Am I in love with my best friend? (lesbian)

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Well you obviously love her, she is your best friend! But do you think you could be in love?

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    Have you ever been with a girl before?

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Bi as (14577)
4 days ago
well I'm pretty gay for my best friend
Helpppp (02754)
5 days ago
She said she doesn't mind us being mistaken for a couple. I don't know if this was because she just doesn't give a 💗 about their opinion and "knows that we are straight anyway" or if she just idk...
She said she liked boys but idfk!!
24.06.18 my crush birthday (04823)
6 days ago
i got a huge crush on my friend she is alway in my mind, she made me fail my exam. i love her so much. she use to say to me most of the time i like your shoe .
Silk (18) (17742)
8 days ago
I know that I love her. We are friends best friends like 4 years and last year I realized that I love her, more like friends.
I write poems about her, I dream about her and I love when we hug or when I hold her hand. She doesn't hate lesbians or bisexuals but she is straight. Before I had a crush on her she dated a boy and now has a big crush on a boy.
I encourage her to date with the guy who isn't good looking at all and shy like her. Because I love her I will let her go as my crush and will remain a friend with her. I will find a lesbian girlfriend whk isn't in a relationship.
Confused Unicorn (01829)
13 days ago
Please if anyone is free to talk and help me out then text me on Instagram @_.diiyaaa._
Thank youuu
Cath (54404)
20 days ago
So. We are friends for here and a year. But in between of our friendship for some unknown retarded reason, i bullied her. I want to kms. We were the best of friends back then and nothing would seperate us. The summer after the bullying happened, i started missing her a lot. It was weird. I didnt know what to feel but, i realised that i was bi and that i had a crush on her. This year, (im 11 y/o) i was REALLY shy around her. She started looking at me but i dont think it is because she likes me. A bit later, i apologized to her about everything. She forgived me. The only thing that seperates us is my bff. She hates my crush, and everyone wonders why we started hanging out with my crush. Im planning on telling her i like her on the end of the school year. She often tries to touch my hand and to high-five me more than she does with others. Ive given her hints, but she doesnt get them. Im too shy to go around her or ask her to hangout, but if i leave my bff, im scared that my crush will often ignore me and talk to other people. She wants us to become bffs again. Im not asking for help, just sharing my story. Thank you for reading. :)
remy the rat (40881)
24 days ago
i definitely like her. she knows im bi and i THINK that she MIGHT be bi or lesbian but im really not sure. i told another one of my friends that i like her but the friend i told keeps on trying to get me to tell her i like her but i feel like if i do then we will never be as good friends again.

if anyone can help me my insta it @i_need_a_life622
ABisexualGirlWithABisexualCrush (60239)
27 days ago
I got I think someone has a crush. We're always making rude jokes and laughing and smiling but I feel more for her. I mean hey, I thought I was straight until I realised my stomach felt queazy when I spoke to her. She's bisexual too and she knows I am...but..can I make it work?
Big Pansexual (55648)
34 days ago
When you told me "I think someone has a crush! And a big one too!" I couldn't help but blush. I realize my feelings for her and i'm going to go for it.
Shy=Hidden (09283)
39 days ago
For 50 percent I am bi-curious...I honestly don't know my sexuality? I'm still questionable Wether I'm just going through something or sensation or if I'm really bi, straight, or pansexual. Like, my bff and i interlocked fingers the other day, and I'm not sure what I should make of it.
Shy maybe a little scared girl (06415)
42 days ago
I've known her for over 6 years and I've had a "crush" on her for at least 4 years. We've been best friends since high school and I can't help but feel that it's almost wrong of me to have possibly fallen in love with her. Shes currently with someone else and I hate thinking that I've possibly missed my many chances of being with her. I thought for a while that it was just a one way thing on my part, but after thinking about it one day, I realized that it might've been her too. There were so many times over the past few years that she's sent me mixed signals? I don't know. I want to know. But how do you bring something like that up to your best friend?! I've bottled it up for so long, and with no one else to talk to about it to, I've decided to rely on my own decision to just keep waiting. Not sure what for, but hopefully I'll see in the future. I honestly hope this'll work out for the best and that I won't regret anymore of my choices in the future. Wish me luck I guess.
Ace of Hearts (49850)
43 days ago
I had to take this twice, for two girls. Contradicting my title above, I am kind of hopeless when it comes to love.
None of ur busynesssssssss (19928)
49 days ago
I like her I knew it I want to kid her but she's straight and I'm to shy to come out uhg I h8 life
imagirl (44525)
53 days ago
my case is not EXACTLY freinds with my crush but i know her and stuff but i cant seem to tell her what i feel about her..................................what do i do?idk im lost i guess ill listen to music,think,and do stuff. *listens to hamilton music cuz i came across it* (lol, is it wierd?)
13 yo lesbian (15089)
53 days ago
ok so my situations a little weird, but I'm hopings someone can help me. So basically, I realized I had a slight crush on her in late September. Then on New Years Eve, me her and another friend were having a party. My parents weren't home and I decided to tell her. She told me she didn't like girls, and our friendship went on as normal. I got another small crush on a girl on my softball team and thought I was finally over my friend. I told her about the new crush. Now, last night, we went to a Harry Potter Trivia night. We sat on a couch and I was practically sitting on top of her. She had her arm around me most of the time, and was holding my hand. She was also playing with my necklace and hair. She has been slightly doing this more often recently. I have no idea what to do. Tomorrow I am telling the other friend (The one who was there when I told her the first time) and I'm hopings she can help me. I'm really lost and have no idea what to do, but if anyone could give me advice that would be great. I am literally crying right now thinking that she will never return the feelings and I will just stay sad like this forever knowing she doesn't feel the same way. Thanks for listening (reading) to my rant.
A girl (34218)
54 days ago
I don’t know if I like this girl plus I’m in a relationship ( I’m having issues with this relationship and I don’t know if I’m ready to break it off yet) but I don’t think she likes me the funny thing is we have the same name.
Girll!!! (61057)
101 days ago
I'm bi-curious or bi-sexual, I'm pretty sure im bi-sexual though !!! XX
Unknown Girl (24435)
103 days ago
I'm shy and i haven't told her how i feel. Should i?
Though i'm not sure if she's into girls or not but she has touched my arm and held my hand lots. Gave her a Valentines card and it was her first one.
I really like her ;)
Person (99791)
105 days ago
It's weird, my friend Riley knows I'm bisexual and I feel like after I told her she's been more touchy. Also, I talked to my ex who she hates and she got really mad bc she thinks I'm going to date him again. Do u think she's jealous??? Idk, but she's kinda ignoring me rn. Idk what to do, can someone plz help me!!!
Enkae encore kayen kayne nkkn (21552)
109 days ago
Ive never date or been with anyone before so I’m as new to these feelings as a primary schooler even though I’m a teen.

Do u think this is just in my head? Maybe I’m just missing her since I haven’t seen her in 2-3 years?
But then what’s with these strange feelings?
Do I just miss her? Love her? Crush?

I'm also androphobic (fear of men) maybe I just think so n I’m not actually in Love?

God, someone please help give advice . Please so @_@ .😭🤕😿