Fairy Tail!

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See if you know Fairy Tail

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    Zeref is what to Natsu?

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1130 days ago
Yay! i love to measure my knowledge about FT
1237 days ago
Okay 1) Lucy has 3 look alikes Edolas, Future, and Gemini. And if u meant including herself you should've included that in the question. 2.) Gray has both ice make magic and devil slaying magic, but he doesn't use the DSM that much 3.) and there are 7 DRAGON SLAYERS LEARN YOUR FAIRY TAIL! MAKE ANOTHER QUIZ WITH THE RIGHT ANSWERS!!!!! Nasty, Gajeel, Wendy, Sting, Rouge, Lexus, Cobra
1256 days ago
90 percent of this quiz has the wrong answer
1298 days ago
First off, who are Lucy's other 2 look alikes, all that exist is edolis and Gemini. Second, Natsu loves everyone on his guild, but never so far has he said he loves Lucy like that. Third, when does Erza ever show being scared of Juvia. Also I don't recall Natsu leaving for a year, but I might just not be up to that point yet.
1315 days ago
there are actually 10 dragon slayers which include: Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Sting, Rouge, laxus, cobra, god serena, acnologia, and Lady Irene if you are up to date with the manga
1318 days ago
I love this quiz but there are something wrong๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™….There are 9 dragon slayers
1380 days ago
why bother making these quizzes, when u dont even know the correct anwers..........there is 5 dragon slayers if u dont count Cobra and Laxus as well..............and maybe acnologia, does he still count?
to Fairy tail lover ; ahahahhaha is that so? all u nali shippers know, is trash talking about lucy, pls just stfu
1428 days ago
Natsu doe not love lucy, she was just a stan in for lisanna that is all she will ever be
1456 days ago
A lot of people say Gemini is a look-a-like but I don't he actually counts
1469 days ago
when the hell did acnologia become dragon king?
1492 days ago
There are 9 dragon slayers

Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Laxus, Erik, Sting, Rogue, God Serena, and Acnologia
1504 days ago
Their are nine dragon slayers if you read the manga. The are natsu, gajeel, laxus, wendy, cobra, sting, rouge, god senera, and agnologia.
1517 days ago
I think there are 8 dragon slayers natsu, wendy, gajeel, Laxus,s ting, rouge, cobra, agnologia and many more that have had a lacrama
1523 days ago
3 questions have wrong answers
1. Lucy has only 2 look a likes Gemini and edolas Lucy
2. Juvia has never scared erza if anything it's the other way around
3. There are 7 dragon slayers all together (Natsu, Wendy, Gajeel, Laxus, Sting, Rogue, and Cobra)
1569 days ago
This quiz has 3 false answers:
1. There are characters who use Dragon Slayer magic.
2. Lucy has only two lookalikes: Gemini and Edolas Lucy.
3. Juvia has never come close to intimidating Erza.
1605 days ago
In regards to.............
Question 2 - who are Lucys look a-likes besides edolas and gemini,
Question 3- If you were talking about the first generation then I think you should have specified that, because if not there are 7 (natsu, wendy, gajeel, laxus, sting, rogue, and cobra)
Question 6 - When did Juvia scare Erza??