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How much do you know about The Walking Dead

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    What is Glenn's last name?

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Sophia (01832)
725 days ago
aye I got 10 put of 10 lmao but for people commenting Lori died before Carl shot her, even if she didn't become a walker walkers are still dead. and in the tv show Rick kills Shane and Carl kills walker Shane, but in the comics it's reversed. The actor who plays Glenn ( Steven yeun) last name is yeun but the character Glenn's last name is Rhee, Glenn Rhee. And Glenn and Maggie are married or as close as you can get in a zombie apocalypse I can't say anything about the last question asking whether you like it or not but all of you deserved most of your score. she died during child birth Lori so yeah... I didn't even make this quiz lol.
Taylor (64624)
737 days ago
The only question I got wrong was the question that asked if I liked the quiz and I awnsered no for the fun of it. I got that wrong so I got 9 out of 10
Anonymous (38975)
772 days ago
First of all Lori died if childbirth Carl shot her to prevent her from becoming a walker
Susan (49791)
778 days ago
Rick did not kill Shane, Carl did. Rick just killed the walker version of Shane.
Ben (73565)
779 days ago
First of all Glenn and Maggie ARE NOT MARRIED YET, you spelt Lizzie and Mika wrong, and what was that lat quessstion?
Rick (not grimes) (83270)
797 days ago
Maggie and Glenn are engaged not married yet. If that was not a mistake on your end i would've gotten 10/10... Great quiz tho
Paula (78630)
813 days ago
Glenn and Maggie are not LEGALLY married, not in the UK there not as they just said some words in front of some people, you have to hold a special licence to perform a wedding also Lizzie and Mika saved Judith from inside the prison then Tyresse saved her from the prison yard, so the answer should be all 3 of them really.
HiThere! (53457)
817 days ago
Actually, the reason why Maggie cut her open was to preform a C- section which is something women sometimes need to give birth. She died from child birth, after dying she was shot so she would not reanimate.
Grumpy Faggot (73210)
822 days ago
Are you like retarded? I gave the correct answer to the question "Did you enjoy the quiz". How do you know whether I liked it or I did not like it? You asked for my opinion and I answered there is no "right answer". Every answer that was honest was the correct answer, you grammar-racist. :)

Otherwise a good quiz.
Anon (39841)
822 days ago
Lori died after the childbirth, Carl shot her after she died to stop her from turning
walking_dead_fan (55045)
827 days ago
first try 10 out of 10
ANOYMOUS (25242)
828 days ago
lori died from maggie cutting her open to get the baby out of her stomach then carl shot Lori to prevent her to becoming a walker
Anoymous (31897)
829 days ago
Actually Lori did not die of child birth, Carl friggin shot her in the prison!!!!
Benz (94126)
839 days ago
Got 10/10 again and his last name is Rhee. His real last name is Yuen...
kaylee (04260)
839 days ago
his last name is yeun