Do I love her? (for girls)

Am I In Love With My Best Friend? (For Females)

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Well, obviously you love her - after all, she's your best friend! But do you think that maybe you could actually be IN LOVE with this amazing, captivating female? It happens more than you might think. Why not find out if it's happening with you right now? Take my quiz!

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    Have you ever been with a girl before?
    Have you ever been with a girl before?

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14 days ago
hey, you just finished making a gift box for me. i doubt you would take this exact quiz in this exact moment so u wont read this, but im so in love with you. I always think of you, if youre happy, if you like me too but im scared of rejection so :') see you soon K
17 days ago
So I’ve been friends with this girl for three years now, and I recently had to forcefully cut contacts with everyone I’ve ever known in that school and move to a new school, So now I’ve had a boyfriend for 6 months in this new school, but She contacted me the other day and feelings are starting to come back. And I’m losing interest in my bf now. But I now my bff/girl doesn’t see me in a romantic way. Even tho we tease each other all the time about us dating, and I feel guilty
18 days ago
hey Claire if you see this ever since we met in first grade i loved you just as a bff and in 2nd grade i thout you was just super pretty and in 3rd grade i was growing storng feelings for you and now in 4th grade i relezad I LOVE YOU no not as a bff i love like i want to get marred to you and have kids with you so its OK if you don't love me back and its OK if you hate me now for being apart of the lgbtq community cus i understand if you think it gross but i hope we can still be bffs love Maliyah 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
23 days ago
hey jackie- i know you won’t ever see this and even if you do you won’t know who it’s from but i’ve had a crush on you for over two years now. i know things are difficult and confusing between us, but you’re the only person i could see myself with. all i want is to tell you how i really feel, but i’m so afraid of losing you as my best friend. you make me happier than ever, and i never want to part ways
31 days ago
hey estelle. if you ever see this, i still have a major crush on you. i'm happy that you were so comfortable to be able to come out as pan to me a few months ago. its been really hard with distance learning that i can't see you all the time. your probally not gonna come across this but i love you! way more than being friends! :)
65 days ago
It sounds like you're in a tough situation,bi girl, if you're sure she doesn't support lgbtq you would probably try to move on. But if you're not, you should get info first to her, get to know her better, maybe even make a move if you are lucky enough to get that close to her. Wait for the rite moment to tell her, maybe you will get lucky! And try to stay friends with her if she doesn't return feelings. Good luck!
65 days ago
Fiona, if you're out there, I just want to say, I love you! Way more than platonicly, it's not likely you will come across this, but if you do, I hope we can stay friends if you don't like me back
With love,
" Addo "
65 days ago
Probably not, sorry.
65 days ago
Hey, whoever " :') " is, were you talking to me?
71 days ago
Hi, I’m bisexual and I think I like my best friend, but I know she is straight and that she does not support LGBTQ, I’m afraid of telling her that I’m bisexual and even more afraid of her not wanting to be my friend anymore! She is so funny and outgoing, I don’t know what I would do without her, plz help!
77 days ago
hey this is for oh ... it’s really unlikely that you’ll ever come across this comment. but if you do i just want you to know that i love you, and i’m really sorry. thanks for everything.

- i think you know who this is
80 days ago
I need some advice, someone, plz help meeeee!!!
80 days ago
I have a girlfriend. But I think I'm catching feelings for this other girl that I have known for basicly my whole life, and sometimes things get akword between us. I don't know what to do
84 days ago
Brin you do you maybe gibe her a scenario kinda hinting at it and see how she reacts if good then tell her if not just don't tell her till your ready.
love yourself
86 days ago
I have a CRUSH on my friend. She's REALLY funny beyond words, and we have the SAME interests. I like her.. But i dont know how much... One time I had a dream where me and her got sexually active... I couldn't control the dream. It just happened.. She said she was bi... Should I tell her I like her..? Or no... What if she doesn't wanna be friends anymore... I don't want that to happen because she is the BEST person I've ever met.

I don't want to lose her
114 days ago
I am new at a new school this year. I wasn’t actually scared tho, and I made some friends quick. I like my friends, and we are all in a friend group. But before I came to this school this group had some fights with another friend group. I call them The Cliche. A group of about 15 girls and two boys. They are very popular and gossipy, etc. they are at the top, and my group is at the bottom. But in my class, none of my friends are there. And there is only one girl in The Cliche. The rest of people in our class are jocks and other nerds and other people. So I began talking to the popular girl. Her name is Olivia. Soon we sorted saving seats for each other and passing notes. But my friends don’t exactly like her, and her friends defiantly don’t like me. She makes me feeel like I can doanhthung, and she’s so funny and sweet. I really like her.

Olivia M, if u see this I really like you, -Zoe
121 days ago
I have never really had this attraction to someone I have met before. I liked other people but I never really felt hard for someone other than my best friend. She is everything a girl can ask for. I recently told her I was gay. She said she had a feeling and was waiting for me to come out. It was really nice for her to comfort me. A few weeks ago, we kissed. And man ... that kiss was incredible. I had to hold back because I was going to go all the way.
But she has never been the one to date. She has a type and unfortunately she is not into women. I'm just lost and confused because she is the last person I think of before I go to bed. She makes my heart beat so fast. She has the most incredible laugh and smile I have ever seen or heard ... Lord, help me.
155 days ago
heya! I kinda need help. So I think I like my best friend. I have fantasies but I always cringe afterwards because there’s this internalized homophobia in myself. I’m pretty sure I’m a lesbian. I like girls and only girls but some boys I find cut but would NEVER have sexual attraction towards them. I don’t know what to do because she only thinks of me as a friend and I’m so stuck. Please help
168 days ago
I am a girl, but I am acesexual so I am even more confused if I like my best friend. When we were little we talked about how💗is disgusting and idk if she still thinks that, but if she does then she is my soul mate. So yeah how can I know that I love her if I don't feel aroused by her?
192 days ago
I still don't know if I like her, or if I'm even not straight! I'm kinda bi-curious, and I may even be pan. I've only ever liked guys, but I've entertained the thought of having a girlfriend or s.o. that isn't male. HALP MEH