What is My Future Husband's Name?

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Ever practice writing your and your future husband's names? Oh, that's right - you don't even know what his is yet! No problem, just take this quiz to find out what your husband's name will be. P.S.: If you don't like it, I'm truly sorry. Obvs, I was pretty limited as to how many names I could include.

  • 1
    How old is your husband/how old are you? (When you get married.)
  • 2
    Is he into sports?
  • 3
    What color hair does he have?

  • 4
    Does he like the outdoors?
  • 5
    How does he dress?
  • 6
    Does he do his hair?

  • 7
    Is he tall?
  • 8
    Choose your fate:
  • 9
    What's his favorite color?
    What's his favorite color?
  • 10
    What's your favorite color?

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24 days ago
I got Jake or Josh and i know a josh and a jake and they both know me! Used 2 like both.
49 days ago
oooolala I got Josh or Jake and my crush's name is JOSHua!!!!! This isn't the first time i've gotten him either!!!!
119 days ago
Really?? Drew??? I am not sure these quizzes are completely true because My boyfriend has a totally different name. He doesn't even have d, r, e or w in his first name 🤣🤣🤣I am glad I didn't get josh because someone in the year below me is called josh and I hate him. Lol 😂
140 days ago
Oh 💗. One of my best friends names is Drew. He is literally the opposite of what it descrbed him as.
166 days ago
oh... The 1st results I got 60% I got Josh2nd test I got Steve40%
254 days ago
Your husband's name will be Drew. He's a jock, and he loves you. He has great hair and loves sports (which you probably already guessed since I said he's a jock).
270 days ago
All not true ldont even have a boyfriend
349 days ago
Ummm so not true my crush is Andrew and he’s so sweet and hates hunting his favorite color is pink not gold blue or cameo
357 days ago
Abby a boy likes me and he’s 9 I’m two days away from 13 so I think age doesn’t matter
361 days ago
I am laughing my💗out. So steve, where are you?
376 days ago
My answers were none of thise answers and I got drew I know no one named drew and this app is so weird like the qestions go nothing with the quiz if I could I would rate this site a -000000.1 out of 1000000000000
399 days ago
I got “Drew.” I hate the name Drew what the hell.My crush, which is a celebrity is called Roman nothing like Drew.
oh nooooo
435 days ago
none of these answers apply!!!
436 days ago
Is it weird that I like a boy named drew and I got drew or Levi?
445 days ago
My boyfriend is named Vincent and I didn't get any choices that sounded like him
453 days ago
459 days ago
But to bad the boy I like is not called Jake. AND HE IS 16 I AM 12!!! My mind: what is freaking around with girl. Go get a life. );
459 days ago
I got Josh or Jake. I hope it's Jake and it said our first date would be a hunting trip YAY I LOVE HUNTING SO MUCH!!! I know that it's not real but I wish it was
462 days ago
I think this quiz needs more options for answers and results .Translation: include the name Greg😍
462 days ago
I don’t know anybody named drew plus my crush, Greg, never does his hair which is what the results claimed he would.Everything is WRONG!!! Let me rephrase, last time I took this I got josh and my sister likes a josh’s brother, Patrick so sort of right in a roundabout way