Are You Pretty? Quiz for Middle and High Schoolers

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Are you lying on your bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering whether you're pretty or not? Well, then, you've come to the right place.

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2046 days ago
I got 4/10...I’m cute tho.. what ever, won’t matter when I kill myself anyway! 😉
2135 days ago
What a frickin waste of time. I did get 9/10 but I wont let a quiz tell me how pretty I am. >:O
2148 days ago
yeah, I only took this cause I was bored after taking a am I bi quiz. But I know you see all those comments that say 'everyone is beautiful in their own way omg" but honestly if you think your not pretty someone will think you're gorgeous, not that you need someone to tell you your "self-worth" or how stunning you are. Also if you're only taking this to "prove how beautiful you are" the go the hell away! People can be absolutely stunning but once they say something rude or something like "omg I'm so beautiful" that makes the automatically ugly. IDC how pretty you are you need to be nice and beauty isn't everything and if you think it is you need to get your priorities in check K hun?
2265 days ago
4/10 this quiz doesn't lie. I'm not pretty at all and this quiz knows it 😉
2348 days ago
Has anyone ever heard of cross country? We're better than the football players. ;[
2363 days ago
This quiz is kinda rude. Just because you are 'fat' doesn't mean you're not beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. And eye colour and hair colour doesn't really matter either.
2390 days ago
Why does hair texture and colour matter?? Curly hair is just as beautiful as stick straight hair.
2465 days ago
Rude body personal questions
2512 days ago
It said I was 9/10 but NO ONE likes me
2555 days ago
9/10 still rejecting the guys who like me.One guy looks at me and does'nt look away ;-;
2577 days ago
I'm 12. Ever since I was 11 I knew for a fact that I would be destined to achieve a 10/10 on ANY 1-10 quiz I partook in. The disgusting thought that this quiz would even conSIDER giving me a 9/10 is astounding. My breasts are at least DDDD and my butt literally shakes the planet. Boys flock to me like bees to honey. I rate this quiz 1/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2584 days ago
I got 9/10 and I'm only 12... Well technically 13
2596 days ago
I got pretty....yay!?!
2602 days ago
Everyone is beautiful in their own way..iam pretty satisfied..beauti lies inside our heart,nt our outer look
2625 days ago
2641 days ago

For 43 % you are: You are average. You should be happy you're pretty, and you're probably the most common type of girl. Most guys settle for a calm, cool girl like you! YOU'RE AWESOME! In looks, you are a 6/10 but in personality, you're awesome. You need a chill boyfriend! You two would have a cute relationship ;)
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😜 i like this test but every1 is pretty their own way
2647 days ago
This is the most retarded quiz I have ever laid my eyes on. Everybody is beautiful-- from their personality either way. They could have a good attitude and to an individual-- look the prettiest out of the pretty. I don't care if this quiz says I'm pretty, look like a fart in the air, or I'm just plain average. This is the most retarded quiz in the world.