed by: Rose Weasley - Developed on: - 7.520 taken

So you think you're a Potterhead, don't you? Well, this will truly decide! Hermione Granger might even have trouble passing this one. Give it a try, if you dare!

  • 1
    Goblet of Fire: Who was Hannah Abbot trading Chocolate Frog cards with in the Three Broomsticks?
  • 2
    Deathly Hallows: What does Amycus Carrow answer the eagle door knocker leading to the Ravenclaw common room after it has asked its question?
  • 3
    Sorcerer's Stone: During the exams, where does Harry say it is "sweltering hot"?
  • 4
    Half-Blood Prince: What two things does Harry say he has been thwarted in?
  • 5
    Chamber of Secrets: What food was the ghost at Nearly Headless Nick's death day party trying to taste?
  • 6
    Order of the Phoenix: Where did the Dursleys go when Tonks lured them out of the house?
  • 7
    Prisoner of Azkaban: What is Aunt Marge's waistband made out of?
  • 8
    Goblet of Fire: How many times did Harry read "Flying with the Cannons"?
  • 9
    Prisoner of Azkaban: How was Crookshanks described?
  • 10
    Deathly Hallows: How did Hermione protect the beaded bag from the Snatchers?

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Zee (19987)
883 days ago
many of the answers were correct, but it showed those SAME answers again and said- sorry, your answer was incorrect. Correct answer:...

This ain't right!