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Finding Life/ Based on my life story

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11 year old becca. was adopted at the age of 2. she came to live with her adopted parents. She had a sister that was six when they were adopted/now 15.the real parents were never there they were drug addicts and were in and out of jail. They were taken away.andn now they were adopted by Juan and Carolyn. They had a half brother named david who had already been adopted by the same people. It was good for awhile but what happens is something that's hurts and scars becca and her sis for a life time.

    Sirens went off we were being taken away! no No Mama! Mama my sister Rachel(rickey at the time)yelled.leave me alone.She kicked and screamed.trying to get out of the officers arms. Leave me alone MAMA! Mamma! she kept yelling.

    That's the story told by my sis. I wasn't there at that time.it was in my mammas tummy. There she was sitting in a jail cell. pregnant. But with me. Not a lot of kids are practically born in a jail cell. I don't remember anything about that time really. But it seems like everyday its coming back. little, by little. after I was born we were put in a foster home. The foster home was bad. really bad. But not to me. Miss Mary that's what they called her. She would hit and beat my sister. she told me a story about one time. Bula(marys friend) had brought doughnuts home. She gave little jimmiy one that's what we called him. She gave me and my sis one and the other kids too. little jimmy was about 3 I was 2, my sis was 6. He was hitting me trying to take my doughnut away. My sis started trying to help me. and miss Mary hit her and stopped her. she didn't like the older kids. she seemed to only care about the littler ones. Finally we got out of the foster home and was adopted by Carolyn and Juan.

    Carolyn and Juan. We got to meet our older brother David.(who is now 18)( almost 19) He was only our half brother. He had a different dad. We also got to meet another adopted child. Liana Lopez. I always thought she was bueatifully gorguse! I f you saw her you would see what I mean. Just go to Lianna Lopez facebook. She has black hair and is living with her boyfriend in Texas. She was a good sister but a horrible daughter to my adopted parents. U will see later on in the story. We got to pick our own names. My sister picked Rachel Lynn Nicole Lopez. But I wanted a different name than the one I have now. My adopted mom wanted me to be named Rebekah. But I didn't want that. Then my adopted dad read me the story of Rebekah in the Bible. And yep I wanted that sooooooooo bad. So I picked Rebekah ann Lopez. We were adopted. At a young age my brothe David got into stealing. He broke in to peoples houses at the age of 13 and 14. and up. he had a problem with that. Unfortantly I started stealing too. I shoplifted at the age of 4 and 5. I got my big sis into that too. We all became criminals and theifs.

    My sis stopped when she got saved. I am a Christian and I believe in the holy ghost but I don't have it. I hope I am not offening anybody.

    I smoked my first ciggert at the age of 9 I had my first kiss at the age of 6. We were not to good of kids. My big sis stayed out of the stealing she was just a look out. My brother David and me broke into houses and took things. Went to doughnut shops in the middle of the night. We snuck out and played around at the park. We were horrible kids. But there was another big problem! Our parents! My mom was angry all the time.(talking about adopted mom). Liania our sis had been telling lies that almost got us taken away from our parents. (sometimes I wish we would get taken away!) Liana was kicked out at he age of 19.) It was just me Rachel and david. We got spanken. With a switch. (p.s look it up if you don't know what it is). We got black and blue circles on our butts and legs. I'm not exaggerating I have some on me right now. We were slapped. by our adopted mom.she has a big temper. IM WRITING THIS STORY TO HELP KIDS LIKE ME! PLEASE DONT CALL AN ADOPTION AGENCEY, OR CPS! PLEASE! I CANT GO THROUGH THAT AGAIN!

    We moved to Missouri and that's were we live now. I love my parents but its still very hard. We were in public school then got pulled out. My mom said my sis was acting like a B-I-T-C-H! That's why we were pulled out. I was never that popular! I was popular in my class and maybe in my grade. But she was popular in the whole school. If you mention the Name Rachel Lopez. They knew exactly who she was. She wasn't a slut or a BITCH! she was my sister who loves friends and just happed to get popular! That's all!
    We were now homeschooled.(that's what I'm supposed to be doing right now)(schoolwork)
    We found out about a mental disorder my mom said I Had. Rachel had gotten the Holy Ghost So she wasn't stealing or any of that major stuff anymore. My mom said I had RAD! REATACHMENT DISORDER! Reattachment my ass is the first thing I thought. I still like to think like that. But I have come to admit I don't like being next to my mom. I don't like talking to her about guys or wathing t.v with her. I like doing that with my sis. Me and my sis are best sises ever! Imagine this being you're sister. We don't tell on each other unless its like a MAJOR MAJOR MOAJOR! kinda thing. U try on clothes and they tell you the exact truth. That's my sis now this is me. I stick up for her if anyone calls her a slut or a bitch I punch them in the face. and call them an ass hole and leave! I never tell on her. Am always there for her. I take her veggies our mom wants us to eat. I buy her lacey cute clothes from the money I earned. She buy me high tops and stupid toys. We have good talks and never tell a word that was said. She tells me her personal stuff and I tell her mine and it never gets told to anybody. Not our 18 yearold brother. Or mom Or dad or anybody! I sit through hours of her trying on clothes and telling her yes no NOOOOOO! And we just are great sisters. I wonder if anybody elese has a sis like that! She is my best friend! And I'm hers.

    My mom always seem to break us down. For the last segement I'm gonna tell you how we live. My bother has moved out. He now lives with his girl friend.Lianna lives with her boyfriend in Texas. Rachel and me live with our adopted parents Juan and Carolyn who are very old Juan is 66 but looks like he is 55. Carolyn who is 64. she looks 60. Rachel is 15 I'm 11 and will be 12 in june the 12. WE live in Missouri.

    We a great/bad life but it is good enough for me. I love dancing and singing. I'm not good at singing. y sis is really good at it! I hope to be a FBI agent/singer/dancer when I am older. We haven't seen our real mom since I was 4or 5. I have never met my real dad. We have gotten treatment for Rad and I am doing much better. I don't steal anymore and am very happy. I have friends and a boyfriend! That's my story

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