How much do you know about Teen Wolf?

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How much do you know about Teen Wolf? Wanna know? Then come and test your knowledge with this awesome quiz!

  • 1
    How does Scott win Allison over in the end of season 1?
  • 2
    When does Scott become a true alpha?
  • 3
    Does Derek evolve?
  • 4
    Who kills Jennifer/Julia before she can regenerate at The Nemeton?
  • 5
    What is Stiles' nickname for Derek?
  • 6
    Who does Derek take with him to the abandoned bank?
  • 7
    Who does Peter Hale kill in order to become an alpha?
  • 8
    Who kills the Kanima (Jackson)?
  • 9
    What is Scott's father?
  • 10
    Who are the Calaveras after in season 4?

Comments (6)


aleia (39303)
352 days ago
i was gonna comment but everyone said what i wanted to say
Charlize (46399)
360 days ago
Technically, Peter and Derek did kill Jackson and he came back to life as a werewolf and Scott's father is an FBI agent, not a poice officer. So please fix these problems in the quiz
Khendra (07060)
754 days ago
Technically Derek and Peter did kill Jackson and he came back to life. As for Scott's dad, he is an FBI agent. looks like a few others mentioned this below as well. so we did get 100% you should really fix this......
morgan (16991)
775 days ago
Firstly, as said by stiles in season 3a Jackson was killed by Derek and Peter, but he came back to life.
And secondly Scott's Dad is an FBI agent, not a police officer, you probably should fix these mistakes and give me my 10 out of 10
Liv (63845)
786 days ago
Scotts father is not a police officer, Stiles father is. Scotts father works with the FBI or people like that
Kayla Dawson (37764)
863 days ago
Scott's father is a detective, and they're not police officers!