Are You Pretty? Quiz for Middle and High Schoolers

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Are you lying on your bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering whether you're pretty or not? Well, then, you've come to the right place.

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1100 days ago
No I'm not. I ain't pretty, I'm too ugly for my own good.
1105 days ago
Bruh ya"ll forgot to put c cup
1107 days ago
Sooo for question 10... Wth am i supposed to say if im a lesbian?? I dont pay boys any attention at all. Now if it would be asking if I've made a girl 💑, then ya but you can't just expect everyone to like them.
1117 days ago
ouch kinda hurts to have a 4/10
1117 days ago
oh i guess i am ugly?
1117 days ago
😘 4/10 i guess i am ugly :/
1144 days ago
Wow, I guess i'm ugly. I got a 4/10! " You're not the prettiest, I must admit, but your personality is great! You're a bubbly and funny person to be around, and most guys would not care about your look and want to date you for your personality! You have one of the best personalities a girl could have! You are a 4/10 and you need a guy who deserves you for how special and hard it is to find someone like you."
1148 days ago
I took this quiz about a year ago, and I’m often on here to read the comments. It’s honestly kind of innapropriate cuz middle schoolers don’t really give guys 💗s. Stay safe and stay happy 💝
1150 days ago
6/10. 😭😭 but good personality lol 👍
1150 days ago
Me to! I got 8/10 that's not bad.
1150 days ago
Also, I'm only 12. I'm not gonna🐤some guy's dick. This quiz has too many curse words.
1150 days ago
i got 8/10. that's good. well, i was actually hoping for a 9/10, , , yay?
1154 days ago
I got 9/10, how about you?
1154 days ago
This made me cry. I get that I have low self-esteem, you don't need to make it worse. :,'(
1160 days ago
You're not the prettiest, I must admit, but your personality is great!
Me: ... BUT IMMA BUTIFULLLLLL!!! (and asocial)
1162 days ago
you should add this kind of language!!!!!! if you get a bad score, just remember, you are perfect in your own way! this quiz purposefully lowers you self esteem, especially if you are in middle/highschool when you weren't as confident about yourself.
1164 days ago
Me hot? You must be blind. I am average and am absolutely happy about it!
1196 days ago
Pretty? Me? Yeah if you consider a girl with glasses and thick brows and is curvy but not fat uh I guess so.
1200 days ago
This is not accurate
1234 days ago
So acurate got 11/10