Legends Of Tomorrow

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    Who is Rip Hunter?

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1403 days ago
Number 8 is wrong because the flash is not there in the show. You see the flash only on Crossovers. SOO GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1545 days ago
Just a question to anyone... if Savage killing Chay-Ara and Khufu made him immortal then does that mean that Kendra is immortal since she killed Savage?
1579 days ago
The last question was wrong. While, yes, a certain knofe could kill him, other things present on that fiest night could, too. Kendra, however, was/is the only one who can really kill him. She used the mace, ya know?
1653 days ago
Vandal Savage can be killed with anything that was present on the night Kendra and Carter died. That includes the bracelet which they melted and covered a mace in to kill Savage.
1861 days ago
I know it takes a special knife to kill savage but only Hawk girl can use the knife to kill him
1878 days ago
On the last question, only hawk girl can kill vandal. When Hawkman tried to kill Vandal, vandal replies that hawk girl has to wield and kill vandal with a weapon that was in their first lives. Check your facts
2275 days ago
I LOVE all DC SUPERHEROS. They rock!!!!!! Specially The FLASH.