Are You Pretty? Quiz for Middle and High Schoolers

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Are you lying on your bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering whether you're pretty or not? Well, then, you've come to the right place.

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    How many friends have you got?

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1656 days ago
This quiz is not accurate and I am not saying this because i got a bad grade( cuz i actually got a decent grade- 8/10) But anyways. Everyone is gorgeous and looks do not matter. Its the inside that counts.🌻and Breasts don't matter as long as your a nice person with a great personality.
1682 days ago
Hi - I just wanted to say it's REALLY important to know that this quiz isn't accurate. I'm not being ragey here because I got a bad result ( I got 8/10, actually).
This quiz is going after stereotypical beauty - girls with millions of friends with silky blonde hair and huge curves. In reality, the prettiest girl I know is athletic-framed, no curves whatsoever, with dark hair, dark eyes and caramel skin. Just because you have black or red hair and brown eyes doesn't mean you aren't gorgeous.
I just think you should remember that when you get your result :)
1689 days ago
I got a 9/10! But, I do believe that every woman is beautiful and deserves a 10/10.
1694 days ago
I think everyone's beautiful in their own way.
Proverbs 31:30 Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.👩

God made us all in his image.
1710 days ago
I got 4/10. Pretty accurate though. The only thing I have really gotten complimented for was my voice. People have played smash or pass and whenever they say my name they pass.
1710 days ago
Result -are: You are stunning girl. Anyone would wanna be you! Just stop showing off about it, okay? You are a 9/10! You need a man to please you and treat you like a princess!
1735 days ago
I got the best result but I still don’t get why I receive anonymous letters from people saying they wish to “have my curves”, “eyes”, “🕊” etc. Why can’t ppl accept themselves
1813 days ago
You are really hot! You don't show off about it and have a lot of friends! Everyone loves you and you are a 8/10. You need a guy to treat you like a diva and be romantic with you!

8/10, pretty good. What I didn't like about this quiz is the curse words, and some of the questions don't make sense. Some of us are pretty young! (Like turning 13 young...) We are not going to understand everything, and if the questions that don't make sense are inappropriate, do not explain them!
1898 days ago
omg i need a man to treat and please me umm no im too independent
1917 days ago
will Cassie really kill herself
1923 days ago
OMG im fine not pretty
1929 days ago
9/10 lol I'm actually happy
1936 days ago
4/10. you’re not the prettiest. ouch
1945 days ago
hey.. I am trying to ask him out and I cant talk to him everyday because I am stuck at school and I don't know what to do and I know he is busy but he is my everything he means everything to me I could do anything for him and if I lost him I would be so lost.. someone please give me advice for what to do about my crush and he is 15 and I am 16 and I feel like he is lying to me abo9ut his age and he always says that he is busy and doing stuff and I don't know what to do.. someone please give me a advice..
1945 days ago
heyy.. I am trying to ask out my crush
1965 days ago
4/10, not disappointed

I'd say I look alright tbh
1978 days ago
9/10 UH NO
1987 days ago
I do cross-country and track and those weren’t an option. I got 6/10 but I think I’m uglier then that...
2009 days ago
Ei got 6/10 for looks and i think its pretty accurate i think i dont know for sur
2026 days ago
Well looks like I got 4/10 and 6/10! The only problem is that i have trust isseus (sorry for spelling) and really bad boy skills. I dont care though. Im me and i would want a guy who lets me be me and i let him be him