Does your crush really likes you? (GIRLS ONLY)

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Is it? Or you're just assuming?

  • 1
    Do you always catch your crush staring at you?
  • 2
    If you saw your crush staring at you, what does he react?
  • 3
    Does he ever compliment you?

  • 4
    Does he teases you?
  • 5
    Has he ever tried to protect you?
  • 6
    Do you guys always talk?

  • 7
    Who always starts the conversation?
  • 8
    When you two are alone, does he talk to you?
  • 9
    Does he act different when it comes to you?
  • 10
    Did he ever gave you a nickname?

  • 11
    Are you two friends?
  • 12
    Have you ever heard someone that he likes you?
  • 13
    Does he like someone?
  • 14
    Is he single?
  • 15
    LAST QUESTION: Do you think that he likes you?

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1389 days ago
I have a 50/50 chance with the guy that I really really really like and he is my friend so I'm worried that if I ask him out and he says now I'm afraid that will ruin our friendship. What do I do I am so worried and scared. PLEASE HELP ME so scared. :( :/
1580 days ago
Big problem. I have a crush on this boy, but his friends( that are girls.he is not gay) all have really big crushes on him.( he already dated one of them but whatever.)they will hate me if I go out with him.😭😭😭😫😫😫😓😓😓😓😖😖😖😖
1607 days ago
I love him(hope he doesn't see).
1607 days ago
Also,he accidentally ran into me(and punched me)and I think he was 1 of 2 people who stayed there to help me.
1607 days ago
I like this boy,and 4 other people know(including him).When someone told him he said "What?",smiled and fell out of his chair! His name is Semaj
1609 days ago
By the way his name is Joseph Hewitt and I call him Joey.
1609 days ago
Honestly, I've liked him since I moved to his school, does anyone think I should tell him? Once I accidentally told his friend who spread it to my class 😑. And then someone brought it up and he started blushing when someone said I liked him and like it was like they didn't know I was there.
1611 days ago
does he like me too?
1615 days ago
I think he likes me because he stares at me and everything and he talks to me all the time.
1621 days ago
50/50 doesn't help
1622 days ago
People say he likes me also his friends and mine but I don't know if I should believe or not because maybe they're just joking
1622 days ago
I think he likes me because all the people say that he does and I like him but I'm allways saying that he doesn't like me and sometime people say that he likes me
1622 days ago
His friend told me that he likes me and he gave me a flower and he blushed and ran away ! He gave me derp panda as my nickname and this other dudes like me Idk what to do
1626 days ago
I think what it said was true
1626 days ago
Thank you this helped me so much
1626 days ago
Good quiz. I believe it's right! 😊
1627 days ago
OMFG this quiz is so bad right my crush said that he loves me I swear to god this is inaccurate

BTW he is already my bf we have been together for 3 and a half years we started to date in 8th grade
1628 days ago
omg i knew it his friends told me
1629 days ago
Oh my gosh,I like him, and I don't even know if he likes me! We are close friends tho and we talk a lot(I guess).
1631 days ago
I don't know why I took this test! He's already my boyfriend