When Will I Get My First Period?

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  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How many times do you have cramps?
  • 3
    What is your weight?
    *be honest:)
  • 4
    How big are your breasts?
  • 5
    How much discharge do you have?
  • 6
    How much arm, leg, and armpit hair do you have?
  • 7
    How much pubic hair do you have?
  • 8
    Do you have mood swings?
  • 9
    Do you have crushes on guys(if your straight) or girls(if your lesbian)?
  • 10
    Do you want your period or have it?

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199 days ago
Changes A LOT by the last question do not take this
260 days ago
I got really soon yayyy!! I really want it. I hope this is accurate
349 days ago
I got really soon yayyyyyyyyyyy I want it so bad
428 days ago
I think maybe it will be another few months. Maybe 6-8? Most people get their period after reaching 100 pounds, but I got mine a while ago and I'm hovering around 87-93 pounds. I don't know how old you are but if you are around 11-14 or older you will get it soon. I had discharge for 3 years before I got mine, but most get it after 6 months to a year of discharge. Moods are a couple years before a period starts.
468 days ago
OK I have done 3 quizzes 1 said 8-16 months 1 said 1.5 years and this one said really soon. I need advice!
I don't know when my mom got hers
I've been getting yellowish stains on my pants for about a year
I weigh about 72lbs
I need food ALL the time
I get breast pains all the time
I am super moody
If someone could give me advice I would be really grateful:-\

547 days ago
Okay so
Mom age:13 and a half
Hair on vagin*: getting darker
Hair on legs:getting darker
Hair on armpit: blonde
Cramps: frequently
Cravings: ALL THE TIME
Weight: 46 kg
Mood swings: frequently


550 days ago
Really soon. OMG IM SO EXITED/SCARED!!😬😀
550 days ago
I am 12, 13 in January 2018
My mum got hers at 13
Started puberty about 1.5 years ago
I get discharge every other day but sometimes everyday
It is usually yellow but has recently become clear like pee or brown stains
Its often crusty and but recently stains so I wear pantytliners
I'm only an 32AA but are always tender and at stage 3/4 and are getting rounder
I weigh 37kgs and am show size 4/5 also 138 cm tall
I have breakouts of acne around my nose and cheeks
Sometimes have cramps but are moderate and last only an hour or 2
I have a little blonde pit hair, and quite a lot of curly blonde / light brown leg hair and I shave once a week
I have pubic hair covering the whole area and is a bit darker than toffee colour and is course and straight
I am 24/7 having mood swings
Especially in the mornings
I am often having lower back pains
I always get headaches but I drink as much as before
Anyone please reply I am anxious it will come soon
My BMI is 19•4
656 days ago
OMG OMG MY NAMES KATIE TOO!! Yayayayayayayayay

But just a headsup, I'm probably a lot weirder than you are, creator katie.
670 days ago
846 days ago
I'm 12
Mom was 12
Acne (7-12)
No cramps
Mood swings everyday
Lots of discharge but I can manage it
I weight 100lb+
I'm always getting tired

846 days ago
Just a tip, not evyone gets cramps on their period. My mom, sister, aunts, etc haven't gotten cramps and they're on their period.
872 days ago
I am so confused!
My mom got hers at 12
I am 11
I weigh 90lbs
I rarely breakout but when I do I tend to have 1-5 pimples
I have had discharge for 6 months and I starting to get heavier
I go from happy to sobbing in a matter of seconds
I don't get cramps, actually I think I've had like 2-3
My hair down there has been developing for about a year, and it is dark and curly
I have some small hairs on my pits
I have to shave because I have so much arm and leg hair
My 💗 have been developing for a year and I am AA cup
In the past year, I have grown like 6-8 inches
Plz help!!!! All period tests I take have a range of any second, to 6 months!
901 days ago
Mom got hers @ 12
Lots of discharge
Almost fully mature downstairs
A cup? I think
Mood swing and cramps 24/7
Acne (5)
I HAVE 2 shave!!!
Growth spurt (4 in)
903 days ago
Ok so
I'm 12
Mom got it way younger than me
Lots of discharge
Some brown spotting
AA cup I think?
Some dark, kinda curly hair down there,
I shave a lot
Moody quite a lot
Huge growth spurt (3 inches in 6 months)
Some acne

Can anyone tell me when?? Thanks!!
913 days ago
Ellie... I say very soon! Watch out! Carry pads and or Tampons with you where you go... Your welcome
926 days ago
So I'm 13
My mum got it at 14
B cup
Lots of discharge
Lots of mood swings
And cramps
It's like a forest down where the sun don't shine
I have to shave every day
I've had a massive growth spurt ( about a head)
Really bad acne
Can anyone predict??
928 days ago
I also weigh about 86-95
Please help me
928 days ago
Plz predict
I am 10
Mom was 14
Cramps 24/7
Moodswings rolarcoaster
Medium sized bra
Light yet long and curly downstairs
Armpit hair is getting darker
Acne (7)
Lots of discharge(brown dots once)
3-4 in(growth spurt)
I need to know please
929 days ago
I meant bit of leg hair not but