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Just a little thing I made for fans of the game. Beware of the SPOILERS! I respectfully request you finish the WHOLE game before you take this! Don't say I didn't warn you!

  • 1
    When you fall into The Underground, who's the first monster you meet?
    When you fall into The Underground, who's the first monster you meet?
  • 2
    Who is the ex-Queen's and current King's biological kid?
  • 3
    Who's the main boss of Hotlands?
  • 4
    Who's the final boss monster in the True Pacifist Run?
  • 5
    Who are the main bosses of Genocide Route?
  • 6
    Who's the first boss monster in the game?
  • 7
    Who represents Toby Fox?
  • 8
    Who's the final monster you meet at the end of Genocide Route?
  • 9
    How many routes are there?
  • 10
    Who is the strongest enemy in the game?
  • 11
    Who is So Sorry?
  • 12
    Who are aware of the different Timelines?
  • 13
    Who can you not kill in the Genocide Route?
  • 14
    Who is struck with DETERMINATION?
  • 15
    Should I make another quiz?

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Comments (190)


18 hours ago
awawaw actually, Napstablook may not be a main boss but he is a boss (miniboss but still)
18 hours ago
Correction: Chara isn't a monster and Sans is the weakest monster in the game by stats. Otherwise, awesome quiz!
5 days ago
Whoever made this is retarted Sans is not stronger than Asriel Dreemur, he literally has one attack and one defense in battle and AS RIEL has frickin infinite stats,
10 days ago
Napstablook isn't a boss and Chara is a human, not a monster, also Sans isn't the strongest monster, he has only 1 hp.
12 days ago
19 days ago
Chara is not a monster and Napstablook is not a boss. And question 10 is right. It's not trying to tell you about their information. It's trying to tell you how difficult the attacks are. In the comments, everyone said: "Sans's attack and defence are 1!!!" But they are just asking you their difficulty, not information.
19 days ago
Fist off, Chara is not a monster. And flowery isn’t the right answer either. Cause you already MET him at the begging of the game. So the only answer is Asgore cause you haven’t met him yet.
24 days ago
i think sans was easier than undyne in genocide
24 days ago
napstablook isnt a boss monster, chara isnt a monester(theyre a human), last question is bull.
30 days ago
chara isnt a monster and sans is just strong in genicode and there is main three main ending but there is alternative endings more than three like in one of them you kill everyone but not the ennoying dog so it becomes the king.
32 days ago
so,,,Chara is not a monster so the right answer should be flowey. And by the way Sans (as the game says) is the weakest monster. He deals only one damage! The right answer is Asriel dreemurr.
35 days ago
Oof every quiz I take is related to sans
And number ten is not wrong. It doesn't mean in health. It means how difficult they are. And Asriel dreemurr is NOT difficult.
36 days ago
38 days ago
38 days ago
On question 8 Chara isn't monster. Chara is human and on question 10 Sans' attack 1 defence 1 but Asriel's attack and defence are unlimited.
38 days ago
Actually, you have a lot of fault in your questions answers. First, Napstablook isn't a boss. Secondly, Chara isn't a monster, she is a human. And your last fault is about 10ts question. Asriel Dreemur is strongest enemy in the game,not Sans,because he(Asriel) took all of soul in the underground.İf he want,he could exterminate our character.
38 days ago
düzeyim mettaton ex çıktı oyunda 3 den fazla sonra hileci sonu ruhsuz iyi son ruhsuz kötü son ve mesela papy i öldür herkezi bağişla vb sonlar var test hatalı
38 days ago
idk what to say... first napstablook is an mini boss second chara is an human (biological) third sans is not the most powerful dude most powerful one is asriel dreemur with infinite attacks even if you mean asriel without souls (only goat form) sans still wouldn't be the answer (💗 U SANS FANBOYS BUT SOME OF EM) okay i can'T say anything about the route question oh boi
38 days ago
man that sucks chara is not a monster ! a human !
and sans is the easiest enemy in the game (stat: attack 1 defence 1 )
38 days ago
I do my name sans because im at sans level But Really Okay we know sans is the most hard But At info asriel is infinity But sans is 1 ATK But im still at sans level. And i thought we can kill temmie?!