What gender(s) are you attracted to

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This test is compatible between boys and girls

  • 1
    Have you ever been attracted to or questioned if you were attracted to a girl?
  • 2
    Have you ever been attracted to or questioned if you were attracted to a boy?
  • 3
    If someone was biologically male, would you date them if they identified as a girl?
  • 4
    If you see an attractive guy somewhere, what happens?
  • 5
    Why are you taking this test?
  • 6
    Do you get nervous when lgbt related topics come up?
  • 7
    How certain are you about your sexuality?
  • 8
    Choose the most true statement
  • 9
    Choose the most true statement
  • 10
    Choose the most true statement
  • 11
    Have you dated a girl
  • 12
    Have you dated a boy?

Comments (107)


Nobody (29055)
3 days ago
This is messed up I mean "you most likely like girls, if your a boy congrats! Your you might be normal! If your a girl your most probably gay!" I mean wth! "Your probably normal..." so rude
Alex (25284)
7 days ago
thank you! this helped a bunch with discovering who I am. I am panromantic with a preference for males and I'm asexual.Yay!
Macy (51171)
8 days ago
I like both male and female
Brandy (93765)
10 days ago
I mostly like guys more than girls
Stephan (08156)
12 days ago
Thanks for help((bold)
None of your business 👍 (14073)
27 days ago
Ok, first off I'm female. Second off I'm demisexual, (it's kinda like bi but a little different so hhhh) and I've had a crush on a guy for quite a while and realized it wouldn't work out because he's gay. He's my friend as well which made it a lot more awkward than it should of been. After being out of school for three months, and I'm still trying to get over him. I also have another friend that I've known for a while... And they're a girl. I started to pick some weird vibes up from her and she's constantly been on my mind. "We're just friends" "She has a boyfriend" "She's straight" "People try to make us something we aren't" I kept reminding myself. And she's still on my mind. I took this quiz to figure it out, And I may have a slight case of being attracted to both sexes. But demisexual it's is when you are attracted to anyone that you've known and cherished in your life for a long time. So yes, I like both genders. It's really nerve wrecking, tbh. But I think I like males a little but more than females... But I still like both. 😅

Help me I want to die
Kevin (57190)
32 days ago
75% straight male lol I knew that for Years
Hannah (51631)
35 days ago
Hannah (51631)
35 days ago
Attracted to girls and l am a girl
Kiwi (92709)
36 days ago
So I guess I’m 50% asexual. Explains why I’m not Boy crazy. And suck at 💗.
Savanna~Sama (00547)
36 days ago
You are probably “normal”?! NORMAL?! This is rude.
Leah (79583)
39 days ago
I like girls more than guys and I would like to know if I am strait lesbian or just bi?❤️
rainey irwin (85885)
39 days ago
Hey so for the most part I like guys but I feel like if I would date a girl but I wouldn't want 💗. am I straight or bi?
Hi (77191)
45 days ago
I’m pretty sure I’m into girls which could make me lesbian but at the same time idk how I feel about guys so I’m either bi or les
(I think I might be lesbian )
But then what if It’s a phase
Well I’m just very confused
I overthink way too much
Caroline (21565)
48 days ago
I am alot mostly straight and that says that for a girl but if a boy like a girl thats "normal" literally i am pissed yes i am a feminist but still that needs to be changed so if i liked a guy i wouldnt be normal but straight but if a guy likes a girl it is normal what the hell i am so offended of this
Mr. Krabz (47657)
49 days ago
Apparently I'm a pansexual asexual.

So pretty much I'd love anyone

Just don't touch me

I just want your money
Mi (15734)
60 days ago
I cant believe that it says '
If your a guy congrats your normal' that is soo offensive
richardbabe (03694)
64 days ago
this was highly effecinfe
Natalie (53625)
64 days ago
50%bisexual,25% straight,17% pansexual,8% asexual,and last but not least 0% gay.All this for a 12 year old all I did was answer the questions and got these stupid results I don’t believe the results are true.
Kevin (18402)
72 days ago
83% bi, 8% straight, and 8% pan. I'm bi but I don't know who I want to date. Males are hot. Females are hot. I guess whatever attracts me first. I'd be down for a threesome but my mom will be even more grossed out. Haha.