Does he like you more than a friend?

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You are friends but you feel like there could be more? You feel like there is a connection between you? Well, time to test it then..

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    How long have you two known each other?

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155 days ago
i am in love with my guy best friend he has girlfriend he know how I feels about him and he is dating my bullied he upset and heartbroken I dont want be his friend anymore .
2583 days ago
Eh..... I know quite a lot about my crush and we r VERY good friends but is dat enough for me to ask him out and for him to say yes
2590 days ago
I'm dating my crush!!
2604 days ago
Wow thanks I got a good score type thingy a
Suggesting that my crush liked me so I asked him out and he said YES!!!!!!!
2606 days ago
So my crush is real cute, i like him and I am not sure that he likes me too.
Reasons Why: He play fights with me (we fell down on the floor together one time), makes me laugh, sits next to me whenever he can, he plays with my hair, looks at me A LOT!, chases me around the cafeteria, he trys to hold my hands too, when i am sitting he trys to lean on my shoulder, breaks touch barriers a lot (elbow, hand, arm, grabs me by my jacket), and sings some love songs while looking dead at me! BTW, he doesnt do this to any other girls... 😮😮
2606 days ago
So I like this guy but we only have one class together and he's just the SUPER nice guy - like he's friends with everyone and anyone. My friend one day asked him if we were a thing and he said Idrk so that was good.. But now a few weeks have gone by and nothing has happened. I'm on break right now and he hasn't texted me once and I can't tell if he just doesn't want to talk to me because he's not interested or because he's not be type of guy who sits down and texts people... Is it going anywhere is it not?? We have a lot in common and I really want it to work. Should I be doing something?
2607 days ago
theres this guy who i really like and have had a chrush on him forever my best friend likes him too but im to shy to hint to him soni dont know if my bestie and my chrush will go out and i will be left out
if u have any advice plz help im to shy to tell anyone
being anonymous helps
2610 days ago
there's this guy in my class that I kinda like, not too much, but it's there.
2610 days ago

I agree with piccolo. It does seem like he likes you but he also likes your friends. I have had a similar problem. One time I liked this boy and I thought he liked me back, but he liked my friend. It's not the same as your problem but its similar. I say you go up to him and fight! If you want him then get him. But like I told Kitty. Don't make life all about boys! Have fun with your friends and family! You never know you might not have tommorow to do so. ~Softball1520
2611 days ago
I've been liking my friend since last year when I first met him we weren't really close. But now we are since we're in band and have p.e and math together. I have gotten closer to him this year and I gotten to know him more. I do things to make him notice that I like him and have feeling for him and there are time that I feel that he likes me and I think he knows I like him but I don't know. I always back out when it comes to confessing how I feel towards him .
2611 days ago
@C R E S E N D O
It seems like he definitely likes you, but because of your other friends it seems like he wouldn't want to make a move? If YOU really want him, them ya gotta fight~
2613 days ago
My current situation is very complicated.
Allow me to explain. He sits behind me in science class and I've known him for a year or so. We're pretty close, I guess if you call constantly fighting/teasing close. He's a natually funny guy with a similar personality to me.
However... he likes a few of my very close friends, and I'm pretty sure a few of them like him back. How should I be reacting to this? I'm fine with being just friends, if it seems like it's best.
-Thanks for any help in advance
2613 days ago
Please help me out I really need help
2614 days ago
I took this quiz and I did what it said to do and told him how I feel and he did the same but he said no because he has a girl friend.And it just changed everything between us but at the end of the school day my freind told him something from his girlfriend and he was really upset so I think she might be breaking up with him but I don't know and I fell really bad
2615 days ago
Dear Kitty,

It's hard coming out if relationships. When you do you feel heartbroken. For now I think that you should let go of relationships for awhile and have some fun. I mean you have been in a relationship for about what 3 years now. Don't worry about this guy. If he likes you mabey he just doesn't relize it or mabey he might tell you later because he is to afraid now. When the time comes the perfect man for you will come whether its him or not. Life is short. Don't make life all about love of boys. Make life fun. For you never know when it's to late. ~Softball1520
2621 days ago
I'm sorry Kitty!😕I hope you get your relationship sorted.
2622 days ago
horsecrazygirl, even if he saw this, he can't know its u, or that u took the quiz about him. you have nothing to worry about.
and none of these quizzes really help with my situation. he's the son of a close family friend, so we've seen each other intermittently over the years (since i was about 8, were both from america, but moved to new zealand, at different times). now I'm at uni, and i live in the same city as him, and go to the same school. so, we see each other a lot more now, and ill end up staying over at his and his dads place. he treats me completely different to other people (and his dad can attest to that), he has since i was 13. and I've liked him every time i see him btw. all his actions and body language suggest that he likes me, and last sunday, we ended up just hanging out and messing around and i was tickling him, and he was kinda wrestling with me, and the next thing i knew i was in his arms, and we fell asleep like that for a few hours.
its worth noting that at the time, i had a boyfriend of nearly three years, but thats over now. it was mutual and not about this other guy.
but anyway, i asked the guy if e liked me, trying to figure out what happened, and he said he doesn't. but he may have just been saying that, as i hadn't broken up with my boyfriend at that point, and that does seem like it would be like him, he seemed like he was blaming himself for that night in another message. so, I'm just really confused. and none of my friends really know what to make of it.
im not going to play games with him, he knows i like him, but he knows I'm fresh out of a difficult long term relationship. i just wish it could make sense one way or another.
2625 days ago
I guess it's quite accurate. I hope he doesn't see this.