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What do you know about sex?

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Just how knowledgeable are you?

  • 1
    The average woman loses her virginity at what age?
  • 2
    The average man loses his virginity at what age?
  • 3
    The average erect penis is how long?

  • 4
    What is the average depth of an aroused vagina?
  • 5
    The average woman has how many sexual partners in her lifetime?
  • 6
    The average man has had how many sexual partners?

  • 7
    A man or woman has an orgasm during sex how often?
  • 8
    The longest measured erect penis is how long?
  • 9
    Worldwide how many men are circumcised?
  • 10
    Woman are at their sexual prime when they're how old?

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85 days ago
994 days ago
Most of these questions are about knowledge of random statistics, not actually about 🚔
1235 days ago
well I am a pathetic 3 year old virgin loser
2568 days ago
Katie is right apparently I don't know
2585 days ago
you might get more people doing this test if the results for getting it wrong weren't offensive and rude.