When will I get my first period?

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Know around when you will get the mark of womanhood!

  • 1
    Do you know when your mom got her's?
  • 2
    What do your breasts look like?
  • 3
    Do you have pubic hair?

  • 4
    Do you have leg hair?
  • 5
    Armpit hair?
  • 6
    Do you have discharge?

  • 7
    How old are you?
  • 8
    How much do you weigh?
  • 9
    Do you want your period?
  • 10
    Are you prepared?

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260 days ago
Hi anyone there I am so moody please answer x
415 days ago
REALLY close! You sure you don't have it? Be very prepared! Couple of weeks- 1-2 months.......
1011 days ago
I got couple weeks to a month!!
1080 days ago
Just wanted to say to all the girls taking these quizzes I used to take them every night from year 7 to now (summer between year 9&10) and they would all say things ranging from 1 month to 2 years so the truth is nothing accurate 100% but I had discharge for 2 yers then got my period so it’s completely random buttt I got mine 6 months before my mum did so that’s probably your most accurate measure but these tests don’t matter and you will all get it in your own time I know it’s cliche but don’t worry it’ll come and to be honest no matter how much you want it you can’t be fully prepared so what I’m saying is RELAX, it will happen
1096 days ago
Nicole could you estimate for me? I'm an Indian and I am 11, almost 12, my mom got it when she was 13. I have medium amount of pubic hair, little armpit hair, discharge cramps and mood swings everyday. My 💗 are small and rounded.
1096 days ago
Mine said "REALLY CLOSE, you sure you don't have it?" I'm so excited like I want it in 2 minutes
1142 days ago
I can answer anyone's questions if you want me to estimate your time until you get it. Remember, some nationalities have more/darker hair than others. You also don't need to have all the signs to have it, you could have half and still get it. Good luck!
1155 days ago
Mine said:

50%= couple of weeks to 1 or 2 months
40%= 1 to 10 months
10%= few months
0%= 1-2 years
1160 days ago
I'm not 2 sure this is accurate coz it said 10 months or a few weeks
1206 days ago
IT said "Are you sure you don't already have it?!"
1206 days ago
1521 days ago
Omg it said really close and I'm ready scared what should I do
1532 days ago
No name,

Discharge is totally normal! You should be getting your period in the next year or so.
1533 days ago
So i'm 11 i'll be 12 in 4 months it said i'm really close. Yesterday I noticed something I looked it up and it said it was discharge it said I was getting it because I am gonna start my period soon. Is that true?
1538 days ago
I took a quiz like this in January of last year. It said 4-6 months. And I got my first period in June.....wow..........
1542 days ago
Mine said 1-2 months YAY 😄😃😆😀😬😁🖖
1554 days ago
Don't worry - or do worry if you want your period. I have already had five periods, and this test says 5-8 months for me. It's not accurate, so don't worry. PS, I suggest bringing pads in a bag wherever you go or panty liners. Periods don't actually💗for me, I get one 7 day period every 2 months with no cramps. I'm lucky. Good luck future women
1556 days ago
So confused. Some quizzes say 2 months and some say two years and most say between 5-12 months. What should I believe
1561 days ago
i dont think ive had a period yet, but last week a finger nail came out. Am i close?
1563 days ago
I'm only 11 and it said "REALLY CLOSE! You sure you don't have it yet?" I'm really excited because most of my friends have it.