When Will I Get My First Period?

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  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How many times do you have cramps?
  • 3
    What is your weight?
    *be honest:)
  • 4
    How big are your breasts?
  • 5
    How much discharge do you have?
  • 6
    How much arm, leg, and armpit hair do you have?
  • 7
    How much pubic hair do you have?
  • 8
    Do you have mood swings?
  • 9
    Do you have crushes on guys(if your straight) or girls(if your lesbian)?
  • 10
    Do you want your period or have it?

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Whoever (55645)
16 days ago
Changes A LOT by the last question do not take this
June (57410)
77 days ago
I got really soon yayyy!! I really want it. I hope this is accurate
Your name (70762)
166 days ago
I got really soon yayyyyyyyyyyy I want it so bad
Me (99584)
245 days ago
I think maybe it will be another few months. Maybe 6-8? Most people get their period after reaching 100 pounds, but I got mine a while ago and I'm hovering around 87-93 pounds. I don't know how old you are but if you are around 11-14 or older you will get it soon. I had discharge for 3 years before I got mine, but most get it after 6 months to a year of discharge. Moods are a couple years before a period starts.
SomeRandomKid:-P (73100)
286 days ago
OK I have done 3 quizzes 1 said 8-16 months 1 said 1.5 years and this one said really soon. I need advice!
I don't know when my mom got hers
I've been getting yellowish stains on my pants for about a year
I weigh about 72lbs
I need food ALL the time
I get breast pains all the time
I am super moody
If someone could give me advice I would be really grateful:-\

Plzzz help!!! (17897)
364 days ago
Okay so
Mom age:13 and a half
Hair on vagin*: getting darker
Hair on legs:getting darker
Hair on armpit: blonde
Cramps: frequently
Cravings: ALL THE TIME
Weight: 46 kg
Mood swings: frequently


random gal (36004)
367 days ago
Really soon. OMG IM SO EXITED/SCARED!!😬😀
RUB.E (13608)
367 days ago
I am 12, 13 in January 2018
My mum got hers at 13
Started puberty about 1.5 years ago
I get discharge every other day but sometimes everyday
It is usually yellow but has recently become clear like pee or brown stains
Its often crusty and but recently stains so I wear pantytliners
I'm only an 32AA but are always tender and at stage 3/4 and are getting rounder
I weigh 37kgs and am show size 4/5 also 138 cm tall
I have breakouts of acne around my nose and cheeks
Sometimes have cramps but are moderate and last only an hour or 2
I have a little blonde pit hair, and quite a lot of curly blonde / light brown leg hair and I shave once a week
I have pubic hair covering the whole area and is a bit darker than toffee colour and is course and straight
I am 24/7 having mood swings
Especially in the mornings
I am often having lower back pains
I always get headaches but I drink as much as before
Anyone please reply I am anxious it will come soon
My BMI is 19•4
Katie Cat Lady (82486)
473 days ago
OMG OMG MY NAMES KATIE TOO!! Yayayayayayayayay

But just a headsup, I'm probably a lot weirder than you are, creator katie.
Mickey (61620)
487 days ago
Vanessa (90957)
663 days ago
I'm 12
Mom was 12
Acne (7-12)
No cramps
Mood swings everyday
Lots of discharge but I can manage it
I weight 100lb+
I'm always getting tired

Rioey (90957)
663 days ago
Just a tip, not evyone gets cramps on their period. My mom, sister, aunts, etc haven't gotten cramps and they're on their period.
Riley (28493)
689 days ago
I am so confused!
My mom got hers at 12
I am 11
I weigh 90lbs
I rarely breakout but when I do I tend to have 1-5 pimples
I have had discharge for 6 months and I starting to get heavier
I go from happy to sobbing in a matter of seconds
I don't get cramps, actually I think I've had like 2-3
My hair down there has been developing for about a year, and it is dark and curly
I have some small hairs on my pits
I have to shave because I have so much arm and leg hair
My 💗 have been developing for a year and I am AA cup
In the past year, I have grown like 6-8 inches
Plz help!!!! All period tests I take have a range of any second, to 6 months!
Anna (66420)
718 days ago
Mom got hers @ 12
Lots of discharge
Almost fully mature downstairs
A cup? I think
Mood swing and cramps 24/7
Acne (5)
I HAVE 2 shave!!!
Growth spurt (4 in)
Bekah (20763)
720 days ago
Ok so
I'm 12
Mom got it way younger than me
Lots of discharge
Some brown spotting
AA cup I think?
Some dark, kinda curly hair down there,
I shave a lot
Moody quite a lot
Huge growth spurt (3 inches in 6 months)
Some acne

Can anyone tell me when?? Thanks!!
Emma (66072)
730 days ago
Ellie... I say very soon! Watch out! Carry pads and or Tampons with you where you go... Your welcome
Ellie (70176)
743 days ago
So I'm 13
My mum got it at 14
B cup
Lots of discharge
Lots of mood swings
And cramps
It's like a forest down where the sun don't shine
I have to shave every day
I've had a massive growth spurt ( about a head)
Really bad acne
Can anyone predict??
PercyJacksonRules_08 (61252)
745 days ago
I also weigh about 86-95
Please help me
PercyJacksonRules_08 (61252)
745 days ago
Plz predict
I am 10
Mom was 14
Cramps 24/7
Moodswings rolarcoaster
Medium sized bra
Light yet long and curly downstairs
Armpit hair is getting darker
Acne (7)
Lots of discharge(brown dots once)
3-4 in(growth spurt)
I need to know please
Sophie (53157)
746 days ago
I meant bit of leg hair not but