Gay Test: 12-16's

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This is a test, to help you identify your sexual orientation, be it gay, bi-sexual or straight. This test, though, does not determine your sexuality for you: only you can choose who you are.

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    Who do you fantasize about?

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nogger (44454)
3 days ago
the people must accept to the e different prople ,gay,bi-,lesbians,transex,,,etc. why don't accept they ?
These persons are diferents but they have love 'n can be loveds so much are confused
i accept to everything in the century,xxi ,xxii, .!!!! we have accept them . ok.?
Oscar (24082)
7 days ago
12, gay, known since I was ten
Taylor (90697)
9 days ago
Right I previously said my thing but could someone answer this question? Why are people asking for relationship on this even though you can't reply privately if you could reply privately then yeah why not I forgot what I was asking.
angel (91964)
10 days ago
Im bi and im proud . Looking for a relationship but middle school is compliscated. I wish someone liked me for me
angel (91964)
10 days ago
Im 12 and im 60% bi- sexual ,35% straight and 5% gay
Taylor (47914)
10 days ago
You know not what I was expecting but really cool apparently 90% gay and 10% bi I always thought I was 100% gay but whatever. Also kinda hot.
Oli (56287)
14 days ago
16 but always knew I was 100% gay since I was 12 been single ever since.
Blake (24114)
16 days ago
I am 80% gay 15% Bi and 0% strait and I am only 13 I am proud of who I am
Taylor (32777)
17 days ago
im 16 and i am 85% gay and u no what im proud 2 b gay
Thomas (56057)
18 days ago
I am 13 years old and i am 100%gay
And i am proud og it.
And if you are gay to BE PROUD😁
Thomas (56057)
18 days ago
i’m only 12years old and i am 80%gay
12 year old boy (56057)
18 days ago
I’m only 12 and i am 80%gay
Oli (81304)
18 days ago
15 male boy 100 percent gay
Carson (37853)
18 days ago
I am only 12 and i am %60 gay %35 bi and %5 straight IM GAY
Lucas (81304)
19 days ago
💯 percent gay after all
hj (60556)
21 days ago
Looks like I am bi after all
Zack (38538)
21 days ago
Looking for a boyfriend who loves me for me
... (50008)
23 days ago
Whoever get 100% gay on this. Why would you do the dirty with a random guy at a hotel. Why? It's not a good thing to do!
Alex (97525)
23 days ago
And I couldn't get more bi
Alex (97525)
23 days ago
I'm convinced, I took a billion tests and I'm soooo bi