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Ever wanted to know how smart you are? Well this quiz should tell you accurately.

  • 1
    Which of these words is a synonym for exciting?
  • 2
    If all Zargs are Pows but no Pows are Zangs, are any Zargs Zangs?
  • 3
    Liza is twice the age Janetta was last year. Janetta is triple Phoebe's age. If Phoebe is 2, how old is Liza?
  • 4
    What is the odd word out:

  • 5
    Isabella is 12 years old. Hector is treble the age of Marlin. Mikey is 16. If Isabella and Marlin have the combined age of Mikey, how old is Hector?
  • 6
    Three girls are sat on a couch. Their names are Ali, Amber and Annabelle. Annabelle isn't sat in the centre. Ali is sat next to Annabelle. Who is sat in the centre?
  • 7
    If the circumference of a circle is 10cm, what is the radius?
  • 8
    There are 25 children in Class 5. The ratio of girls to boys is 2:3. What percentage of the class are girls?
  • 9
    Noah lives 24 miles north of Kira. Kira lives 97 miles south of Mark. How many miles away from each other do Noah and Mark live?
  • 10
    And finally, what is 5n+6?

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Comments (145)


1 hour ago
About question 7.. Wouldn't that be the diameter?
6 days ago
Question 7 is wrong so basically I got all of it right! 💗
14 days ago
great quiz!amazing!I got 7 out of 10!!
15 days ago
Just like ella my answers kept changing this site is bs and disappointing. Don't bother waist of time
19 days ago
I remember all the answers i answered but when i check it there was a wrong answer that i definitely didn't answer, what the heck is this quiz? Such a liar!
19 days ago
I’m in sixth grade and I got above 130 iq wth
27 days ago
Of course it's not going to be accurate, it's on some crappy website that the public can use to make a quiz. I'd be surprised if it was....
41 days ago
What? It has changed my swear word to a heart why?
41 days ago
Eh? I am like average in my class yet i got all right and iq 130+ and should get properly tested????? 💗 this thing dont try it
41 days ago
I'm in 6th grade and got 9 out of 10 correct but the person who made this quiz did number 7 wrong. A circle with a DIAMETER of 10cm would have a radius of 5cm. If the circumference was 10cm then you would have to divide 10 by pi and then divide THAT by 2, which would make the number smaller than any of the ones listed. Therefore, I got it right and you should change the question. You should also make the quiz harder because (though I am a tag student in the beginning of 8th grade math) I got all of the questions right.
45 days ago
This test is stupid. I got a perfect score. I am in the 6th grade. I take 9th grade algebra but I am assuming something is up. Here's why: I got a perfect score the first time, and took it again. I answered the questions the same, but it said I only got 5/10. I answered the questions the same 2 more times and each time got a new score. This test is a hoax and a waste of time.
47 days ago
Question 6 isn't that confusing, If Ali sits in the middle, then she could be sitting next to eaither Annabelle or Amber. They aren't asking the super duper correct sequence that they are sitting in.
60 days ago
I’m 12 years old and got only 3/10. But these are NOT the only questions by which you can test your IQ.
I took another test a while ago and it said my IQ was in the range of 121 - 137, and that IQ test I took was proven to be accurate.

Sooo... hmmm I’m not sure if this test is exactly correct. In this test my IQ range was just 0-89. But in that test it was 121-137. Gosh.
69 days ago
the person who made this didn't even make it accurate. this doesn't make sense: 10=2pi5 sry like whaaaaat thats so incorrect! also who said that zargs can only be one thing why not pows and zangs uggggh
76 days ago
I am in 5th grade, and got 8 of 10. Missed who is in center, and ratio.
79 days ago
This isn’t an accurate it test. 10 questions? Pfft. And STOP BRAGGING DOWN BELOW UNLESS YOU’VE SKIPPED GRADES. IM TALKING TO YOU “hanna” and “Hunny we don’t do names.”

Don’t brag. Two of the questions here are wrong. How are
#6 and #7 correct? Change my mind.
85 days ago
number 7 is wrong if the circumference of a circle is 10, then the radius wouldnt be 5. If the diameter was 10, then it would be 5. 💗
85 days ago
I am in the fifth grade and got 8 out of 10 questions correct. My IQ is between the range of 111-129.
87 days ago
9/10 and 12 years old-that's goodish right?
98 days ago
will guys I have just found out I am super dumb and I am 9 grade. *3/10* hmm
I am just hoping my parents wouldn't find out.