The Undertale Quiz!

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Just a little thing I made. Also, SPOILERS! I request you finish the WHOLE game before you play this!

  • 1
    When you fall into the Underground, who is the first monster you meet?
  • 2
    Who is the Ex-Queen's and the current King's biological kid?
  • 3
    Who is the main boss of Hotlands?
  • 4
    Who is the final boss monster in the True Pacifist Run?
  • 5
    Who are the main bosses of the Genocide Route?
  • 6
    Who is the first boss monster in the game?
  • 7
    Who represents Toby Fox?
  • 8
    Who is the final monster you meet at the end of the Genocide Route?
  • 9
    How many routes are there?
  • 10
    Who is the strongest enemy in the game?
  • 11
    Who is so sorry?
  • 12
    Who are aware of the different Timelines?
  • 13
    Who can you not kill in the Genocide Route?
  • 14
    Who is struck with DETERMINATION?
  • 15
    Should I make another quiz?

Comments (106)


noooo (26312)
3 days ago
Chara isn't a monster
CoolSkeleton95 (89858)
6 days ago
Heh (79324)
8 days ago
Heck! Chara ain't a monster. It should be Flowey.
Smiley Trashbag (61311)
15 days ago
Not trying to start anything but Sans is overrated. I mean, he’s a well made character, but overrated. My favorite character is probably Undyne and Alphys. And mah boi grillby
Smiley Trashbag (61311)
15 days ago
Who’s the strongest monster?

Me, an Undyne fan, Undyne!

No it’s Sans

Brianna (30471)
15 days ago
You know Mettaton ex is my favorite and I got her level I and so happy thank you

Mettaton ex level Thats me
Ultistrkr (60922)
22 days ago
I have a few issues with some of the questions
Question 1.
It's Toriel. Flowey is not a monster
Question 6
Napstablook is not a boss monster. The correct answer should be Toriel, if you're referring to the actual first boss of the game, since Napstablook was just a miniboss. If you are referring to the actual first boss minster then no one knows for sure.
Question 8
Chara is not a monster. They are a human, although, it is unknown if the actual first fallen child was the one who speaks to you in the genocide route or not. The correct answer should be Asgore
Question 10
Sans is definitely NOT the strongest monster in the game. If you're talking about the most powerful in terms of their strongest form in the game, then it would have to be Asriel Dreemurr with 7 SOULS, although, if it is supposed to be the strongest in terms of regular average strength and stats, then the point would go to King Asgore Dreemurr.
Question 11
The choices make no sense...
Question 13
Temmie is killable in the genocide route, by the way.
Question 14
What do you mean by struck? Chara and the player (Frisk) naturally posses DETERMINATION, so they do not apply. Same goes for Undyne. There is no actual proof if sans actually possesses DETERMINATION at all.
Question 15
There are no wrong answers in this type of question.
Frisk (14180)
34 days ago
please do more!!!!!! PLEASE!!!! THIS ONE WAS SUPER GOOD!!!
Wiksaas (69545)
41 days ago
15/15 OH YEAH!!!!!!
Azzy Dreemurr (35012)
43 days ago
i'm a little miffed. Asriel dreemurr is the strongest...SANS i always hated sans...chara is not a monster...asriel dreemurr needs to be corect
elliz (50541)
49 days ago
i lovee ittt((purple)soo much
Chara (49011)
57 days ago
SANS. IS. NOT. THE. STRONGEST. TBH, Either me or Mr. Omega Flowey is the strongest. Just because sans has "gaster blasters" doesn't mean he is the strongest. He only has one attack and one defense. He has Karmic Repudiation though. Papyrus is technically WAY stronger than sans. Which is HILARIOUS. Another one. Nappyblook is a MINI-BOSS. for TWO..... I am a dead human. NOT a monster.
SANEZZZZ (93751)
61 days ago
Technically Undyne is the strongest monster because if you check Sans it says 1 ATK 1 DF he just dodges every turn and he has KR and you have no invincibility frames and he dodges every attack and Undyne has way more than 1 ATK and 1 DF.
Orestis (88152)
61 days ago
I got 14 out of 15!Great quiz but the one I got wrong was which is the last monster you meet in the genocide route and I answered flowey!AND IT TOLD ME THAT IT WAS CHARA!CHARA ISN'T A MONSTER OR A HUMAN...Overall great quiz:)Alot more mistakes though...
Preston (39316)
63 days ago
I'm a big fan of undertale i got 11 out of 15!!!
Eddiemate (67620)
73 days ago
I’m going to address my wrong answers here.
First off, if anything, Napstablook would be a mini-boss at best. A boss is actually the monster at the end of each section. The bosses in between, are mini bosses.
Secondly, Sans is not the strongest enemy. If you check him during Genocide, the game says "Sans - 1 ATK, 1 DEF. The easiest enemy. Can only deal one damage." The only reason Sans is a stinker of a fight is because of his KR, being the judge of the underground and all, as well as his dodging. So he can be considered the toughest to beat, but he’s nowhere near strongest.
Finally. Screw you, why am I wrong for saying my opinion on the test? I know you had to choose an answer, but really?
LOL (00132)
77 days ago
Ok, listen. 8: Who is the last MONSTER you meet in the geno run. Answer: Chara. Chara is NOT a monster, She's just dead. Blooky is a Mini-Boss. And Mettaton EX is the main boss on the CORE, Mettaton in his BOX form is ( let's say ) the main boss of hotland. ect bye
Kathleen (88845)
78 days ago
I'm metaton ex.i did 11 out of 15
IDK a name (34066)
78 days ago
Ow and Mettaton ex is the final boss of the CORE, not Hotland
IDK a name (34066)
78 days ago
There are Some mistakes

1. Chara is also aware of timelines and Chara is not a monster
2. Sans is the hardest boss battle but hè isn’t the strongest boss. These are Asriel and Omega Flowey i think.
3. Napstablook isn’t a real boss. He has his own theme and all, but still, he’s just an stronger enemie in the ruins. Just like the dog’s in Snowdin, mad dummy in Waterfall, Muffet in Hotland and the royal guards in the CORE.