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Are you laying on your bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering if you're pretty or not? Well then, you've come to the right place.

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    How many friends have you got?

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GryffindorChaser (01320)
60 days ago
You are really hot! You don't show off about it and have a lot of friends! Everyone loves you and you are a 8/10. You need a guy to treat you like a diva and be romantic with you!

8/10, pretty good. What I didn't like about this quiz is the curse words, and some of the questions don't make sense. Some of us are pretty young! (Like turning 13 young...) We are not going to understand everything, and if the questions that don't make sense are inappropriate, do not explain them!
madynasty (38839)
145 days ago
omg i need a man to treat and please me umm no im too independent
Peyton! (79086)
164 days ago
will Cassie really kill herself
precious (66847)
171 days ago
OMG im fine not pretty
florrie (31811)
176 days ago
9/10 lol I'm actually happy
um (47550)
183 days ago
4/10. you’re not the prettiest. ouch
sierra (48491)
192 days ago
hey.. I am trying to ask him out and I cant talk to him everyday because I am stuck at school and I don't know what to do and I know he is busy but he is my everything he means everything to me I could do anything for him and if I lost him I would be so lost.. someone please give me advice for what to do about my crush and he is 15 and I am 16 and I feel like he is lying to me abo9ut his age and he always says that he is busy and doing stuff and I don't know what to do.. someone please give me a advice..
sierra (48491)
192 days ago
heyy.. I am trying to ask out my crush
person (47524)
212 days ago
4/10, not disappointed

I'd say I look alright tbh
Skylar (53017)
225 days ago
9/10 UH NO
Me (70012)
234 days ago
I do cross-country and track and those weren’t an option. I got 6/10 but I think I’m uglier then that...
elizabeth (65303)
256 days ago
Ei got 6/10 for looks and i think its pretty accurate i think i dont know for sur
Lisa (05042)
273 days ago
Well looks like I got 4/10 and 6/10! The only problem is that i have trust isseus (sorry for spelling) and really bad boy skills. I dont care though. Im me and i would want a guy who lets me be me and i let him be him
Cassie (18188)
293 days ago
I got 4/10...I’m cute tho.. what ever, won’t matter when I kill myself anyway! 😉
Eliza (24292)
382 days ago
What a frickin waste of time. I did get 9/10 but I wont let a quiz tell me how pretty I am. >:O
AnnaLisa (26188)
395 days ago
yeah, I only took this cause I was bored after taking a am I bi quiz. But I know you see all those comments that say 'everyone is beautiful in their own way omg" but honestly if you think your not pretty someone will think you're gorgeous, not that you need someone to tell you your "self-worth" or how stunning you are. Also if you're only taking this to "prove how beautiful you are" the go the hell away! People can be absolutely stunning but once they say something rude or something like "omg I'm so beautiful" that makes the automatically ugly. IDC how pretty you are you need to be nice and beauty isn't everything and if you think it is you need to get your priorities in check K hun?
Blurryface (04630)
512 days ago
4/10 this quiz doesn't lie. I'm not pretty at all and this quiz knows it 😉
Brooke (65599)
595 days ago
Has anyone ever heard of cross country? We're better than the football players. ;[
Tina (13261)
610 days ago
This quiz is kinda rude. Just because you are 'fat' doesn't mean you're not beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. And eye colour and hair colour doesn't really matter either.
Flora (38428)
637 days ago
Why does hair texture and colour matter?? Curly hair is just as beautiful as stick straight hair.