Harry Potter Ultimate Quiz

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How well do you know Harry Potter (books and movies)?

  • 1
    In the Goblet of Fire, What is the name of the dragon Fleur faces?
  • 2
    What is the name of the broom Ron gets when he becomes a prefect in the Order of the Phoenix?
  • 3
    Which Weasley child looses an ear?
  • 4
    What Quidditch team dose Ginny play in after finishing Hogwarts?
  • 5
    What does the D.A stand for?
  • 6
    What is the first ever beast the Golden Trio fight?
  • 7
    What is Buckbeak's new name?
  • 8
    Who owns the Elder Wand before Voldemort?
  • 9
    What is the name of the Minister for Magic? (First Book)
  • 10
    What is Dobby's first line?
  • 11
    What is the name of the Ron's new Owl after Scabbers transforms into a man?
  • 12
    What is the name of Ron and Hermione's first child?
  • 13
    What is Hermione's favourite lesson?
  • 14
    In her O.W.L's Hermione scored Outstanding in all except one, which subject did she get an E - Exceeds Expectations?
  • 15
    What position does Ginny play in a Quidditch team?
  • 16
    What is Luna's patronus?
  • 17
    What is the name of Tonks and Lupin's son?
  • 18
    Harry, Luna and who can see the Threstrals?
  • 19
    What is the name of the Beauxbatons headmistress?
  • 20
    What is Snape's patronus?

Comments (9)


onemug (97224)
288 days ago
Ginny played seeker for Gryffindor. She caught the snitch in her first game against Hufflepuff
Lorraine (14229)
487 days ago
It's Witherwings and Madam Maxime
Daisy (81111)
823 days ago
They don't have the spelling right on lots of them, and some are inacurate!
HermioneGranger (43391)
825 days ago
I noticed some MAJOR errors in this quiz. These are the ones I found:
1. Buckbeak's new name is Whitherwings, not WeatherWings.
2. The Elder Wand was never Voldemort's, even though he was in physical possession of the wand.
3. After the Elder Wand was Dumbledore's, it was Draco Malfoy's because he disarmed Dumbledore at the top of the Astronomy Tower in The Half-Blood Prince.
4. It's Madame MAXIME, not MAXINE.
5. Hermione got Exceeds Expectations in Defense Against the Dark Arts, not Ancient Runes. I quote Ron here: "Yep. Nine 'Outstandings' and one 'Exceeds Expectations' at Defense Against the Dark Arts."
6. Ron's owl's full name is Pigwidgeon, but he calls it Pig.
Abby (28725)
829 days ago
This test was stupid some of the correct answers weren't even on it this is full of 💗
Anonymous (53299)
830 days ago
It is "Witherwings" not wetherwings,
Hermione got an Exceeds Expectations in Defence Against The Dark Arts. Ok my rant is done.
Melissa (64345)
831 days ago
Question 14 is wrong, as the correct answer is not among the choices. It was Defense Against the Dark Arts.
Jo (05637)
834 days ago
And Voldermort was never the owner of the elder wand. It went from Dumbledore to Draco to Harry.
gilly (07580)
840 days ago
Draco Malfoy was the owner of the elder wand after the night he disarmed Dummbledore