In Depth Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Quiz

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These questions are derived from BROTHERHOOD, not regular FMA. Keep that in mind as you go through this quiz.

  • 1
    How old is Edward Elric?
  • 2
    Roy Mustang is what military rank through the majority of the series?
  • 3
    What was the name of the city that was destroyed in a single night?
  • 4
    What color eyes does Alphonse have? (Not his armor)
  • 5
    What did Edward give up to get Alphonse's body back?
  • 6
    Who trained Edward and Alphonse?
  • 7
    How many Homunculi are there?
  • 8
    How many episodes of FMAB are there?
  • 9
    Who was the first Homunculus?
  • 10
    What is Wrath's "ultimate" ability?
  • 11
    Who is the fastest Homunculus?
  • 12
    Lust was killed by who?
  • 13
    How long did it take for the Elrics to decode Dr. Marco's research notes?
  • 14
    Who was dismissed from the Ishvalan war?
  • 15
    By the end of the series, which alchemist has NOT seen "The Truth?"

Comments (3)


FMAB fan (24000)
79 days ago
The question about how many homunculus there are is wrong. Father is a homunculus. So there is eight.
armored/alchemist (32940)
335 days ago
Pretty sure Alphonse's eyes were gold with a green tint, but overall the quiz was good :)
Evan (88818)
713 days ago
Oi, there are 8 homunculi, Father technically counts.