Harry Potter Trivia

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You can't do this, you will fail

  • 1
    Which character is NOT a Weasley?
  • 2
    Which house stands for greatness, ambition, and resourcefulness?
  • 3
    What house represents loyalty, patience, and hard work?
  • 4
    Which house stands for intelligence, knowledge and wit? (Also probably the house I would be in)
  • 5
    Which house represents bravery, daring, and chivalry?
  • 6
    What is Malfoy's first name? (the son)
  • 7
    What is Snape's Patronus?
  • 8
    Who killed Sirius Black and Neville's parents?
  • 9
    What broom did Sirius buy Harry?
  • 10
    What was Harry's position in Quidditch?
  • 11
    What was Harry's uncles name?
  • 12
    How old was Harry when Hagrid came to visit him?
  • 13
    Who is Harry's best friends?
  • 14
    What color eyes does Harry have?
  • 15
    How do Harry and Ron get to Hogwarts in the Chamber of Secrets movie?
  • 16
    What is Voldemorts snake name?
  • 17
    What is the first Horcrux Dumbledoor finds?
  • 18
    What does Harry get for Christmas?
  • 19
    What is the mythical creatures name that Harry and Hermione save from the axe?
  • 20
    Who is Sirius Blacks elf?

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Comments (29)


824 days ago
Sirius bought Harry a firebolt and Neville's parents didn't die.
1167 days ago
1. This quiz was waayyyy easy if you read all the books like me :P
2. You are clearly do not know a lot about Harry Potter because if you did you would not have made the stupid spelling and info mistakes you made. Next time before you make a quiz read the books!!
1194 days ago
Nevilles parents weren't killed!
1194 days ago
Serius got harry a fireboat, not a nimbus 2000!
1211 days ago
Yes there are loads of mistakes but, lily (93.38) you cannot put them in Slytherin for being bad at spelling. Slytherin is not the stupid house or bad house neither is Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. All the houses have their own qualities. Slytherins traits are, as mentioned in the quiz, resourceful and ambitious. There is no need to put people down and you have never met this person so do not judge. Judging people doesn't define them it defines you. I know you won't see this comment but still.
1212 days ago
this person would totally be in Slytherin because he is horrible at spelling and he/she would feel stupid about all these coments
1215 days ago
do you feel stupid now :)
1215 days ago
It's Kreacher not Creature, Sirius buys Harry a Firebolt, and Bellatrix does not kill Neville's parents, she just tortures them with the cruciatus curse until they are insane and hospitalized for life at St. Mungos
1217 days ago
First of all, it's not that hard. Second of all, it's Kreacher, not Creature. Also, Bellatrix didn't kill Neville's parents, she just tortured the to the brink of insanity. Of course, I'm Not exactly sure myself if she did kill them in the end, but Kreacher I'm sure about.
1230 days ago
Also bunch of spelling mistakes and bad info. Example Neville's parents aren't dead and Sirius bought Harry a firebolt.
1230 days ago
I have read all the Harry Potter books and am crazy about them and I got 3 out of 20 because the person who made this changed my answers. Click the back button when you get your results and see for yourselves. By the way the person who made this would be in Slythrien not Ravenclaw.
1230 days ago
Neville's parents also are not dead and Kreacher is not spelled creture
1230 days ago
This test is wrong Sirius bought Harry a firebolt and also it's spelled dumbledore.
1240 days ago
Sirius buys harry a FIREBOLT
its spelled DUMBLEDORE
and its KREACHER not creature
1243 days ago
Dumbledore is spelled Dumbledore not Dumbledoor
Neville's Parents aren't dead
Sirius bought Harry a Firebolt not a Nimbus
Sirius' elf is Kreacher not Creature
1244 days ago
Hey! Sirius didn't buy harry a nimbus 2000! He bought him the Firebolt..!!
and Also Sirius's elf is Kreacher not creature.
1245 days ago
Mariah, assuming you`re also a Harry Potter fan, I`m sure you can do better. Our comments are there to guide you and help you in future, so as not to make the same mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, don`t worry. When you`re ready, develope another quiz!! :-) The other questions were good. :-)
1245 days ago
Sirius Black gave Harry a Firebolt !!
Everything is listed apart from the Firebolt.
Also Sirius Black`s house-elf is called Kreacher, with a "K" not a "C".
1247 days ago
Also, it is Voldemort's snake's name, otherwise it sounds like the question is asking what is the name of He Who Must Not Be Named while he is a snake.
1247 days ago
This quiz has grammar issues just so you know. Also, Neville's parents are alive, Sirius owns a house elf named Kreacher, Harry and Ron get to Hogwarts by car in both the movie and book, and Sirius bought Harry a Firebolt. There are probably more, but I don't have access to the questions.