Kaz's Pokemon Quiz (Super Hard)

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This is a very tough quiz about Pokemon. You really have to be a Pokemon master to know this.

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    How many Pokemon were there in the first series of the anime?

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112 days ago
This quiz had a lot wrong. Meloetta is mythical not legendary. Another thing is Ash only has 11 people who was with him
Misty, Brock, Tracy, May, Max, Dawn, Iris, Cilan, Serena, Clement, and Bonnie.
Also stop claiming these easy quizes super hard. I am a 13 year old who knows a lot about pokemon and play every game and eatched every episode. If you want it to be hard, you would base it off off things that are from all the generations
168 days ago
Um actually, meloetta is not a legendary, it’s a mythical Pokémon.
236 days ago
Meloettais mythical!
361 days ago
I’ve been a super fan of Pokémon for 11 years now so the fact that it’s asking me how many Pokémon there where in the Pokédex almost 4 years ago is strange,
435 days ago
Q1 is wrong because ho oh and togepi are featured in it wich makes 153 meloetta is a mythical and in 1 q it changed kanto to kato so change them but good work
435 days ago
There's 153 in the first pokemon anime because ho-oh and hotel I are in it but good quiz ! :)
774 days ago
An easy quiz for real pokefans like me i got full marks
793 days ago
Meloetta is a mythical and a lot of these questions were about Gen 1
813 days ago
I got 10 out of 10!!!!!!!
815 days ago
In the first season of the anime, there are more than 151 pokemon. Pokemon from generation 2 appear. The question shoul've been 'How many pokemon are there in generation 1?'
834 days ago
Meolota is actualy a mythical not a legendary you say its super hard
859 days ago
this quiz was easy i get full marks
879 days ago
Another quiz claiming to be "the hardest pokemon quiz" when it's not.
884 days ago
Please give me my certificate
904 days ago
You may know something about Pokemon, but aren't a fan.

Lol the quiz is wrong about me I checked all of them and I got 10/10 but it says 6/10
965 days ago
Meloetta is a Mythical, not a Legendary.
999 days ago
3 Things
1. 23 movies as of April 2016.
2. 721 pokemon No. 722 wasent released.
3. Can I have a list of the Companions i only counted 15 with rivals?
1029 days ago
Two things wrong with this quiz, one on question six you are claiming that meloetta is a legendary when it's am mythical, ik small detail but if you were someone who knew enough about Pokémon to make a "super hard" quiz, then u should know that. Two, in last question, it's not x y and z, it's just x and y, or are u talking about the anime, IF SO STATE IT! thank you
1162 days ago
there is no latius or earth type it is a ground type
1435 days ago
Is Giratina legendary?