Gay Test: 12-16's

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This is a test, to help you identify your sexual orientation, be it gay, bi-sexual or straight. This test, though, does not determine your sexuality for you: only you can choose who you are.

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    Who do you fantasize about?

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EnglishGayKid (91759)
199 days ago
95% gay, 5% bi. Not sure where the bi was I know I’m gay, I’m just bored lol. My god puberty isn’t fun though, spots and all of my many crushes. Not sure why other people saying they want a boyfriend on this though, I do but how are you supposed to message people on this? Idk if I’m just being stupid but I don’t get it lol. Also still in the closet but I’m just working up the courage to tell my female, pan friend (who’s out) about the fact that I’m gay. Quite funny she once predicted that me and my biggest crush were gay, so I’m just hopings that she was right for both of us.
Jacob (45997)
199 days ago
85% 15 still not come out and realy scared I'll loose my friends, family and get bullied.❤❤ realy want to have a relationship with a boy xxxx
Tyler (23730)
200 days ago
I got 45% gay feel like it should be more
Christian (69113)
202 days ago
80% straight 20% bi 0% gay. Never wanted to be gay never will be. BTW I'm 12
Callum (93646)
209 days ago
Hey Callum, my names also callum...
Got 70% gay ☺
Caleb (65320)
209 days ago
I'm Attracted to guys 85% gay
Kian (90819)
209 days ago
I'm 12 and I'm attracted to guys 90% gay.
Miguel (33262)
210 days ago
Messed up 80% gay not 50
Miguel (33262)
210 days ago
I'm 13 looking for a guy and I'm 50%gay
Liam (76874)
210 days ago
40% Bi. 35% Straight. 25% Gaynor.
Jacob (20969)
211 days ago
Looking to try new things out
Caleb (93045)
214 days ago
11 and 85%gay 15%bi
Dusty (80274)
215 days ago
I am a girl. I took this random test without reading the title or gender. And I somehow got 0% gay. I don't know what that means. I'm 12.
Quinn (34152)
215 days ago
100% gay I already knew tbch
coralinne (43806)
215 days ago
im a female and all of these are for males. try to be more specific or inclusive. or at least state weither its gay or lesbian
Someone who’s not gay (48998)
217 days ago
85% straight!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
Mike (07386)
217 days ago
I am thirteen and got 85% bi and 15% straight. 🤔
Philip (02898)
217 days ago
Thirteen and hella gay.
Needcock (73647)
218 days ago
Omg i got 90% gay and im 14
Boi? (05171)
219 days ago
Ok, hold on, this is supposed to be a test for twelve to sixteen year olds, but they ask me all these strange questions *cough* 8 in gay route *cough* plus, if it says that you're (example) twenty percent gay and eighty percent bi, wouldn't that mean you're one hundred percent bi? Think about it