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This test is to see if you're a supernatural girl or just nah.

  • 1
    Bobby is Sam and Deans Grandpa
  • 2
    Crowley is an Angel
  • 3
    Abbadon is a Demon from the past and her head was separated from her body but then Sam and Dean put her head back on then she escaped.

  • 4
    Castiel is an Archangel.
  • 5
    Kevin's last name is Tron.
  • 6
    Kevin is Crowley's son.

  • 7
    Sam and Deans mother is alive.
  • 8
    Sam and Deans father was the one who started off hunting and got the mother into it.
  • 9
    Dean and Sam drive a black '67 Chevy Impala.
  • 10
    Crowley calls Sam Moose and Dean Squirrel.

  • 11
    Dean let's Lucifer out of his cage.
  • 12
    Sam finishes the trials and the gates of hell are closed forever.

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1271 days ago
lmao kevin tran, castiel is a cute regular angel, and mary is alive
1283 days ago
Castiel is NOT an Archangel. He is a Seraph.

Kevin's surname is TRAN, not 'Tron'.
1409 days ago
Learn the show. your answers are wrong. please fix this.
1502 days ago
I agree with Destiel's Real and BabyInATrenchcoat, you have some incorrect information. Castiel is based off an archangel but he is not one himself, Kevin's last name is Tran, and something happened that I may not want to share due to spoilers but feel free to look at the section on Alpha and Omega: p?title=Mary_Winchester . P.S I'm not trying to be mean, I just woke up and I woke up mad for some reason.
1581 days ago
i know that i got all of these correct. so you have some incorrect information
1598 days ago
Castiel is not an archangel, and it's "Kevin Tran" not "Kevin Tron"
1604 days ago
You have some incorrect information on here. Kevin's last name is Tran, not Tron. Castiel in in fact not an archangel, just a regular angel. Hence why he had superiors (Anna, Zachariah, etc.)