Am I Straight, Gay, Homo, Bi, Or Pansexual?

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If you already know what you are, you can take this quiz just for fun! If not, you can take it to have a better idea of what you are. This test will not be 100 percent accurate for everyone, and is only meant to help you reach your own conclusion.

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    Your reaction when you see a hot guy in the hall?
    Your reaction when you see a hot guy in the hall?

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10 days ago
40% gay, 23% bisexual, 15% bicurious, and 8% straight...
Just to clarify, I'm a dude. sooooo.
13 days ago
@Palica exactly the same thing with me...
18 days ago
Hi i’m just gonna say this kindly and humbly for my own’s sake— this site clearly needs a repair- my results were- 31% straight, lesbian, bisexual. I mean i guess it’s fine since there was a result of me being bi cuz- i kNoW that i’m bisexual -~- and i don’t get that one of my results were listed that i am sTraAigHt even tho my answers didn’t really- connect with the possibility that i am straight- -w- so yaaa
And based on the comments i read down below- yep, your really need to fix your web-
It has cOoKiEs 🍪 in it~ XD 😂✌🏽😅
22 days ago
57 days ago
Im pansexual,the test said that I'm a homosexual XD What???
85 days ago
96 days ago
Uh, I had like 20-30% of everything...
Except for the straight part, that was 0%.

Really helpfull, now I know I'm not straight xD
107 days ago
I got bicurious even though I had a crush on both genders, like wut? This test was wrong
108 days ago
My results were mostly homosexual but I got 0% lesbian wth I'm confused
123 days ago
Okay this test is horrible. Lesbian males? Its honestly homophobic. And please specify if the test is for males or females. Your questions are offensive and im assuming whoever made this is straight or has internalised homophobia towards themselves.
124 days ago
Ok so I am like 80 percent sure I’m pan because I know I’m not straight but like I don’t know I’ve done my research and I don’t know if I just won’t label myself why doesn’t life have to be so difficult 🙄
136 days ago
this quiz was wrong but its ok
140 days ago
Woah I am not straight I am Bigender.? Lol its fine tho 💘 had fun playing
150 days ago
and I thought I was pansexual
159 days ago
I only got one questions what the heck
164 days ago
it doesnt make sense i have been going as pan-demi for over 4 years,, yet it says im straight... doesnt make sense to me
165 days ago
This is the only place I can tell the truth so....I like girls. But it says I’m straight. BUT MY FIRST KISS WAS WITH A GIRL I’m not straight and I’m assuming pansexual I’ve only ever kissed my besties yaknow like godddd why is this so hard... I’m gonna come out this month"maybe" cuz its pride mont and I wanna know wat to tell my grandma and for now🌈✨🍳💖💛💙🌮❎ any advice for coming out to religious god loving ppl?????
173 days ago
I am pansexual with prefence towards girls and trans MtF, here it says i'm lesbian or bicurious
176 days ago
I'm so confused like I'm totally pansexual but this quiz says I'm first kiss was with my own gender what kind of straight person am I?!
182 days ago
Just a little side note, no I have not ever dated a girl, but liked multiple.