Am I Straight, Gay, Homo, Bi, Or Pansexual?

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If you already know what you are, you can take this quiz just for fun or for confirmation/a second opinion! If not, you can take it to get a better idea of what you are. This test will not be 100 percent accurate for everyone, and is only meant to help you reach your own conclusion.

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    Your reaction when you see a hot guy in the hall?
    Your reaction when you see a hot guy in the hall?

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21 days ago
What are male lesbians? I'm genuinely curios.
28 days ago
Says I’m bicurious which I feel I am. I have been trying to decide if I am bisexual or pansexual for a while now, but am leaning more towards bisexual. I am a little into girls, but I prefer personality over gender more. I don’t think people who are pansexual see gender but I do? 😬
29 days ago
@diana I think you could be a panromantical asexual, if you're wanna know what this is, go find it out by yourself, it could be your sexuality!
36 days ago
diana i think you are an asexual which means you can have romantic feelings towards girls but not sexual feelings towards them, you can still be bisexual
41 days ago
this quiz was largely based off of stereotypes... and it didn't even include pan in the results
44 days ago
It said I was straight and lesbian but I’m bisexual but love girls more 💖💜💙
52 days ago
okay it said i was straight, which is funny cause i am def not ahah... but it also said i was a lesbian and bisexual. it didnt rlly give me any good responses lmfao
53 days ago
it said i am bisexual, but i think im pansexual :/
55 days ago
Hmm I'm not lesbian but it said I was
77 days ago
It said I was a bunch of things but I think I’m a lesbian
85 days ago
um, btw hair doesn define or crete your sexuality.steryotypes much
90 days ago
I don’t even know what I’am really. I took this test 3 times and I got hetero, bi, and bi curious. I know I’m not bi because I would never have💗with a girl, but I would date one if she’s attractive model looking with no sexual tensions. Same thing goes with gay males and transgender, what does that make me? Pan or hetro? God help me! Lol
91 days ago
XD it said i was lesbian and im pan i mean maybe one day i could be lesbian but idk XD
97 days ago
I’m honestly confused on my sexuality....
114 days ago
It threw a little bit of straight in there a lot of bicurious and lesbian and homosexual I am not happy with my andswars I am so eaven a little bit straight lol.
114 days ago
Im happy with what I got
116 days ago
23% straight -_-
23% lesbian
23% homo
8% bicurious
Mate i am one of the least straight girls i have ever met
117 days ago
Oh my god, straight? Noooo lol... for most of the quiz I put “personality matters most to me” or like “guys and girls” and I get... straight? I’m actually kinda offended that’s so wrong
130 days ago
Pan means u don’t care what gender and u will date a transgender, or other genders.
Bi means that u will ONLY date male or female
131 days ago
I don't know if I'm pansexual or bisexual HELP!!!