Are You Pretty? Quiz for Middle and High Schoolers

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Are you lying on your bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering whether you're pretty or not? Well, then, you've come to the right place.

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    How many friends have you got?

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1241 days ago
This test is not accurate, cmon u guys are all pretty!
1241 days ago
1241 days ago
This quiz IS very inaccurate! FIX IT!BRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOO!
1250 days ago
Um... 1/10... I'm boring to be around??? Well I guess ur right then 😭
1253 days ago
I'm pretty. Yay! Not a very accurate quiz, though.
1254 days ago
I’m hot too yay!!!
1254 days ago
It said what sport I do I PLAY HOCKEY
1256 days ago
As a quiz that is targeted to vulnerable people, i.e Middle/High schoolers, this is a bad test that will lead a lot of people to thinking they're ugly.
1278 days ago
This is bull💋. Even though I got 9/10 it’s bs. You get a bad score if you have low self esteem I had to try to be honest with myself.
1286 days ago
Oh please.... im not hot. I dont even look good. Or maybe I'm just depressed.
1287 days ago
I’m like 11 so I got 29% 1/10 and 29% 6/10, so I guess I’m a 5/10anyway I doesn’t matter god made us all in his image so we’re all beautiful
1290 days ago
this quiz is stupid. your beauty cannot be defined by this quiz. whoever made this better take it down bc this is jus self-degrading. im honestly disappointed smh.
1527 days ago
Apparently I'm not very pretty, I'm a 4/10!! wow... i was hoping to get a good score... and that my score would help me with my hella low self esteem
1539 days ago
I’m either a 4/10 or a 9/10 Wht am I ??
1541 days ago
Hey the quiz is not that bad it rated me 9/10 so I am happy
1554 days ago
Hey y'all, this quiz sucks. I'm sorry but first of all, this is for middle schoolers too. No 12 year old (me) is gonna give a guy a 🐤. Second of all Why would u even put that on a middle school ( and high school ) quiz? I'm sorry if I'm being rude. Also watch your language! 😫I'm not being a hater. I'm just stating my opinion. Oh and Shout out to Izzie! Praise the lord! And I not trying to tell you what to do. I'm only twelve, just saying. I got 85 outa 100. This quiz and not 100 so don't feel bad. Every girl is beautiful!
1599 days ago
This quiz made me feel worse about myself I already don’t think I’m pretty but this quiz rates me a 1/10 😭😭
1615 days ago
Apparently I need to stop showing off... I honestly couldn’t hate myself more but I was trying to be positive 😓
1640 days ago
Also I do softball!!
1640 days ago
I’m average and guys would SETTLE for me
Wow thx
Good thing I’m lesbian